Step-by-Step, Chapter 2: Mon, Rune, & Resource Management

by VoxGens on March 13, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 2: Mon, Rune, & Resource Management
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 2 of our step-by-step guide to clearing Scenarios, we’re going to highlight mon, rune, and resource management for new players. In Chapter 1, we got through Garen Forest, talked about elemental relationships, and beat our first rival in Arena. Our current mons are Sieq (Fire Hellhound), Elucia (Water Fairy), Roid (Wind Vagabond), Lucien (Light Elven Ranger), and Teon (Light Garuda).


Mt. Siz

Mt. Siz’s Stage 5 may be the first level you struggle to clear on your own. You can either go back to Garen Forest to help get your mons a little tankier, or add friends and use them to help clear the scenario. Mt. Siz has the following drops:

  • Fatal Runes: A 4-set of Fatal Runes will grant your mon an additional 35% ATK. You can put Fatal runes on your Elucia for bigger heals or on your Sieq for more burst damage.
  • Monsters: Kugo (Fire Golem, 3*), Fire Slime (1*), Wind Mimick (1*), and Water Ghost (1*).

After clearing Mt. Siz, you get your first 4* mon:


Lapis, The Water Magic Knight: Lapis is an excellent first farmer for new players. All three of her skills are AOE, she has an AOE DEF break on S2, and self-sustain with a life-steal S3. Lapis will help carry you through the Scenarios, and can be runed fairly easily to farm Faimon 1 Hard.


Resource Management


Focus on a core team of mons to level up. Your best PvE mons are:

  • Lapis: As discussed in our Monster Book of Monsters guide, 4* mons generally have higher base stats, and Lapis is a great early game farmer.
  • Elucia: Your only healer, also brings CC.
  • Roid: Debuffs (requires ACC) and tank.
  • Sieq: A fire DD.
  • Teon: CC and support.



After getting Lapis, I recommend going back and throwing some runes on all of your main mons. Don’t worry about getting the ideal slot 2/4/6 runes, just grab the rune bonuses from 1-2* runes and throw them on your mons. Go back and grab:

  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Elucia: Fatal/Energy
  • Sieq: Fatal/Energy
  • Roid: Energy/Energy/Energy
  • Teon: Energy/Energy/Energy

Going back to grab these basic runes will improve your mons’ stats and get your mons some much needed experience towards leveling up. Having one mon of each main element (Fire, Water, Wind) will be useful moving forward, as you will always have a mon with elemental advantage to clear, and a mon with elemental disadvantage to take damage for your team.

Don’t bother leveling up your 1-2* runes. In general, you only want to level up your runes in the following manner:

  • 3-4* Runes: Get your desirable 2/4/6 runes to +9. Get your 1/3/5 runes to +6.
  • 5-6* Runes: Get your desirable 2/4/6 runes to +12-15. Get your 1/3/5 runes to +9-12.

The only exception for 4* runes is a Slot 2 SPD rune. We’re working on a more detailed rune guide, and will share it once it is completed.


Energy & Wings

I mentioned in Chapter 1 that you should delay collecting your mission rewards until you’ve used up your Energy and Wings. This is because Mission rewards grant experience, which can level you up and refill your Energy and Wings. You shouldn’t be short of energy or wings for quite a while if you use this strategy.



We already covered one mana-saving stratey (rune level ups), but I want to cover a few more:

  • Once you get your mons some initial runes, sell all 1-2* runes,
  • Only buy what you need now from the shop (i.e. Power-up Circle, Magic Shop, Temple of Wishes, and Crystal Mine for example).
  • Don’t feed a your 1-2* mons to power-up your main mons. This gets expensive FAST, especially if you’re trying to power-up Lapis.

Use your mana to power-up desirable runes, open up monster slots, and buy key mons from the Magic Shop (e.g. Shannon).



As mentioned in Chapter 1, summoning a single monster with crystals is a very inefficient use of crystals. If you want to try your hand at summoning mons (and who doesn’t?), save up your crystals for the Premium Pack (750 crystals). You’ll also need to use crystals to unlock all the slots in the Magic Shop. Don’t use your crystals to refill your energy until you have a larger energy pool (lvl 35-50).

Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your arena rivals every time they are up!


Chapter 3: Kabir Ruins & Introduction to Cairos Dungeon

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