Step-by-Step, Chapter 12: Conquering Giant’s Keep B10 (Auto-team) and Veromos as 6*

by DK on November 27, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 12: Conquering Giant’s Keep B10 (Auto-team) and Veromos as 6*
April 16, 2019

The first milestone as a beginner, Chapter 12 is about Conquering Giant’s Keep B10 in Auto-mode!

While others have conquered this feat using rare units from the luck of summoning, today we will showcase the basic and standard team to clear GB10 using farmable units. This is to help players who are having a hard time clearing such endeavor while dealing with the worst summoning luck. Don’t worry we can still progress without these OP monsters (Save that luck for later ^^ ). For those aiming a faster run and want a diverse lineup, check out our Giant’s Keep B10 guide for a wider scope of team composition.

A quick recap, we have just fused Veromos and this guy will be your MVP in GB10. Check out a few of the reasons why he is highly recommended for starter teams:

  1. Leader skill: 33% HP to allies. Reduces the HP requirement of your team.
  2. AOE debuff cleanse per turn, useful in boss stage against crystals that casts DEF break.
  3. Reliable AOE stun for fast wave clear and crowd-control.
  4. 1st skill applies continuous damage. DoTs kill the boss faster for beginner teams.
  5. You will be able to target boss first in auto mode and completely ignore the towers.

Important reminders:

There is no shortcut to GB10 farming, do not expect to clear runs with mediocre runes. Many people are wondering why they can’t farm reliably then looking at the monster stats, Bernard has 5% accuracy, Shannon has 10% and 13k HP which is unacceptable in GB10. Remember that SURVIVABILITY and ACCURACY is key to farming GB10 in your early progression. To achieve that you don’t need to rely on physical damage, but a reliable debuff application (ATK break and Glancing hit especially) and a consistent healing from Belladeon. If you can’t meet the requirements below, go back to farming GB8 until you get the desired stats.

If you already got it, let’s start and kill the Giant! 🙂


GB10 Minimum Stat Requirements

MonsterRune SetSlot 2,4,6SPDHPDEFAccuracy
Veromos / or SPD / HP% / HP%17015k70045%
Awakened Belladeon Summoners War Belladeon / or SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18017k80040%
Bernard / or SPD / HP% / HP%19015k70040%
Shannon or / SPD / HP% / HP%18015k65040%
Awakened Darion Summoners War Darion / / HP% / HP% / HP%Non-Priority24k70035%

Other requirements:

  • Make sure to compensate the lack of HP or DEF, example if your Belladeon only has 16k HP make sure that his def is at least 850, and vice versa.
  • Veromos should be Max skilled from Devilmon power-up.
  • The other 4 should also be max skilled to take advantage of the cooldown reduction.
  • Optional: Start investing on Sky Tribe Totem and Crystal Altar.


GB10 Run

SW ch12 GB10 auto

Wave 1:A wave of 4 monsters, Veromos easily Crowd Controls 2-4 units with Super Crush.
Wave 2:Bernard re-casts Tailwind and Shannon helping out on Crowd Control using Decelerate.
Wave 3:With consistent skills (buff/debuffs), the mini-boss is not a threat to your team passing the wave at around 2 min mark.
Wave 4:Similar to Wave 2, most of the time your units have their skills refreshed. Veromos and Shannon helps with the CC while Darion and others clears the wave using normal attacks.
Boss:With over 40% Accuracy on support units, Belladeon easily def breaks the boss. Another important factor in clearing faster is Veromos' DoT which is easily applied on boss due to high accuracy. Just after the right Crystal puts Def break debuff on your team, Veromos cleanses it right away which reduced damage from boss AOE attack. Bernard and Darion also helps damage mitigation from ATK break, while Belladeon reassures you in stripping the ATK buff on boss.

Accuracy and speed tuning is the key in clearing GB10. Alongside having high HP and DEF allows you a 90%+ GB10 auto run.


Full Video of Auto-run:

Veromos (L), Shannon, Bernard, Belladeon, Darion

GB10 vs GB8 rune drops:


SW GB8 drop 1 SW GB8 drop 3


SW GB10 drop 1 SW GB10 drop 2

GB10 drops the best runes for Despair, Swift, Fatal, Energy and Blade. Look for 6* runes with Hero grade.


Veromos as 6*

SW Veromos 6

Veromos could be your 1st 6* and he is worth it. He can also be your fodder farmer in Hydeni Ruins Hell (Stage 5) as a start, and with his AOE skill 2 and fast cooldown he clears the wave fast (around 40sec/run). Plus, he will be your gateway to a lot game contents. After getting valuable drops from GB10, you can start aiming for Dragons B8, B9 and B10 which will be discussed in a few more chapters. In the meantime, focus on farming GB10 and focus on improving your clear time.

Get the best swift runes so you can progress even further. When I first started and on my way to transition to DB10, I farmed GB10 for a month. Thats all I did and focused and I tell you it was well worth it. Not only did I get good runes to boost up my units, I also got a lot of Rainbowmons to 6* key monsters such as Bella. I got a lot of Mystical scrolls, and Mana Crystals of course.

Veromos as Fodder Farmer:

Ch12 Veromos fodder farmer

While Lapis is a good fodder farmer in Faimon Hell Stage 1, Veromos is also a good option to farm Hell stages too! With similar stats on GB10 requirements, lets try Hydeni Ruins Hell (Stage 5):

RunHydeni Ruins (Hell) Stage 5

Veromos as ToA unit:

SW ch12 ToA50

Using GB10 core team and their current stats, we can clear ToA 50 and get awesome rewards.

  • Full-auto on stages 1-49. Semi-auto on stage 50 (depending on ToA season)
  • Rotation of Veromos, Belladeon, Lapis, Bernard, Shannon and Darion
  • All are still 5* max. no 6*

Ch12 ToA50

Next Chapter will will cover ToA 70 using other farmable units. Let’s try to get that Devilmon!

Veromos as mid-tier Arena unit:

Veromos is a strong competitor in Fighter level arena. You can end up with F1-F3 rewards during Arena tally.

SW Ch12 PvP

Veromos as DB8/9/10 unit:

This is one of the many reasons I suggest Veromos as your first 6*. Aside from being able to clear GB10, he is a much important unit in Dragon’s Lair to cleanse the DoTs from boss and crystal.

SW Ch12 DB8

*Note: this is using the same GB10 core lineup.


Game Progression Guide

Sigmarus Fusion:

  • Start collecting Water Phoenix (Sigmarus) Fusion monsters. This monster is vital to speed up your GB10 run and transitioning to DB10.

Rune Upgrade:

  • Farm for ideal 6* runes (At least Rare grade)
  • Power-up to +12 all your 1/3/5 5* runes

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Veromos 6* Max
  • 5* fodders to 6* Belladeon
  • Note: Do not 6* Shannon, Darion or Bernard yet. You only need Veromos and Belladeon as 6* to farm DB10 in the future.

Resource Management

  • Save you Mana Stones for rune upgrades. GB10 gives a better return rate so after a few refills you can normally achieve around 1M Mana.
  • Sell all 4* runes unless Legend rarity with ideal subs.
  • +15 your 6* Main stat runes (2/4/6)
  • Keep an eye on 6* Hero and Legend runes on Magic Shop. Buy when it fits the desired stats.
  • Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Collect rewards from Events, they give plenty of resources.
  • Continue upgrading your Sanctum of Energy, Mysterious Plant and Sky Tribe Totem.


Chapter 13: Speeding up your GB10 runs, ToA 70, and DB8

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