Step-by-Step, Chapter 9: Chiruka Remains, Improving Your GB7 Farming & Challenge Quests

by DK on October 14, 2017
Step-by-Step, Chapter 9: Chiruka Remains, Improving Your GB7 Farming & Challenge Quests
April 16, 2019

In Chapter 9 of our step-by-step guide, the goal is to clear normal stages until Chiruka Remains and the rewards will be used to improve your GB7 runs to almost 100% in auto-mode. It will also drastically improve the clear time from 3 mins to 2 mins. As you are getting closer to fusing Veromos, with good runes we can now try some GB8 for better rune drops in preparation for GB10. Remember from now, be picky with the rune substats. When fighting against GB10 boss, substats could be the thin line between disastrous runs and efficient farming.

While farming GB7/8, let’s take a look at the Challenge quests and see if we can clear some of it and get awesome rewards. These incentives will even boost your progress further so make sure to do these quests and collect rewards when you are able to.

Now, as we continue our progression we will tackle Aiden Forest, Ferun Caste, Mt. Runar and Chiruka Remains. This will just be an easy task because you have your core team as 5* equipped with good runes.


Road To Chiruka Remains

SW road to chiruka

Chiruka Remains is the hardest map in Scenario providing also the highest experience return and a great place for fodder farming. It is a place filled with mostly wind-element and some water element enemies. Oftentimes farmed by Fire monsters (Ex. Vamp Trevor) on stage 1 where all the enemies are Wind type.

Before that, we need to clear the prerequisite areas, Aiden Forest, Ferun Caste, and Mt. Runar

Aiden Forest

This area consists of mostly Water and some Wind type monsters. You can just auto the map stages because your Monster runes outclass these pesky monsters, on Boss stage focus the attack on Water Death Knight and disregard his underlings. Bring out your Lapis and Support monsters to clear the stage:

  • Lapis (L): Vampire/Revenge
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy or Focus

ch8_lapis_before_after ch8_shannon_afterch8_bernard_after ch8_bella_after

Aiden Forest monsters and drop info:

  • Will Runes: Immunity +1 turn (3 turns with 3 sets), Reactivates when a new wave starts (SD excluded).
  • Monsters: Fedora (Water Death Knight), Grim Reaper, Monster Flower, Forest Keeper, Sandman.
  • Monster Drop: Wind Grim Reaper (Keep for Fusion), Wind Monster Flower, Water Sandman, Water Forest Keeper

After clearing Aiden Forest, you will be rewarded with 4* Hero Rune Pick Ticket:

SW aiden clear


Ferun Castle

This area consists of Wind and Fire type monsters. Just like the previous map, auto the stage and bring same team:

  • Lapis (L): Vampire/Revenge
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy or Focus

Ferun Castle monsters and drop info:

  • Nemesis Runes: ATK Gauge +4% (for every 7% HP lost).
  • Monsters: Antares (Fire Lich), Living Armor, Skull Soldier, Mimick, Ghost.
  • Monster Drop: Fire Living Armor (Keep for Fusion), Fire Skull Soldier, Wind Ghost, Wind Mimick

After clearing Ferun Castle, you will be rewarded with King Angelmon x3:

SW ferun clear


Mt. Runar

This area consists of Fire, Wind, and Water type monsters. Just be a little cautious because the Dragon Boss can stack up continuous damage fast. It is recommended to bring healers and anti debuff. Since there is no element advantage for any types, just bring the same lineup for all stages or switch in Konamiya:

  • Lapis (L): Vampire/Revenge
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Konamiya: Swift/Energy

Mt. Runar monsters and drop info:

  • Vampire Runes: Life Drain +35%
  • Monsters: Contaminated Dragon, Lizardman, Mischievous Bat, Imp, Sandman, Slime.
  • Monster Drop: Water Lizardman, Wind Imp, Water Mischievous Bat, Wind Slime.

After clearing Mt. Runar, you will be rewarded with Summoning Stone x100:

SW runar clear


Chiruka Remains

This is the last Map Area of the Scenario consisting of mostly Wind and some Water type monsters. In pre-boss stages, Lapis would be enough to tank the attacks while Bernard, Shannon and Belladeon bring in some damage. Be a little careful when fighting against the boss, he has AOE DEF break and ATB reduction. Its compressed beam deals heavy damage to a single unit while adding DOTs. Nevertheless, your rune quality and monster levels should still overwhelm the enemy.

  • Lapis (L): Vampire/Revenge
  • Shannon: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Bernard: Swift/Energy or Focus
  • Belladeon: Swift/Energy or Focus

Chiruka Remains monsters and drop info:

  • Destroy Runes: 30% of the damage dealt will reduce up to 4% of the enemy’s Max HP. (12% of the enemy’s Max HP with 3 sets)
  • Monsters: Remains Guardian, Minotauros, Warbear, Battle Scorpion, Monster Flower.
  • Monster Drop: Wind Minotauros (Keep for Fusion), Wind Warbear, Water Battle Scorpion, Water Monster Flower

After clearing Mt. Runar, you will be rewarded with 5* Hero Rune Pick Ticket:

SW chiruka clear 1 SW chiruka clear 2

I would suggest getting the Energy runes so you can equip separate sets on either Bernard, Shannon, Belladeon or Darion depending on who need it more. By selecting the Energy runes, you are sure to get HP% main stats on slots 2/4/6 which is quite rare to get even after farming GB7 for an extensive time. Additionally it is a 5* Grade Hero Rarity rune which gives more stat increases than your current runes.


Improving Your GB7 farming

SW GB7 cleartime

From now, be more selective on 1/3/5 runes and have a strict requirement on your substats before you equip and upgrade them. This is an important prerequisite to GB10 farming.

Utility monsters (Bernard, Shannon, Belladeon, Konamiya)

Substats preffered: HP%, SPD, Accuracy%, DEF%

Damage Mitigator (Darion)

Substats preferred: HP%, DEF%, Accuracy%, CR%

Damage Dealer (Lapis)

Substats preferred: CR%, ATK%, CD%, SPD, HP%


So after a few days of evolving your monsters, you should have similar stats to this:

Lapis: Vampire / Revenge (SPD / CD% / ATK%)

SW Lapis stat

Bernard: Swift / Energy (SPD / HP% / HP%)

SW Bernard stat

Belladeon: Swift / Energy (SPD / HP% / HP%)

SW Belladeon stat

Shannon: Swift / Focus (SPD / HP% / HP%)

SW Shannon stat

Darion / or any of your +1 monster: 3x Energy (HP% / HP% / HP%)

SW Darion stat

Full Video of Auto-run:

Before (Average of 2:50)

Lapis (L), Darion, Belladeon, Bernard, Shannon


Now (Average of 2:10)

Lapis (L), Darion, Belladeon, Bernard, Shannon


Challenge Quests

Let’s see what awesome rewards can we get from clearing some of these quests:

*Note : These are highly achievable using your Dungeon core team.

Mission 2 – Monster Training 101

SW Challenge 2

By completing up to 5* Evolution, here are the some of the notable rewards:

  • 4* Rainbowmon (Max) x1
  • 2* Rainbowmon (Max) x4
  • 100,000 Mana Stones


Mission 3 – Fast Leveling Strategy

SW Challenge 3

By completing up to Conquer Hard, here are the some of the notable rewards:

  • Mystical Scroll (MS) x3
  • 4* Rainbowmon (Max) x2
  • 3* Rainbowmon (Max) x3
  • 2* Rainbowmon (Max) x5
  • Mystical Scroll (MS) x2
  • 100,000 Mana Stones


Mission 4 – Daily Dungeon Tips

SW Challenge 4

By completing up to Awaken, here are the some of the notable rewards:

  • Summoning Stones (SS) x150
  • Essences (High) x10 for each element
  • Essences (Mid) x20 for each element
  • Essence of Magic (Mid) x60


Mission 5 – Giant’s Keep Master

SW Challenge 5

By completing up to 7F Auto, here are the some of the notable rewards:

  • 300 Crystals
  • Devilmon
  • 4* Rainbowmon (Max) x2
  • 3* Rainbowmon (Max) x3


GB8 Trial Run

With same monster lineup and rune quality, we will try to clear GB8 and see if we can also be as effective as GB7:

Lapis (L), Darion, Belladeon, Bernard, Shannon

Conclusion: Although we managed to clear the stage one time, it is still unreliable for farming. First, it took us a lot of time to clear the stage and Lapis barely survived on pre-boss waves. Second, since GB8 is a wind stage Lapis is not ideal to use here. On a good point, our utility supports can handle the wave attacks which means their runes and levels are enough. Thus we are only few steps closer to farming GB8. This calls for a Veromos Fusion then we are good to go. More of this will be discussed in the next chapter.

Game Progression Guide

Key Monsters to Level Up:

  • Monsters needed to fuse Veromos
  • Argen, Akia, Mikene, Kumae should be 5* Max

Monster Leveling:

  • Use your friend or mentor’s Rep Monster to gain higher Exp. Ideally paired with 1 of your specific monsters to level up.
  • Higher difficulty stages (Hell mode) give more exp.
  • *Note: Dungeons give less amount of experience compared to scenario stages.

Resource Management

  • Sell 4* Rare runes if they are slots 1/3/5. Keep usable 4* Rare runes with ideal stats from slot 2/4/6. Keep 5* usable runes.
  • Kiyan is unlocked on your rivals. Remember to collect guaranteed crystals from defeating your rivals every time they are up.
  • Rune power-up priority: Slots 2,4 and 6
  • Don’t bother powering up 3* runes anymore, sell them instead for additional Mana Stones
  • Only power-up runes to +12 if they are at least 4* and with good stats/substats
  • Collect rewards from Events, they give plenty of resources
  • Continue upgrading your Sanctum of Energy, Mysterious Plant and Sky Tribe Totem


Chapter 10: Clearing Hell Mode, Farming GB8 and Essences

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  • Woodynator
    October 27, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Hello, great guides, they were very useful for me to understand the game as a new comer player.

    I have a couple of questions to improve my progress:

    My current GB10 team is: 6*: Vero, Lapis, Bernard, Bella. 5* Shannon.

    My actual average time is 3 mins.

    I have Wind BK, Water Kung Fu Girl, and Fire Rakhasa, who should I 6* and awaken first to get better times in my runs?

    Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  • HokieStone
    October 26, 2017 at 6:08 am

    I played the game about a year ago and quit. I just returned this week and these guides have been a huge help getting me back on track. The only issue I have right now is that I don’t have Darion. For GB 7 I think running Lapis, Bella, Bernard, Shannon and Kona isn’t enough damage and I’m failing about 30% of the time. Can you recommend a few replacements for Darion? Thx.

    • DK
      October 26, 2017 at 2:50 pm

      Roid (Wind Vagabond) is still a viable unit until GB7. He provides good utility and ample damage for faster runs (His damage scales to Max HP). 🙂 You might want to try him or Ardella (Wind Magical Archer)

  • DK
    October 26, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Kouchnikov! 🙂

    While Lyn is a nice monster to have in GB10, I wouldn’t recommend her for beginner teams. You might reach the recommended stats but her skill kit is designed for speed runs (without healers).
    I would recommend Josephine or Emma for more reliable runs. If you aim for a faster run then Ardella is also good as 5* (you need good HP to survive). See our Site review on her:

    However, Darion is really good for GB10 beginner teams. His passive reduces the risk of teammates dying and the damage/utility is also valuable.

  • DK
    October 26, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Work on Lushen to 6* him and max the skill levels. What is the accuracy of your utility units? Need them to be close to 45%. I would prefer Shannon over Megan because your team don’t have a glancing debuff skill.

    New lineup: Lushen (L), Bernard, Emma, Bella, Shannon.
    That should help you speed up runs with good reliability as well
    Galleon is only recommended for speed clear teams which is achievable once you reach end-game status (high rune quality).

  • ag siegfred
    October 27, 2017 at 2:54 am

    wait, what do yo u mea n by turn order?

  • ag siegfred
    October 27, 2017 at 3:37 am

    what i understand i that m y line up should me like
    lushen (leader) + mihyand on my second box + veromos + 3rd box and so on? or the opossite

  • Tantei-kun
    October 27, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Thank you! Could I ask the stats requirements of Lushen? And when should I switch to Galleon?

  • Endev
    October 27, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Emma has glancing

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