Step-by-Step, Chapter 4: Mt. White Ragon, Hard Mode & Game Progression Guide

by DK on August 22, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 4: Mt. White Ragon, Hard Mode & Game Progression Guide
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 4 of our step-by-step guide, we’re going to focus on clearing Mt. White Ragon, Hard Mode of the previous stages, and monster progression. Our current mons are Lapis (Water Magic Knight), Sieq (Fire Hellhound), Elucia (Water Fairy), Roid (Wind Vagabond), Lucien (Light Elven Ranger), and Teon (Light Garuda).

Remember to power-up the acquired 3* set of Energy Runes from clearing Kabir Ruins and equip them on Roid and Teon.


Mt. White Ragon

Since this area consists of mostly Water elements, I want you to focus on Roid, Elucia, Teon, and Lapis. Roid will be your Damage Dealer (DD) while the rest will act as your tank and sustain units. Lets review them first:

  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Roid: Energy/Energy/Energy
  • Teon: Energy/Energy/Energy
  • Elucia: Fatal/Energy

Stage 1-6 should be easy to clear with the desired rune sets on your monsters. Stage 7 (Boss Stage) is quite challenging, where the boss (Water Phoenix) is accompanied with 2 Water Garudas. They have Resurge skill in which it can fully fill the boss’ Attack Bar (ATB) and give ATK buff. This could be a problematic situation for a potential team wipe. To counter this, ATK break the boss using Roid’s 2nd skill and stun/freeze it using Teon and Elucia’s 1st skill.

Mt. White Ragon has the following drops:

  • Swift Runes: Grants +25% attack speed (requires 4 runes for a set, the increase is based on the monster’s base speed). You can put this on your Support/Utility/Buffer units or your Sieq since it scales damage based on SPD.
  • Monsters: Sigmarus (Water Phoenix, 5*), Water Warbear (3*), Kunda (Water Yeti, 2*), Wind Garuda (2*), Sisroo (Water Harpu, 2*)
  • Monster Drop – Wind Garuda, skill-up your Teon and Konamiya (Water Garuda)

After clearing Mt. White Ragon, you will be rewarded 30,000 Mana Stones and 30 Energy:


Hard Mode (Garen Forest, Mt. Siz, Kabir Ruins)

Your Main goal is to farm better runes in order to progress and clear the succeeding areas. Minimum Rune Grade drop is now 2* and highest of 4*.

Energy Requirement: 4 (Stage 1-6), 5 (Stage 7, Boss)

 Energy Runes (Garen Forest) – Equip on Elucia, Teon, Roid.

 Fatal Runes (Mt. Siz) – Equip on Lapis and Elucia.

 Blade Runes (Kabir Ruins) – Equip on Lapis and Sieq.

*note: the stage number of the area determines which slot the rune occupies. Ex. Garen Forest Stage 3 drops Energy rune Slot 3. Boss stage drops all rune slots.


Garen Forest (Hard):

Team comp – Elucia (Leader), Sieq, Lapis, Roid

Clearing it should get Sieq and Roid to lvl 20. Evolve to 3* if you have two extra 2* mons sitting around.


Mt. Siz (Hard):

Team comp – Elucia (Leader), Sieq, Lapis, Roid

Level up your Sieq and Roid as you approach Kabir Ruins

Kabir Ruins (Hard):

Team comp – Elucia (Leader), Sieq, Lapis, Roid

Level up your Sieq and Roid to Max 3*


After clearing these 3 hard areas and upgrading runes, your monsters should have similar stat below:


Now you are ready to move and clear the next area, Telain Forest (Normal)


Game Progression Guide

Monster Leveling:

  • You can naturally level up your monsters by using them on scenario maps
  • You can also fodder your 1* monsters summoned from unknown scrolls/social summon


Shannon, the Wind Pixie:

Acquire Shannon on your 1st clear of the Giant’s Keep from Cairos Dungeon. Remember to check on the Monsters Used button to get the reward. Then,

Go to Challenge -> Challenge tab -> V. Giant’s Keep Master


Bernard, the Wind Griffon:

Acquire Bernard after clearing the Giant’s Keep 3F from Cairos Dungeon. You can use your current lineup of monsters

Team Comp – Elucia (L), Lapis, Sieq, Roid, Teon

Go to Challenge -> Challenge tab -> V. Giant’s Keep Master


Magic Shop:

Buy Garuda and Pixie for Konamiya and Shannon skill-ups. It’s worth the Mana spent.

 Water Garuda (Konamiya)

A reliable support for farming Dragon, Hall of Magic and Fire.

Skill 1: Onslaught: Attacks the enemy at a breakneck speed. May stun the enemy with a 24% chance.

Skill 2: Resurge: Fills up an ally target’s Attack Bar and strengthens their Attack Power for 1 turn.

Skill 3: Peace (Awakened): Removes all harmful effects on all allies and recovers HP by 15% each.


 Wind Pixie (Shannon)

A reliable support for farming Giant’s Keep, Hall of Magic and Wind.

Skill 1 : Spirit Ball [360%ATK +20] : Attacks the enemy with an Energy Ball. The attack has a 50% chance of increasing the enemy’s chance to land a Glancing Hit for 2 turns.

Skill 2: Decelerate [210%ATK] : Attacks all enemies, decreasing their Attack Speed for 2 turns with an 80% chance on each target.

Skill 3: Pep Talk [Awakened] : Increases the Attack Power and Defense of all allies for 3 turns.


Hall of Magic and Elements

Spend your Energy to farm Essences used to evolve your monsters.

Sunday – Hall of Light (Clear B3 for Challenge Quest Reward)

Tuesday – Hall of Dark (Clear B3 for Challenge Quest Reward)

Tuesday – Hall of Fire (Farm B3 to Evolve Fire Hellhound and get Challenge Quest Reward)

Wednesday – Hall of Water (Clear B3 for Challenge Quest Reward)

Thursday – Hall of Wind (Clear B3 for Challenge Quest Reward)

Everyday – Hall of Magic (Farm B3 to Evolve your monsters)


Sanctrum of Energy

Go to Shop -> Glory Shop

Build using 20 Glory points (requires more glory points for the next upgrades)

Effect: +1 Max Energy storage per upgrade


Crystal Mine

Go to Shop -> Building

For 10,000 Mana stones, build it to generate 1x crystal every 10 hrs. Max storage 3


Weekly Devilmon

Go to Shop -> Glory Shop

Save 180 Glory points for weekly Devilmons. Use it to skill up your Rare 4* and 5* monsters in the future.


1st Island Expansion

Go to Shop -> Building

For 5,000 Mana stones, expand your Island to give additional space for your buildings.


Monster Training 101

Unlocks after reaching level 8. Go to Challenge -> Challenge tab -> Monster Training 101

Gain additional resources from accomplishing the missions. (Energy, Mana stones, etc.)

Click here for the in-depth guide


Resource Management

  • Reaching lvl 10 unlocks Taihan on your rivals. Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your arena rivals everytime they are up.
  • Use all of your Energy and Wings first before collecting mission rewards.


Chapter 5: Telain Forest, 1st Dungeon Core Team & More Progression Guides

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    Your Sieq is runed with Swift/Energy, which I can accept seing as Sieq scales on speed. However, the runes seem to be powered up to +9, and according to the guide you are not supposed to rune up 1*-2* runes to that high, despite being the right property. My question is, are those 3*-4* runes? And if so, how did you acquire them? Mt. White Ragon Hard? And if so, were those runes farmed with reps, seing as the current PvE team should be unable to farm Mt. White Ragon Hard? Thank you in advance!

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