Step-by-Step, Chapter 7: Road to Faimon Volcano, Fastest Way to Awaken Lapis and More Progression Guides

by DK on September 24, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 7: Road to Faimon Volcano, Fastest Way to Awaken Lapis and More Progression Guides
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 7 of our step-by-step guide, our focus is to make a reliable fodder farmer that can solo farm an area in Hard Mode. After using your 1st premium pack and realized RNG hates you (for not giving you good summons), we will use Lapis to farm Faimon Hard and evolve your Dungeon core monsters to 5* Max (Bernard, Shannon, Belladeon). For those of you who are blessed by Com2Us with OP monsters, you can also follow the farming process by equipping the desired runes for your fodder farmer. Check out the list here.

Since Lapis is a Water Type Monster, the best place to fodder farm is Faimon Volcano Stage 1 (Path). This process is necessary so you can transition into farming Giant’s Keep B7 after evolving your monsters to 5* and 6*. As you should know, GB5 only gives out a maximum of 5* grade runes while GB7 can give you a 6* grade which will give you the edge to safely farm GB10 soon. Being able to farm in Hard/Hell mode is a milestone to our goal which is GB10 Auto-mode.

Now, let’s go back to where we left last chapter. We finished Hydeni Ruins and opened a new area called Tamor Desert. From the name itself, the area consists of Fire and Wind monsters. Here’s the good news, remember that you farmed GB5 for almost a week right? Definitely your monsters have already improved in terms of rune quality and level. It will be very easy for you to clear this area including the next few. So you can throw almost any lineup to clear them!


Road to Faimon Volcano

Faimon Volcano is an infamous farming area for its high Exp and Mana compensation per Energy. It is also the ideal place to farm using Water-type fodder farmers like Lapis. Before that, we need to clear the prerequisite areas, Tamor Desert and Vrofagus Ruins.


Tamor Desert

Tamor Desert

This area consists of Wind and Fire type monsters. We don’t need specific counters to clear this area. Your monsters will just outclass the enemies so you can use any lineup. For example:

  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy

  ch7 inugami stats

Just auto everything! *Chomp* *Chomp* *Chomp*

Tamor Desert monsters and drop info:

  • Endure Runes: +20% Resistance increase per Endure set equipped (+60% Resistance with 3 sets).
  • Monsters: Lukan (Wind Salamander), Serpent, Sandman, Salamander, Griffon
  • Monster Drop: Wind Griffon (Skill-ups for Bernard), Wind Serpent (Skill-ups for Mantura), Wind Salamander, Wind Sandman

After clearing Tamor Desert, you will be rewarded with 4* Rare Fatal Runes:

tamor reward


Vrofagus Ruins

Vrofagus Ruins

This area consists mostly of Fire type monsters. Same with Tamor Desert, just auto everything! *NomNomNom* Use the same monsters.

  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy

  ch7 inugami stats

Vrofagus Ruins monsters and drop info:

  • Shield Runes: +15% of HP as Ally Shield for 3 turns per set equipped. (+45% of HP with 3 sets).
  • Monsters: Tagaros (Fire Inferno), Low Elemental, Elemental, High Elemental, Werewolf
  • Monster Drop: Fire Inferno, Fire Werewolf (Skill-ups for Eshir and Jultan), High Elemental (Skill-ups for Kahli), Elemental, Low Elemental

After clearing Vrofagus Ruins, you will be rewarded with Energy x100 + EXP Booster 1 day:

Faimon Volcano

Faimon Volcano

This area consists of Fire type on the first half, and Non-elemental on the last half. You might have some difficulty in clearing the last half but you do have your Friends Rep monsters right? 😉 Anyway, use the same lineup when you are feeling confident.

  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Lapis: Fatal/Energy
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy

Faimon Volcano monsters and drop info:

  • Revenge Runes: +15% chance to counterattack with 1st skill. (+45% chance with 3 sets).
  • Monsters: Otherworldly Dragon (Boss), Hellhound, Inugami, Succubus, Turtle, Ice Beast, Taotie
  • Monster Drop: Fire Inugami (Skill-ups for Raoq and Belladeon), Fire Hellhound (Skill-ups for Sieq, Tarq, and Shumar), Fire Salamander

After clearing Faimon Volcano, you will be rewarded with Light & Darkness Scroll x1:

faimon reward


Fastest Way to Awaken Lapis

Extensive farming on Hall of Water could be a little tedious. Monster Challenges Quests saves the day, you can actually collect a good amount of essences after meeting the requirements. Lets take a look:

challenge quest1

Conquer 3F

challenge quest2

Conquer 5F

challenge quest3

Conquer 7F

challenge quest4

Now you only have to farm 5 Essence of Magic (High) to awaken her!

Full Video of B7 Auto-run:


Lapis as Fodder Farmer

After clearing Faimon Volcano, Go to Challenge -> Challenge -> III. Fast Leveling Strategy. Then clear Path (Normal) using only Lapis:


Collect Mystical Scroll Reward. Then clear Path (Normal) with 3 Monsters (Lvl 1) in Auto Mode using Lapis.


Collect Vampire Rune x4 and Revenge Rune x2.

Remember I told you to save Mana Stones for rune Power-ups? Equip the Rune Rewards to your Lapis and power-up slots 2/4/6 to +12. 1/3/5 to +9. This should require you a range of 300k~400k Mana Stones to complete.

Your Lapis stats should be similar to this:

lapis stats vamp

Full Video of Auto-run:


Now you can enjoy solo farming Faimon Hard! Remember to pop up your x2 EXP and evolve your Dungeon Core Team to 5* Max.


Game Progression Guide

Monster Leveling:

  • Use your friend or mentor’s Rep Monster to gain higher Exp. Farm in Hell mode if possible.
  • After using all the available Rep Monsters, use your fodder farmer to continue your quest to monster evolution.
  • Friend/Mentor’s Rep monster refreshes every 12mn Server Time


Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Shannon, Bernard, Lapis, Belladeon, Konamiya.
  • All should be 5* Max lvl 35 to farm GB7 in auto-mode.
  • Start collecting monster for Dark Ifrit (Veromos) Fusion.
  • Farm Darion (Light Vagabond) for your +1 on GB10 team


Resource Management

  • Edmund is unlocked on your rivals. Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Rune power-up priority: Slots 2,4 and 6
  • Don’t bother powering up 3* runes anymore. You will get better quality runes from now after being able to farm GB5 and higher.
  • Only power-up runes to +12 if they are at least 4* and with good stats/substats
  • Collect rewards from Events, they give plenty of resources
  • Continue upgrading your Sanctum of Energy
  • Always save up Mana Stones for future rune drops.


SW Monster Storage Monster Storage

Allows you to store additional monsters outside of your Monster Box/Storage. Costs 200,000 Mana Stones for building, then each upgrade costs another 200,000 Mana Stones or 50 crystals for additional capacity of 10 monsters.


Chapter 8: Moving Forward to Giants B7 and Introduction to Veromos

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    November 14, 2017 at 1:21 am

    Um so I think I screw up my current account. Not only did I accidently fusion those runes who at that the time I had it on Fire Litch.. Now that I have fusion him without removing the runes of course by accident not design and I really need both Bella and Vero but Com2us didn’t blesswant me with gorgeousness I’m ducked! The monster I have now r questionable because of my stupidity. I have Lapis (Haven’t awaken her just yet, but almost), I’ve got Tanya (Not awaken), Sath (Awaken), Galleon (Not Awaken) that’s only five stars Level Mon. I could go on but you don’t want to read my nonsense and ducked up crap. Generally I ducked up my account so bad that in my level of 32, I think I’m lowest than my bro who’s in level 20 and already has good Mon. Idk, what to do at this stage. I don’t want to delete account again, cuz I did my design and was that REGRETS. Any who I just want to know what I should do at this stage cuz… I’m frontage game but I’m far ducked.

  • KingPuppyYay
    November 2, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Do you have a recommended b7 water team I don’t
    know if I’m ready

    • DK
      November 10, 2017 at 8:30 pm

      The standard core team is good enough or use darion in place of konamiya 🙂 A little bit slow but can definitely clear. Kill the right tower first.

  • Spokemon
    October 27, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Very nice guide thank you so much!
    But I don’t understand how do you finish the water Hall stage 7 auto for essenz… I don’t can clean stage 6 with this team ?

    • DK
      November 1, 2017 at 8:12 am

      I farmed GB5 for a week and got the runes good enough to clear. Also in the video, i destroyed the tower first then boss 🙂

  • Bryan Pham
    October 25, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Thank you so much DK! 🙂

  • Bryan Pham
    October 21, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Nice guide! I wish I had read this earlier. Now i`m lv 22 but cannot do gb5 auto. My mons: Magic knight 5*, fire Anubis, Megan, Tarq+ Sieq 4*,wind Sky dancer, Sath, wind Fairy, Konamiya, wind 9 tailed fox, Bernard. Please help me team set up and runes to do gb5 or higher auto! Sorry for my bad english

    • Bryan Pham
      October 22, 2017 at 11:56 am

      DK pls respond! I have light Inu & vegabond now

    • DK
      October 25, 2017 at 2:10 pm

      Lapis (L) – Fatal/Blade or the Vamp/Revenge (SPD/CD%/ATK%)
      Chasun – Energy3x (SPD/HP%/HP%)
      Bernard – Swift/Energy or Focus (SPD/HP%/HP%)
      Konamiya or Light Inugami from Sunday Secret Dungeon – Swift/Energy or Focus (SPD/HP%/HP%)
      Light or Wind Vagabond – Energy3x (HP%/HP%/HP%)

      That should help you a lot in GB5 up to GB7 🙂

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