Step-by-Step, Chapter 20: A Guide to Conquering Necropolis B10 on Auto

by DK on January 3, 2019
Step-by-Step, Chapter 20: A Guide to Conquering Necropolis B10 on Auto
April 16, 2019

Chapter 20 of our player progression series is about clearing the Necropolis B10 (NB10) in auto-mode.

After efficiently farming GB10/DB10 and upgrading your runes from Rift Raid 3 (R3), the next step of your progression is conquering the Necropolis B10 (NB10)

Why farm NB10?

Necropolis B10 is an end-game dungeon rich in Mana Stones and the main source of high-quality Vampire, Rage and Will runes. This will put your Violent and Revenge runes to test and see the effect of grindstones and enchanted gems from R3. When you are able to farm NB10 efficiently, this will help your PvP game drastically, thus being able to play competitively in the Arena, Guild Wars, Siege, and RTA.

Farming NB10 will also help you progress in Raids Level 5 (R5) to gain access to the best grindstones and enchanted gems. Say you have a Xiao Lin, you will need her to equip a Vampire set to front R5. Of course, this is a step-by-step process, and there is no shortcut to becoming a master summoner. The reason why we asked you to farm R3 first is to make sure that your current runes are upgraded before you face the boss of NB10. With this, NB10 runs will be efficient with fast clear time and without getting team wiped.

Before you start

Apply Grindstones to boost your monster’s overall stats. Priority are DEF and HP stats, followed by ATK stat. Unneeded stats like Resistance can be replaced using Enchanted Gems.

DEF – Recommended to have a DEF of 750+ in combination with the HP minimums. More DEF if you have less HP, more HP if you have less DEF.

HP – Recommended HP stats based on element and DEF minimums:

  • Fire/Water/Wind/Dark Utility Mons: 20k+
  • Light Utility Mons: 23k+
  • Damage Dealers: 16k+

ACC – Recommended to have 45% ACC on your debuffers especially on units like Colleen, Belladeon, and Adrian.

About the Speed Cap

Due to boss’ passive skill (The Time of the Dead), the Speed Cap for the Necropolis Dungeon is 130 SPD (including tower bonus and SPD lead). Speed buff raises speed over the limit. For Colleen, she needs to have 180+ SPD to continuously heal your team on pre-boss waves. SPD debuffs play a crucial role to slow down the boss allowing you more turns and damage output. If you have multiple slow debuffers on team 30% ACC is considerable.

*Note: Colleen and Bella should always move first. Bella is a smart healer so it won’t use heal when Colleen casts the buff first. Units like Sigmarus should be the slowest monster on your team.

NB10 Core team (Farmable monsters)

The set-up is based more on survivability, multi-hitting and farmable units. Rune requirements are not high which is perfect for those starting out and for those who have few Violent runes. Team composition consists of 2 healers and 3 slow debuffers/DD. It may take time to clear the boss but every run is reliable. 2 healers allow you to constantly sustain your team while the debuffers take care of slowing the boss down, heal block, landing ATK break, glancing and DOTs.

We will follow the same NB7 team lineup.

Xiong Fei (L), Adrian, Colleen, Belladeon, Lapis

Optional: Replace Lapis with Hwa or any Rakshasa. Use her lead skill for additional Critical Rate.

Monster Runes and Stats

MonsterRune SetSlot 2,4,6SPDHPDEFAccuracy
Xiong Fei / SPD or DEF% / DEF% or CD% / DEF% or HP%130~14012k -> 14k140035%~45%
Adrian / ATK% / HP% or CD% / ATK% or HP%130~14015k -> 20k75035%~45%
Colleen or / SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%180 (Fastest on your team)20k -> 21k75045%
Awakened Belladeon Summoners War Belladeon or / or SPD / HP% / HP% or DEF%160~18020k -> 21k 90035%~45%
Lapis / ATK% / ATK% or CD% / ATK% or HP%130~14017k800Non-priority
Hwa or / or SPD or ATK% / CD% or HP% / ATK% or HP%130~14018k80045%

Necropolis B10 (NB10) Video

Forming your own NB10 team

Healer Support (At least 1)

Colleen, the Fire Harpu: Perfect support for Necro. This monster has multi-hit skills that applies ATK break and heal block. Most importantly, it has a fast cooldown of team heal plus Attack buff. As you progress towards an advanced team, Colleen is still a primary option for your Necro support.

Belladeon, the Light Inugami: A utility unit that provides team heal and Defense break. You need this monster early game to sustain your team. Although Mobilize skill wont boost ATB it is still a viable option to those starting out a team. Later on he can be replaced by Xiong Fei as you advance further and speeding up your runs.


Support Buff/Debuffers w/ SPD, heal block, DOT (At least 1)

Adrian, the Fire Elven Ranger: A common support unit dedicated for NB10. This monster has multi-hit skills that applies heal block and DOTs. 3rd skill gives your allies SPD and Crit Rate buff. As mentioned earlier, SPD buff raises the speed over cap limit so it would be an advantage to bring a unit dedicated to it. Crit Rate buff allows your units to maximize the chances of killing the boss faster, and takes off the burden of allotting high Crit Rate subs on your monsters.

Xiong Fei, the Fire Panda: Typically picked because of multi-hit attacks and applying various debuffs upon an enemy target. It can also deal a good amount of damage because it scales damage on Defense stat. Heal and counterattack buff is a bonus to sustain your team and put additional hits on breaking the Soul Barrier.


Damage Dealer (DD) / Debuffers (At least 2)

Hwa, the Fire Rakshasa: One of the best SPD debuffer and Damage Dealer for Necro. 2nd skill allows her to apply DOT when the Shoul Barrier is down, and 3rd skill allows her to do a multi-hit. Her +19% Crit Rate Leader Skill is also valuable when you run a similar team comp of Hwa (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Rigel/Fuco, Adrian.

Ran, the Dark Rakshasa: A good alternative if you don’t have Hwa. Her 2nd and 3rd skill are multi-hits which helps in removing the Soul Barrier. Her attack multipliers are also high, making her a viable Damage Dealer. Leader skill: +25% Atk Power to allies.

Rigel, the Water Lich: Solid unit alongside Fuco (Wind Lich). His overall skill kit is ideal for this dungeon with multihits on 1st and 2nd skill, applying slow debuff and def break. Its passive gains immunity from disable and reduced chance of receiving a critical hit by 25%. it has higher ATK and DEF base stat but lower HP compared to Fuco and Grego. Base SPD is also low but it does not matter on Necro due to speed capping.

Fuco, the Wind Lich: An ideal unit for NB10. Its 2nd Skill does an insane amount of damage against single-target monsters due to a potential 1,200% multiplier on a 2-turn cooldown (max skilled). Nevertheless, it can be run without skillups. Both Fuco and Rigel should be the runed as the slowest monster in your team to ensure it will land SPD debuff after the Soul Barrier is down.

Shihwa, the Fire Nine-tailed Fox: This monster is a strong and reliable multi-hitter. 1st skill hits 3 times and applies DOT when the Soul Barrier is down. 3rd skill hits 5 times with each attack having a chance to leave a Branding Effect to boss. 3rd skill also has a very short cooldown of 3 turns which make it even more remarkable. She does not need skill-ups to shine on NB10. If you run with mostly fire monsters, you can use her as lead.

Theomars, the Water Ifrit: A viable unit only if you lack multi-hitting monsters. You can use Theomars as a Lead with +24% Crit Rate to allies. Rune him with more ATK compared to a speedy build due to speed capping.

Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix: Also a viable unit if you lack multi-hitting monsters. You need to rune this unit on Violent to work and make him the slowest monster on your team so he can deal huge damage after the Soul Barrier is down. Leader skill: +44% HP to allies good for team comps that needs more sustain.


Game Progression Guide

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Xiong Fei as 6* Max
  • Collect summoning crystals for Homunculus (Attack)

NB10 improvements:

  • Monsters should be max-skilled
  • Xiong Fei and other debuffers should have at least 45% Accuracy
  • Lapis can be replaced for a legitimate damage dealer in Theomars or a SPD decrease debuffer like the Rakshasas.
  • Upgrade these Glory Buildings to strengthen your stats in this order
    • Sky Tribe Totem
    • Ancient Sword
    • Crystal Altar
    • Guardstone
    • Fallen Ancient Guardian

Rune Upgrade:

  • Use Grindstones and Enchanted Gems to improve your current runes.
  • Farm for ideal 5* and 6* Rage and Will runes (At least Hero/Purple grade).
  • Power-up to +15 on all your slots 4/6 6* runes.
  • Power-up to +12 on all your slots 1/3/5 5* runes.

Resource Management

  • Sell slots 4/6 5* Rage runes unless ATK% Hero grade with 2-3 ideal stats.
  • Allocate crystals for energy refills.
  • +15 your 6* main stat runes (2/4/6) especially SPD, HP% and ATK%.
  • Keep an eye on 6* Hero and Legend runes on Magic Shop. Buy when it fits the desired stats.
  • Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Collect rewards from events, they give plenty of resources.


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  • Clyde
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    If you are building reliable speed NB10 auto team, try Perna (L) + 4 chakram and boomerang mix. Best if you have 2 chakram, 2 boomerangs. Element is not important.

    Rune them all violent/revenge and you should be able to clear everything within 1:30.

    Perna is great for att lead and heals on every turn and sisters do the damage relentlessly.

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      Ch21 is waiting for the copyedit to finish and should be published today or tomorrow. It is an introduction to Homunculus (Attack) and Fire Beast. 🙂

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