Step-by-Step, Chapter 14: Baretta Fusion and Conquering the Trial of Ascension

by DK on January 5, 2018
Step-by-Step, Chapter 14: Baretta Fusion and Conquering the Trial of Ascension
April 16, 2019

Our Step-by-Step guide is back and this time we will conquer the Trial of Ascension 100F! While we were on a break, did you farm enough high quality runes to beef up your core team? I hope your progression developed rapidly. 🙂 Keep up with the guides on your road to becoming a Master Summoner!

In this Chapter, our focus of attention is the Fire Sylph (Baretta). He will be the MVP in clearing 100F that allows us to auto most floors. He is dubbed as the “King of ToA” and good news for F2P players is that he is available via monster fusion. This is a very important stage in your progression because Baretta’s skill kit is ideal against PvE monsters especially in Trial of Ascension.

Generally, monsters from higher floors have high DEF and HP. So the solution is to always affect them with continuous damage or DoTs(Damage over time). His 2nd skill Turbulence works great on bosses and waves to keep their ATB down. With a max skilled Baretta and a CC team, you are always sure to clear most waves by keeping them stunned while affected by DoTs. Oh boy does it feel nice to get a free monthly reward of Legendary Scroll, L&D Scroll, Devilmon and Crystals!

Now let’s start with the fusion requirements.


Baretta – The King of ToA

SW ch14 Baretta ToA god

Baretta is an invaluable part of many team compositions even for end-game players. He meshes well with most units and in our case, Veromos, Belladeon and a CD-refresher will bring you to places in ToA. Baretta isn’t known as the king of ToA without a reason. Assuming he is able to land all his DoTs, he is able to effectively eliminate 30% of the enemy’s HP from the get go! Baretta is also a good niche unit against the infamous Ragdoll stage and Leo stages.

ch14 baretta req

Baretta’s Fusion Requirements:

Fire Serpent (Fao): Get from SD

Fire Martial Cat (Mei): Get from Guild Shop

Water Magical Archer (Sharron): Get from SD

Wind Salamander(Lukan): Get from SD, Scenario Drop in Tamor Desert


A 5* Baretta will suffice in clearing TOA100. However we still recommend you to fully skill-up 2nd and 3rd skills for a reliable CC and a faster wave clearance. Follow the rune set recommendations and stats below.


Team Composition – ToA core team

Now moving on to your team composition, Veromos and Belladeon are key units in your ToA completion as a starter. First, these 2 are one of your 6* priorities thus they have good survivability from occasional enemy attacks and are already geared with quality runes. Second, they are part of your core team for GB10 and DB10 which means upgrading their runes to a further extent will result in an even better progression in all 3 areas mentioned.

The other 2 units we strongly recommend are Wind Penguin Knight (Mav) and Fire Griffon (Spectra). They are farmable utility monsters which are perfect for ToA starters. Mav not only gives speed buff but it refreshes skill-cooldown of allies for 1 turn. His 2nd skill provokes an enemy which helps a lot against bosses to prevent them from using 2nd and 3rd skill. On the other hand, Spectra is a good crowd controller. He’s amazing for the boss stages where his 2nd skill can knock off a notable chunk of the boss’ HP.

MonsterRune SetSlot 2,4,6SPDHPDEFAccuracy
awakened baretta summoners war Baretta (Lead) / SPD / HP% / HP%170-17520k70045% (Anything over 45% in ToA is a waste)
Veromos / or SPD / HP% / HP%170 19k80045%
Awakened Belladeon Summoners War Belladeon / or SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18019k 85045%
Mav or / SPD / HP% / HP%165-17017k65045%
Spectra or / or SPD / HP% or CR% / HP%21018k80045%
Awakened Colleen Summoners War Colleen
or / SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18021k65030%
Bernard / or SPD / HP% / HP%21017k75045%
Sigmarus (Floors 1-50) / SPD or ATK% / ATK or CD% / ATK% or HP%11015k700Non-Priority


Team Set-up and Synchronization in Auto Mode

The team selection and attack order are also very important in ToA. Just like farming GB10 and PvE contents in general, speed tuning is key to winning. One important example is that your Mav should always be the slowest unit in your team so that when he uses skill-refresh, your Baretta and Veromos have already expended their 3rd skills (not necessarily very slow but keep him a few speed behind others).

TeamLine-upAttack Order
Standard Teamawakened baretta summoners war Spectra > Belladeon/Veromos/Baretta > Mav
Lower Floors Teamawakened baretta summoners war Spectra > Belladeon/Veromos/Baretta > Sigmarus
Situational Team 1awakened baretta summoners war Awakened Colleen Summoners WarColleen > Belladeon/Veromos/Baretta > Mav
Situational Team 2awakened baretta summoners war Bernard > Spectra > Belladeon/Veromos/Baretta
Boss Teamawakened baretta summoners war Spectra > Baretta > Belladeon > Veromos > Mav


Videos of Clearing Boss Stages and Hard to Clear Stages

Light Lich (Halphas):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Colleen

It is important to use and apply unrecoverable debuff to Halphas which is the reason why I used Colleen in this situation.


Water Sea Emperor (Poseidon):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav

Mav is a key unit in this stage. Use 2nd skill to always provoke Poseidon and prevent him from using 2nd and 3rd skills.


Dark Hell Lady (Craka):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav

Attack Craka directly and disregard the Dark Infernos. Your Belladeon must be tanky to survive focus fire damage.


Light Vampire (Juliane):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav.

AOE stunners (Baretta and Veromos) are key to avoid the counterattack of the Light Archangel. Focus fire on Juliane.


Wind Monkey King (Xing Zhe):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav

Similar to Juliane stage, AOE stunners (Baretta and Veromos) are key to avoid the counterattack of the Dark Elven Ranger. Do take note when you focus your single hit attacks to Xing Zhe, it will not proc a counterattack on the attacker.


Dark Neostone Agent (Sylvia):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav

The key to clearing this stage is to keep Sylvia’s minions under crowd control. As much as possible, don’t let the Vampires’ get a turn to slow down ATB boost. Sylvia herself has a very low attack damage so it does not matter if she gets a turn as long as all the Vampires are in check.


ToA 100 Boss (Ath’taros):

Lineup: Baretta, Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Mav

There are 2 ways to beat this stage. First is hitting the boss directly while controlling its ATB using Baretta and Spectra. DEF break from Belladeon is very important to deal significant damage. Second is to kill the right crystal first using DoTs from Baretta and Veromos. The strategy is to keep the Boss’ ATB low while applying Dots on the crystal.


Game Progression Guide

DB10 preparation:

  • 6* Sigmarus, Baretta and Spectra as your next priority
  • Continue to farm GB10 for high quality swift runes on Veromos & Belladeon
  • After achieving 1~2min cleartime in GB10, slowly transition to DB8 and farm Focus runes. You need at least 55% Accuracy on your utility monsters to clear DB10 effectively.

Rune Upgrade:

  • Farm for ideal 6* runes (At least Hero/Purple grade)
  • Power-up to +15 on all your slots 4/6 6* HP% runes
  • Power-up to +12 on all your slots 1/3/5 5* runes

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Sigmarus, Baretta and Spectra as 6* Max. Megan can stay as 5* for now.

Resource Management

  • By this time, your Sanctum of Energy and Mysterious Plant should already be at max level. Next, focus on Sky Tribe Totem as you need to add more speed for DB10.
  • Save your Mana Stones for rune upgrades. With a faster clear time you are now farming efficiently than before.
  • Allocate Crystals for energy refills.
  • +15 your 6* Main stat runes (2/4/6)
  • Keep an eye on 6* Hero and Legend runes on Magic Shop. Buy when it fits the desired stats.
  • Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Collect rewards from Events, they give plenty of resources.


(Coming Soon!) Chapter 15: Conquering Dragon’s Lair B10 (Auto)

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