Step-by-Step, Chapter 18: Xiong Fei, the Fire Panda Warrior and Introduction to Rift Raids

by DK on December 20, 2018
Step-by-Step, Chapter 18: Xiong Fei, the Fire Panda Warrior and Introduction to Rift Raids
April 16, 2019

Introducing the Fire Panda Warrior (Xiong Fei), a perfect farmable monster for the Necropolis and Rift Raids team!

This chapter marks the beginning of our quest to master Necropolis B10 (NB10). In the past couple chapters, we asked you to collect the fusion recipes for the Fire Panda Warrior (Xiong Fei) because it is an essential unit to improve your current NB7 lineup, and possibly try NB8 for better rune drops. All of Xiong Fei’s attacks hit at least three times which is perfect for this dungeon. Not only that, Xiong Fei acts as a secondary healer due to his buff which will ensure the survival of your team. And of course, his leader skill helps a lot if your team needs a boost in defense.

Coincidentally, in order to refine your Necropolis team and clear NB10, you need to farm the Rift Raids Level 3 with Xiong Fei to enhance the runes using grindstones and enchanted gems. This will further increase your monster’s stats without changing the runes you have already invested through power-ups.

By the end of this Chapter, we will be able to form a reliable NB7 or NB8 team:

NB7/8: Xiong Fei (L), Adrian, Colleen, Belladeon, +1 (Lapis or any damage dealer / slow debuffer)

We will also bring back some of the GB10 core monsters to form an R3 team:

R3: Xiong Fei (L), Belladeon, Colleen, Darion, Konamiya, +1 slow debuffer (Rakshasas, Liches, Wind Yeti)

Fusing Xiong Fei, The Fire Panda Warrior

A monster worth fusing (just like Veromos and Sigmarus), Xiong Fei is easily one of the best units you can use to break into NB10. He is a great addition with multi-hit skills that can adapt to any teams because of its versatility as a shield breaker and support/debuffer. especially for newer players filling in monsters to complete the lineup.

The standard NB10 rune build for Xiong Fei is Violent + Revenge. There are many ways to build him such as Damage type, however, due to its subpar base damage, it is better to use him as a support with high DEF and SPD. Because of the low output damage when runed as a support, it is highly unlikely for him to get stolen by the boss which is a good thing so you can continue to break the boss’ shield with his multi-hit attacks. Xiong Fei also functions as a secondary healer to keep your runs safe. Regarding skill-ups, you will need a total of 13 Devilmons to max it, which is very important to comply so Xiong Fei can cast its 2nd and 3rd skills more frequently.

Improving your NB7 runs:

Keeping an identical lineup, we will only replace Veromos to bring in Xiong Fei. Previously, you may encounter some difficulty in breaking the barrier but everything will change here on forward, thanks to the mighty Fire Panda. You will even find NB7 rather easy that brings you in a position to farm NB8. Using the recommended stats below, the runs will be more convincing with almost 100% clearance rate.

Take note that it will take more hits to remove the Soul Barrier as you move on to you higher floors, so it is only timely to bring Xiong Fei on the road to NB10. On a lighter note, this chapter’s monster stat requirements are roughly the same compared to the previous chapter.

MonsterRune SetSlot 2,4,6SPDHPDEFAccuracy
Xiong Fei / SPD or DEF% / DEF% / DEF% or HP%160~18011k120045%
Adrian / ATK% or SPD / HP% / ATK% or HP%160~18015k60045%
Colleen or / SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%180 (Fastest on your team)21k65045%
Awakened Belladeon Summoners War Belladeon / or SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18019k 85045%
Lapis or / ATK% or SPD / HP% or ATK% / ATK%140~18017k80045%


  • Allot speed stats on Xiong Fei to make him speedy so he becomes the 3rd fastest on the team next to Colleen and Bella. This allows him to remove the Soul Barrier first and apply debuffs before your damage dealer attacks.
  • You can replace Lapis for a damage dealer or utility that is capable of applying a Speed Decrease debuff (ex: Rakshasas).
  • Since speed buff raises the speed cap on boss stage, slow debuffs also reduce the speed of the monsters affected below the speed cap.
  • Waves before boss do not have speed cap, meaning a fast Xiong Fei can provide better utility to sustain your team.
  • Revenge is optimal for all monsters but not strictly required. Stats are more important to ensure survivability and kill-potential.
  • Turn order is important in defeating the boss. It is recommended to tune the speed so that multi-hit skills -> debuffers -> nukers. Colleen > Belladeon / Xiong Fei / Adrian > +1 Damage Dealer
  • How turn order works on boss passive: attack gauge will be filled as if all monsters have 130 SPD. Once they reach 100%, the order is chosen who has the most speed. So if your Colleen has an original SPD of 190, Belladeon has 180, and Xiong Fei has 170, all three will fill their ATB gauge at the same time but Colleen will move first, then Belladeon, then Xiong Fei.

NB7 and NB8 AutoRun Video feat. Xiong Fei



Preparation for Rift Raids Level 3 (R3)

In preparation for our Rift Raid, we welcome back Darion and Konamiya to complete our F2P standard team! Being able to conquer Rift Raid is a milestone for every Summoner. So why Rift? There is a point in your progression where farming runes can become less rewarding so you need to switch to Rift Raids and enhance your current runes to save energy and resources. For more info regarding the Rift Raid, read the overview guide here.

Why Rift Raids 3 (R3)?

R3 has a chance of dropping Hero grade grindstones and enchanted gems, unlike R2 that drops a maximum of Rare grades. The amount of stat increase is based on the grade, and a Hero grade provides really good bonus stats. Also being able to farm NB8 is an indicator that your monsters have at least the minimum stats required to run R3.

Grindstones are items which can be used to upgrade and enhance substats on runes.
Enchanted Gems are items which can be used to replace an existing substat with another one.

Game Progression Guide

NB7 improvements, NB8:

  • Replace Veromos for Xiong Fei. This brings you closer to the NB10 core lineup.
  • Lapis can be replaced for a legitimate damage dealer in Theomars or a SPD decrease debuffer like the Rakshasas.
  • Upgrade these Glory Buildings to strengthen your stats in this order
    • Sky Tribe Totem
    • Ancient Sword
    • Crystal Altar
    • Guardstone
    • Fallen Ancient Guardian

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Colleen and Xiong Fei as 6* Max
  • Collect Ifrit summoning pieces to summon Theomars

Rune Upgrade:

  • Farm for ideal 5* and 6* Rage and Will runes (At least Hero/Purple grade).
  • Power-up to +15 on all your slots 4/6 6* runes.
  • Power-up to +12 on all your slots 1/3/5 5* runes.

Resource Management

  • Sell slots 4/6 5* Rage runes.
  • Allocate crystals for energy refills.
  • +15 your 6* main stat runes (2/4/6) especially SPD, HP% and ATK%.
  • Keep an eye on 6* Hero and Legend runes on Magic Shop. Buy when it fits the desired stats.
  • Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Collect rewards from events, they give plenty of resources.

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