Step-by-Step, Chapter 19: Rift Raids Level 3 (Grindstones and Enchanted Gems)

by DK on December 27, 2018
Step-by-Step, Chapter 19: Rift Raids Level 3 (Grindstones and Enchanted Gems)
April 16, 2019

Xiong Fei is a versatile monster and a valuable piece in conquering the Rift Raid!

To reach our goal in clearing NB10, first, we must farm Rift Raid Level 3 (R3) and acquire Hero grade grindstones and enchanted gems. That is why in this chapter, we will focus on building an R3 team so we can finally increase the stats of our Necropolis core team. This is an efficient way to progress because we won’t have to change our monster’s equipped runes. Instead of wasting a lot of time and resources to upgrade another set of runes, we will just retain and upgrade it!

Thus, we will bring back some of the GB10 core monsters and use this as our lineup:

Xiong Fei (L), Belladeon, Colleen, Darion, Konamiya, +1 slow debuffer (Rakshasas, Liches, Wind Yeti) or Damage Dealer

   Awakened Darion Summoners War 

An Overview of The Raid Boss

To start a Rift Raid, Summoners must form teams of three, with each player allowed to bring up to six monsters to the battle. Similar to Guild Battles, players may only bring one monster of the same kind.

The battle itself is fought using the game’s AI, with no direct interaction from the players themselves. Unlike regular battles, Raid battles utilize a special formation system allowing players to assign monsters to a “backline” and a “frontline“.


  • Monsters in the frontline take the majority of the damage and reduce the amount of damage that the backline receives based on the number of monsters on the frontline.
  • Summoners share Leader Skills with one another, with the bonuses affecting all players in a party.
  • Buff effects resulting from skills or runes are not shared across the 3 teams.
  • The 3 heads of the boss share a single HP Bar, as well as the same harmful effects.
  • Each head moves independently of one another and using its own attack gauge.
  • The boss has low resistance and only required 15% accuracy on your monsters.

To understand the basic set up of Rift Raids, first, we need to know and familiarize the Raid Boss skills. Understanding the mechanics behind each move will help us properly create an effective Rift team.

Breath of Doom
Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Power and Attack Speed for 2 turns. Puts them in an oblivious state for 2 turns after the attack. The harmful effect activation rate will increase as the level of the Raid increases.

  • This skill is the reason why your monsters should have high Resistance. In R3, as much as possible, aim for at least 30% monster resistance (especially Darion) to avoid getting these debuffs because it will drastically slow down your runs and could ultimately be the reason for the loss. The extra resistance bonus will come from one of the leader skills of the 3 teams fighting inside the rift.
  • 1 or 2 cleansers/immunity buffers are needed to counter this skill. Konamiya is a prime example with a 3-turn cleanse cooldown.

Crush of Doom (Front Line Only Attack)
Targets the frontline of the enemy and unleashes an attack that ignores all beneficial effects. The damage increases substantially as the target’s Defense decreases. This attack will target the backline if there are no Monsters left in the frontline.

  • Frontline monsters should both have high Defense and HP stats. The damage is spread out based on how many monsters you have in the frontline. The more monsters you have in front, the less damage each of them takes.
  • For HP vs DEF balancing:
    • If your HP is around 12k-15k, DEF should be at least 1.5k
    • If your HP is around 20k-23k, DEF should be at least 900

 Rageful Roar
Becomes enraged whenever an enemy gets a turn and the skill will activate automatically when enraged 16 times. Attacks all enemies, removes all beneficial effects and recovers the HP in proportion to the number of removed beneficial effects. This attack will also stun all enemies and permanently increase the Boss’s attack power.

  • In R3, we only recommend Violent runes for Healers/Cleansers. For monsters like Darion, Xiong Fei, Hwa, and other Damage Dealers, we recommend them to use non-Violent runes to prevent the boss from stacking enrage. This will minimize the increase of Boss’ attack power in long and drawn out battles.
  • Colleen’s Unrecoverable debuff prevents the boss from recovering HP.

 Total Annihilation
Attacks all party members whenever the boss loses 25% of the HP. All harmful effects will be removed and the boss’s stats will substantially increase when this skill is activated. Crush of Doom and Breath of Doom will gain an additional hit whenever Total Annihilation is activated.

  • There will be 3 Total Annihilations activated: when the boss reaches 75%, 50% and 25% HP. It will attack both frontline and backline monsters so prepare for the huge impact. Darion’s and Dias’ passive skill mitigates some of the damage received by your team.
  • Having 2 healers on your team increases the chances of a follow-up heal after Total Annihilation is cast. In our case, we have 3 healers in Colleen, Belladeon, and Konamiya.

When the boss eliminates an entire team of Monsters, the boss’s attack speed will increase and will start attacking all of the nearby enemies.

  • At the start of the battle, each team faces off 3 individual bosses. Whenever a team is wiped out, one of the boss’ head will turn and attack the nearest Summoner team. To counter this, the Summoner with the strongest team should be placed in the middle so he/she can tank the damage when only 2 Summoner teams remain.

 Destroyer’s Revenge (Passive)
The damage of the next attack will increase in proportion to the number of the enemy’s turn. The damage will reset after the attack.

  • Applying debuffs on the boss is essential. That is why we need to use utility monsters like Xiong Fei, Darion and Colleen to counter the boss’ passive skill.
  • Notable debuffs: Glancing Hit, ATK decrease

 Ruler of Chaos (Passive)
The 3 heads of the boss will share the attack gauge at the start of the battle using its chaotic strength. Also, the boss will mitigate HP proportionate damage it receives by sharing a single HP among the 3 heads

  • After the first boss attack, each head will have a separate attack bar for its succeeding attacks. All debuffs including Speed Decrease (Slow) will be shared among the 3 heads while ATB decrease applies individually.

Line-up and Monster Roles

Recommended Leader Skills:

Critical Rate – This allows you to build your team with 76/81% CR to ensure all of your damage deals can obtain max CR. Hwa is pretty much the staple CR leader unit.

Defense – This leader skill is typically favored over HP, as it makes keeping your team healed easier. Fire Panda is pretty much the staple Def leader unit.

Resistance – This is the most important leader skill. It is essential that all of your healers/cleansers have 100% Resistance once you include the Resistance Leader Skill. A poorly timed stun due to the lack of resistance could result in the death of your party. Dias is the best Resistance Leader unit.

Heal / Buff:

(Your team should consist with at least 2-3 of these units)

     Wind Sky Dancer Chasun Awakened    

Speed – 180, Resistance – 70%, Accuracy – 15%

Core Units:

Colleen – Perfect healer + utility skills for raids. Have weakened attack, heal block, and also heals with attack buff. It’s essential to use Colleen as she is one of the few units with weakening attack on her skill 1. Many teams get wiped out when they fail to weaken attack during the final phase.

Belladeon – Can be a reliable frontline with its high base defense, ATB booster, and Healer in 1 unit. It also provides DEF break on skill 1 which is useful to burst damage. This unit and improves team synergy and is a good sustain if you want a high success rate on your runs.

Konamiya – Every F2P’s cleanser in Raids and DB10. Konamiya not only cleanses but also heals by 15% to help sustain your team.

Cleanse / Immunity: (At least 1)

  Awakened Lisa Summoners War Awakened Chloe Summoners War

Speed – 180, Resistance – 70%, Accuracy – 15%

Core Units:

Konamiya – Every F2P’s cleanser in Raids and DB10. Konamiya not only cleanses but also heals by 15% to help sustain your team.

Lisa – Provides AoE cleanse and utility through Glancing Hit debuff. 3rd skill refreshes 1 cooldown time of allies.

Damage Mitigation / Tanks: (At least 1)

   Wind Sky Dancer Chasun Awakened   

Speed – 150, Resistance – 70%, Accuracy – 15%

Core Units:

Xiong Fei – A perfect lead monster for Rift Riads providing +33% DEF to allies. Xiong Fei is a reliable frontline unit with DEF break on 1st skill, team heal on 2nd skill and applies various debuffs on 3rd skill.

DarionProvides a passive to his allies that reduces incoming damage by 15%, which allows your healers to sustain better. Not only that, he provides a utility with DEF and ATK break debuffs. Darion also deals a good amount of damage that scales on his Max HP.

Belladeon – Can be a reliable frontline with its high base defense, ATB booster, and Healer in 1 unit. It also provides def. break on skill 1 which is useful to burst damage. This unit and improves team synergy and is a good sustain if you want a high success rate on your runs.

Damage Dealers: (At least 1-2)

Speed – 150, Resistance – 70%, Accuracy – 15%

Core Units:

Hwa – Provides a Leader skill of +19% Crit Rate. Her Slow debuff and ATB reduction make her an excellent damage dealer and utility.

Xiao Lin – One of the most popular damage dealer in Rift Raids. Xiao Lin has a DEF break on her 1st skill, slow and ATB reduction on her 2nd skill, and her 3rd increases the inflicted damage by 20% for each harmful effect on the enemy, allowing your team to set up and burst a lot of damage on the boss. If this skill is on cooldown, you have a 25% chance to counterattack when attacked.

Tesarion – A good alternative for a resistance leader, Tesarion can be built as a backline damage dealer. Even though he lacks a debuff on his 1st skill, Tesarion provides a DEF break on his 2nd skill.

Theomars – Provides a Leader skill of +24% Crit Rate. Although Theomars does not have a usable debuff on his first skill, he can weaken defense with his 2nd skill. Definitely, a good alternative if you do not have a Hwa / Tesarion / Xiao Lin.

Monster Runes and Stats

MonsterRune SetSlot 2,4,6SPDHPDEFAccuracy

Xiong Fei
NB7/8 Rune / SPD or DEF% / DEF% / DEF% or HP%160 -> 15011k -> 12k1200 -> 140045% -> 15%
R3 Specific
Broken Set or set
DEF% / DEF% / DEF% or HP%15012k140015%

or / SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18021k650 -> 75045% -> 15%
Awakened Belladeon Summoners War
or / or SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18019k -> 20k850 -> 900 45% -> 15%

/ / HP% / HP% / DEF%15023k100015%

or / SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%18020k80015%

/ SPD or ATK% / CD% / ATK%150 ~ 18014k -> 15k750 -> 800 15%

/ or SPD or ATK% / CD% or HP% / ATK% or HP%150 ~ 18018k80015%

Rift Raid Level 3 (R3) Video

Game Progression Guide

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Xiong Fei as 6* Max to prepare for NB10
  • Collect Ifrit summoning pieces to summon Theomars.

NB8 improvements:

  • Xiong Fei and other debuffers should have at least 45% accuracy
  • Lapis can be replaced for a legitimate damage dealer in Theomars or a SPD decrease debuffer like the Rakshasas.
  • Upgrade these Glory Buildings to strengthen your stats in this order
    • Sky Tribe Totem
    • Ancient Sword
    • Crystal Altar
    • Guardstone
    • Fallen Ancient Guardian

Rune Upgrade:

  • Farm for ideal 5* and 6* Rage and Will runes (At least Hero/Purple grade).
  • Power-up to +15 on all your slots 4/6 6* runes.
  • Power-up to +12 on all your slots 1/3/5 5* runes.

Resource Management

  • Sell slots 4/6 5* Rage runes unless ATK% Hero grade with 2-3 ideal stats.
  • Allocate crystals for energy refills.
  • +15 your 6* main stat runes (2/4/6) especially SPD, HP% and ATK%.
  • Keep an eye on 6* Hero and Legend runes on Magic Shop. Buy when it fits the desired stats.
  • Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Collect rewards from events, they give plenty of resources.

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