Step-by-Step, Chapter 6: Hydeni Ruins, Hell Mode and Farming Giant’s Keep B5

by DK on September 16, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 6: Hydeni Ruins, Hell Mode and Farming Giant’s Keep B5
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 6 of our step-by-step guide, our focus is to make a reliable GB5 auto-team. Why? because this is the fastest way to increase your monster’s stats from the dungeon rune drops. This is the area where Giant’s Keep is worth farming early game. As discussed in the previous chapters, Scenario rune drops are of low grade and quality.

As an example, the main problem I see with most Summoners who are having a hard time clearing higher dungeon floors, they skip farming runes in mid level areas and are eventually stuck with sub-par runes despite the right team composition. After clearing a hard floor manually, they move on to the next level without the right stats for their monsters. Take note, you need at least a Hero/Legend-grade rune to be able to farm GB10 efficiently, especially when your units are still 5*. In just a month of playing this game, you will be able to farm GB10 in auto if you follow this guide and you don’t need such rare monsters to do that, sweet!

Now, as you level up and evolve your core units (Bernard, Shannon, Konamiya), we will also clear Hydeni Ruins and the Hell mode of previous Maps. Game Progression tips will be tackled at the end of the article. The units I want you to focus this time are Wind Pixie (Shannon), Wind Griffon (Bernard), Lapis (Water Magic Knight), and Konamiya (Water Garuda). Roid (Wind Vagabond) is optional.

By this time, you should already know the purpose of Mentors, adding Friends for Rep monsters, and Resource Management. Keep up with it and save those resources for future rune upgrades.


Hydeni Ruins

This area consists of various elements (Water, Wind, Fire), bring specific counters and focus on leveling up Shannon and Bernard. I recommend the following lineup below:

  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Konamiya: Swift/Energy

Stage 1-6 should be easy to clear using the monsters mentioned above.

For Stage 7 Boss area, use the same lineup. With Konamiya as your healer + cleanser, you wont have a problem dealing with DOT and Freeze from enemy units.

Your MVP is Shannon who provides great utility on your team. 3-turn Attack buff is an essential boost to kill enemy waves and the DEF buff keeps your team rock solid.

Hydeni Ruins monsters and drop info:

  • Guard Runes: +15% Defense increase per Guard set equipped (+45% Defense with 3 sets).
  • Monsters: Mikene (Water Undine), Howl, High Elemental, Elemental, Low Elemental
  • Monster Drop: Water High Elemental (Skill-ups for Fire Elemental), Water Howl, Water Elemental, Water Low Elemental.

After clearing Hydeni Ruins, you will be rewarded with 2* Rainbowmons x2:


Hell Mode

Clearing Hell Mode as a LVL 20 account (or below) is a good indicator that you are on the right track. Usually, you start clearing these stages once your monsters reach 4* and are equipped with +9 Hero-Grade runes. Remember that the difficulty significantly increases as you move to the next Hell Map. Use the same lineup as recommended on the previous progression guide.

Kabir Ruins onward might be a little hard for your current monsters so this is where Rep Monsters and Mentors come to play. Indeed working together brings more success!

Additionally, clearance reward gives you free 30 crystals for each Map location. so 5 areas give you a total of 150 crystals. This brings you closer to your first Premium Pack purchase. Nice!


Farming Giant’s Keep B5

GB5 is a Water Element Dungeon with 5 waves. Enemy units are lvl 27-30 which means it is important that your monsters should be 4* as well. Below we will explain the requirements to be able to clear this dungeon in auto-mode.

Team Composition, Rune and Stat Requirements

 Lapis (L) – Self sustaining unit and deals good damage against boss. 2nd skill can land DEF break. Disadvantage: 1st and 2nd skills are multi-hit. It helps the Boss to land frequent counterattacks from its Passive skill.

 Bernard (Alternate Lead)– Speedster unit, boosts allies ATB and provides SPD buff. 2nd skill Body Slam deals DEF and ATK break useful against boss.

*Note: If you haven’t awakened Lapis yet, you can use Bernard as your Leader to increase your Wind monster’s attack by 30%. As much as possible get easy skill-ups for Konamiya and Shannon thru unknown scrolls, social points and magic shop.

 Shannon – Utility/Support buffer. Increases your allies Attack Power and DEF for 3 turns. 2nd skill Decelerate AOE slow and 1st skill dealing Glancing debuff to target enemy. Giant Boss hits extremely hard that’s her role is vital to winning.

 Konamiya – Sustain/Cleanser and ATB booster for your Damage Dealer (DD). Also good Crowd Control (CC) on mob stages.

Elucia – Good Utility/Support, can tank some boss attacks and cleanse + heal your Damage Dealers (DD).  Disadvantage: 1st skill is multi-hit. It helps the Boss to land frequent counterattacks from its Passive skill.

Roid – Good Damage Dealer (DD) that scales his attacks base on his MAX HP. Also has the capability of landing DEF and ATK break on the target enemy. When awakened, acquires new skill that sets the enemy’s ATB to 0 and taunts it.


Full Video of Auto-run:

Bernard (L) , Konamiya, Lapis, Roid, Shannon

Bernard (L) , Konamiya, Lapis, Elucia, Shannon


Comparison to Scenario drops:

Scenario Rune Drops (Hell Mode)

Giant’s Keep B5 Rune Drops

It is noticeably an upgrade farming GB5 compared to Scenario Maps. These type of runes are essential to clearing higher basement floors in auto mode.


Game Progression Guide


Monster Leveling:

  • Use your friend or mentor’s Rep Monster to gain higher Exp. Ideally paired with 1 of your specific monsters to level up.
  • Higher difficulty stages (Hell mode) give more exp.
  • *Note: Dungeons give less amount of experience compared to scenario stages.


Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Shannon, Bernard, Lapis, Konamiya, Roid
  • All should be 4* Max lvl 30 to farm GB5 in auto-mode


 Trial of Ascension

  • Unlocked on the map at level 15. Trial of Ascension (ToA) is a PVE game content with various rewards upon completing certain floors/stage.
  • It is a proving ground to test your game knowledge and skills as well as a metric on how good the quality of your runes are.
  • For now, you can auto lower stages to get various rewards. At this level, you cannot conquer ToA yet. We will get back to it once we acquire suitable monsters and runes in the future.


Resource Management

  • Morgana is unlocked on your rivals. Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Rune power-up priority: Slots 2,4 and 6
  • Don’t bother powering up 3* runes anymore. You will get better quality runes from now after being able to farm GB5
  • Only power-up runes to +12 if they are at least 4* and with good stats/substats
  • Collect rewards from Events, they give plenty of resources
  • Continue upgrading your Sanctum of Energy


 Tranquil Forest

This building passively grants Exp to monsters inside the building. You can place a maximum of 4 monsters, each gaining 100XP/hour.


 Fusion Hexagram

A summoning circle to summon specific 4* and 5* monsters by sacrificing monsters of lower grades. Notable monsters are Veromos and Sigmarus which we will be using in the near future.


 Transmogrification Building

Allows you to change the look and animation of certain monsters. It costs 300,000 Mana Stones and 100 Shapeshifting Stones.


Chapter 7: Road to Faimon Volcano, Fastest Way to Awaken Lapis and More Progression Guides

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