Step-by-Step, Chapter 5: Telain Forest, 1st Dungeon Core Team & More Progression Guides

by DK on September 2, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 5: Telain Forest, 1st Dungeon Core Team & More Progression Guides
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 5 of our step-by-step guide, we’re going to focus on your very 1st Core Dungeon Team specifically the Giant’s Keep, clearing Telain Forest and more Game Progression tips. We have recently acquired Wind Pixie (Shannon) and Wind Griffon (Bernard) from the Challenge Quests in addition to Lapis (Water Magic Knight), Sieq (Fire Hellhound), Elucia (Water Fairy), Roid (Wind Vagabond), Lucien (Light Elven Ranger), and Teon (Light Garuda).

We have also built Sanctrum of Energy, Crystal Mine, Expand our Island, and bought a Devilmon. Remember to prioritize upgrade Sanctrum of Energy for +1 Max Energy per upgrade and buy weekly Devilmons to skill up your rare monsters in the future.


Telain Forest

This area consists of various elements (Water, Wind, Fire), bring specific counters and focus on leveling up Shannon and Bernard. For now you don’t need to use Roid and Teon for any of these stages. Let’s review them first:

  • (new!) Shannon: Swift/Energy
  • (new!) Bernard: Swift/Energy
  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Elucia: Fatal/Energy
  • Sieq: Swift/Energy

Stage 1-6 should be easy to clear with the rotation of 5 monsters mentioned above.

For Stage 7 Boss stage, use: Elucia (L), Sieq, Shannon, Bernard

Your main damage dealer (DD) is Sieq. Attack the boss directly and when you get an ATK debuff from the enemy, use Elucia’s cleanse to recover Sieq. Killing the boss will automatically give you the stage clear.

Telain Forest has the following drops:

  • Focus Runes: +20% Accuracy increase per Focus set equipped (+60% Accuracy with 3 sets). Usually paired with Swift or Despair set on your Support/Utility Support Debuffers.
  • Monsters: Lagmaron (Wind Chimera, 5*), Water and Fire Monster Flower (2*), Water Horned Frog (1*), Water and Wind Inugami (3*), Fire and Wind Warbear (2*), Wind Maned Boar (2*)
  • Monster Drop – Wind Inugami, skill-up for Raoq (Fire Inugami)

After clearing Telain Forest, you will be rewarded with 3* Magic Rarity Blade Runes x6:


1st Dungeon Core Team

Dungeons are a good source of quality runes. Of course higher floors give better chances of dropping a higher Rune Grade and Rarity. Farming Giant’s Keep is one of the first major goals you should aim for that is why you should be preparing on your Core GB10 team. Obviously, we can only clear the lower floors for now. I want you to focus on making a GB5 team that consists of your newly acquired units Shannon and Bernard. They will also be part of your GB10 team since both (GB5 and GB10) are Water Element Dungeon. By now, you may have noticed that Giant’s Keep offers your first chance at 5-6* Hero and Legendary runes.

Giant’s Keep rune drops: It will help your PVE and PVP progression

 Energy Runes – HP +15%

 Fatal Runes – Attack Power +35%

 Blade Runes – Critical Rate +12%

 Swift Runes – Attack Speed +25%

Despair Runes – Stun Rate +25%


Giant’s Keep B5 team:

 Lapis (L) – Self sustaining unit and deals good damage against boss. 2nd skill can land DEF break.

 Bernard – Speedster unit, boosts allies ATB and provides SPD buff. 2nd skill Body Slam deals DEF and ATK break useful against boss.

 Shannon – Utility/Support buffer. Increases your allies Attack Power and DEF for 3 turns. 2nd skill Decelerate AOE slow and 1st skill dealing Glancing debuff to target enemy.

 Konamiya – Sustain/Cleanser and ATB booster for your Damage Dealer (DD). Also good Crowd Control (CC) on mob stages.

Elucia – Good Utility/Support, can tank the boss attacks and cleanse + heal your Damage Dealers (DD).


Roid – Good Damage Dealer (DD) that scales his attacks base on his MAX HP. Also has the capability of landing DEF and ATK break on the target enemy. When awakened, acquires new skill that sets the enemy’s ATB to 0 and taunts it.


Focus on levelling them up in preparation for Giant’s Keep B5 farming. Farm Water and Magic Essences to awaken Lapis so you can use her leader skill (No need to awaken Elucia because it won’t make a huge difference). Later on, you can use 4* Max Roid if you feel your team can survive GB5 without the secondary heal from Elucia. As you progress, we will require you to farm Light Inugami (Belladeon) SD. This unit will be used clearing higher floors and one of your Core GB10 Team.


Game Progression Guide


Monster Leveling:

  • Naturally level up your monsters by using them on scenario maps
  • Use acquired Angelmons from Challenge Quests as power-up material. Awaken them first before foddering to receive bonus exp when used at the same element type.
  • Fodder your 1* monsters summoned from unknown scrolls/social summon
  • *Note: Dungeons give less amount of experience compared to scenario stages.


Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Shannon  -> 3* Max Lvl 25
  • Bernard -> 3* Max Lvl 25
  • Lapis -> 4* Max Lvl 30
  • Elucia -> 3* Max Lvl 25
  • Konamiya -> 3* Max Lvl 25


Friends Rep Monster

  • Go to public chat rooms and add players that are capable of soloing stages using their Rep Monster. Remeber to send social points in return for their favor. 🙂
  • Rep monsters can be identified on monster selection as you enter the specific dungeon/map
  • You can use a friend’s Rep Monster once a day, it will refresh at 12mn on your server time.

Go to Community -> Friend -> Friend List

Go to Scenario Map / Dungeon -> Use a friend’s Rep Mon on an empty slot


  • You can add 5 Mentors and use their Rep monsters once a day. Every time you use their Rep, you can claim 5 energy in return.
  • You can add users Lvl. 50 as a Mentor.
  • Use their Rep to help you through hard to clear stages.

Go to Community -> Friend -> Mentor/Mentee

Daily Mission

  • Remember to finish your Daily mission for Crystals, Energy, Arena Wings and Mana Rewards.

Go to Challenge -> Daily Mission


Ancient Runestones

Go to Shop -> Building

For 20,000 Mana Stones, this building generates Mana Stones over time. A good source of investment.


Resource Management

  • Shai is unlocked on your rivals. Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your arena rivals every time they are up.
  • Use all of your Energy and Wings first before collecting mission rewards.


Chapter 6: Hydeni Ruins, Hell Mode and Farming Giant’s Keep B5


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