Mission II: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Monster Training 101

by Scepter on April 14, 2017
Mission II: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Monster Training 101
April 16, 2019


The first set of Missions pretty much covers the very basis of Summoner’s War. The rune and monster mechanics in the game can be confusing to new players, so detailing the effects of the basis of the game here definitely helps. I’ll be going through the basics of Summoner’s War here for newer players as well as details on how to complete the missions if you’re unsure. If you’re looking for an even earlier progression guide though, VoxGen has a wonderful Step-by-Step series on the website too!

1. Monster Leveling


– Reach Lv. 15 with an attack-type monster

– 30 Energy

Other Information
In Summoner’s War, every monster has a Monster Type attributed to it. This greatly affects how their stats are distributed, as well as a general hint in what rune-set should be placed on them. Don’t blindly follow it though! Certain monsters works better in a rune build different from the game’s intended purposes, so always check with your friends or our website to be sure. You can find out a Monster’s type simply by going into your Monster Roster page as seen below.

Monster Roster
Attack monster

The Star Rating for the monster here doesn’t matter as long as it fulfills the requirement of an “Attack-type” monster. You can focus on either leveling your Sieq (Fire Hellhound) or Lapis (Water Magic Knight) to Level 15 to complete this. How you achieve this doesn’t matter, you can level a monster up either by clearing the Scenario stages or by feeding 1* monsters to them, both ways will still complete the quest. Note that if you already have a monster past Level 15, any form of EXP gain like the ones mentioned earlier will fulfill this mission too.

2. Basic Rune Equipping


– Equip the Blade Rune (2-Set)
– Equip the Fatal Rune (4-Set)

– 30,000 Mana Stones (Each)

Other Information
Every rune-set in this game offers a bonus effect for your monster. While the missions only detail the Fatal and Blade rune-set, there’s a total of 21 rune-sets in the game! While obvious in hindsight, one of the biggest things newer players need to know is that there is a distinct difference between 2-set runes and 4-set runes, with the latter generally offering a bigger or more unique effect. The Fatal set gives a monster a 35% attack increase off its base attack. For better comparison, take the 2-set Energy runes that only give 15% HP increase. You can obtain all these runes from Scenario, Cairos Dungeons or the Crafting Building.

To complete this mission, you can obtain Fatal runes in the second area, Mount. Siz, and Blade runes in the 3rd area, Kabir Ruins. Each of the stages will give a rune according to its number. For example, Mount. Siz’s first stage, Limbo, will only give Fatal runes for the first Rune Slot.

Once you obtain the runes, I highly recommend giving both the Fatal and Blade sets to either Sieq or Lapis to greatly boost their damage.
Fatal Rune Slot 1

3. Basic Rune Power-up


– Power-up a Fatal Rune 3 times
– Power-up a Blade Rune 3 times

– 50 Energy
– An Awakened Wind Angelmon, Fire Angelmon and Water Angelmon (One each)

Other Information
Once you get the gist of placing runes on your monsters, the next thing you need to learn is rune power-ups! Powering-up runes is akin to upgrading your equipment in other games, so it’s extremely important for your runes to be upgraded whenever possible! As you progress through the game, you’ll realize that different runes have an assigned quality, name and color. Each of them represents the potential of the runes, in an increasing order of White (Common) > Green (Magic) > Blue (Rare) > Purple (Hero) > Orange (Legend).

It’s essential for you to know what each of the qualities mean. As Reina (NPC) mentioned, there are sub-properties (sub-stats) given to runes. Beyond the main stat, a rune can have up to four sub-stats and a potential of an innate stat (which can’t be upgraded). Depending on the rune quality, runes will already come pre-assigned with a certain number of sub-stats, ranging from 0 to 4 depending on the color order mentioned above. Whenever you upgrade a rune, you’re not only increasing the main stat, but also increasing the existing sub-stats or adding in a new one. Higher quality runes gives you a chance to increase the existing substats rather than giving a flat amount, meaning you’ll have a chance to reach a much higher valued sub-stat on a Purple (Hero) rune as opposed to a Green (Magic) rune. This will come in increments of 3 all the way to + 12. This may be confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it as you progress through the game.

For this mission, you simply need to upgrade ANY of the Fatal and Blade runes you’ve gotten earlier 3 times. At this point the mana cost is so low it’ll hardly put a dent on your total amount, so just upgrade them when you can.

4. Rune Acquiring


– Acquire 2 3* or higher Energy Runes in Scenario

– 1 Mystical Scroll

Other Information
I’ve already talked about how to acquire runes earlier, so you should already know how to obtain them. However, this mission calls for a higher star quality which CAN’T be found in the Normal difficulty. You can unlock the next difficulty of a specific Scenario stage as long as you clear through all 7 stages. You should have already unlocked the Hard difficulty, so just clear the stages as per normal there.

As a rule of thumb, Normal will only give you 1* – 3* runes, Hard will give you 2* – 4* runes and Hell will give you 3* – 5* runes. The boss stage for each of the difficulties has a chance of giving a rune one star higher than the rest of its stages (E.g. Faimon Volcano Center (Hell) will only drop 4* and 5* runes), but what rune slot it’ll give will be completely random.

This mission will require you to clear through the Hard difficulty of Garen Forest. You won’t take that long to clear it, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting the runes. Also, do note that Scenario stages won’t drop anything better than a Green (Magic) rune.

5. Monster Skillups


– Level up a Monster’s Skill

– A complete set of Fatal runes (1 for each slot)

Other Information
Every monster in the game have their own unique skills and passives. Most of these will require skill ups, which will either

  • Increase the damage multipliers
  • Increase the heal recovery amount
  • Increase the activation rate for a debuff to land
  • Reduce the cooldown of the skill

You can find out more about what the skillup does for a specific monster by checking the bottom of the skill description.

If there isn’t anything there, it just means that the skill doesn’t require any skillups! Do note that some skillup effects may change or are introduced when a monster awakens. You can check the monster pages our website for more information on what each awakening does.

In order to actually skillup the monster, you’ll either require a monster in the same family (e.g. Lapis will require other Magic Knights for skillups) or a rare treat known as a Devilmon. Devilmons are one of the most valuable things in the game because of this, as rarer monsters have a much more difficult time securing skillups. While 1*, 2* and 3* monsters shouldn’t have as much difficulties obtaining skillups, 4* and 5* monsters are generally hard to come by. For most players, Devilmons are the best way to skillup a monster. You can obtain a weekly Devilmon from the Glory Shop (using 180 Glory Points from Arena Wings), two of them from Stage 70 of the Trial of Ascension (Normal and Hard) or from in-game events. I definitely recommend investing sometime getting the weekly Devilmons from the Glory Shop as soon as you can and avoid using them on anything less than a valuable 4* monster.

For this mission, you don’t need to use any of your devilmons just yet. You can easily obtain Vagabond, Hellhound or Fairy skillups from the Magic Shop for around 20,000 mana. You only need to find one of them and power-up your monster to finish this mission. Also, I don’t recommend using the devilmons on Lapis, even though she’s likely your only natural 4* monster. She falls off heavily once you acquire better monsters, so your Devilmon investments isn’t worth going to her. Keep them and wait until you get an excellent 4* or 5* monster. You can always ask your friends or on our website here (post a comment on that monster’s page) to see if it’s worth feeding them.

6. Intermediate Rune Equipping

– Equip a 3* or higher Fatal Rune (4-Set)
– Equip a 3* or higher Blade Rune (2-Set)

– 100 Energy
– 100,000 Mana Stones

Other Information
You should be getting the hang of it now, so I’ll keep this short. Completing these two missions is identical to the previous one. Just obtain the necessary 3* or higher Fatal or Blade rune sets and equip them on your monster! Your Sieq or Lapis is definitely due for an upgrade, so just give the runes you find to them.

7. Intermediate Rune Upgrading

– Reach + 9 with Rune Number 2, 4 and 6

– 4  2* MAX level Rainbowmons

Other Information
At this point, most of the runes you have should have only been upgraded to either + 3 or + 6, which is perfect for this mission! The overall added value of the main slots (2/4/6) are much more cost-efficient compared to the flat slots (1/3/5), so this mission is definitely pointing newer players in the right direction. This requires you to upgrade a rune from each of those slots (it doesn’t necessarily have to all be on one monster) to + 9. It’ll cost a bit of mana since the success rate is a lot lower than getting a rune from 0 to + 3. Give it a couple tries though, you won’t take more than 5 tries for each upgrade unless you’re having some bad luck.

Rune Slots

8. Monster Awakening


– Awaken a Monster

– 3 3* MAX level Rainbowmons

Other Information
I’m sure you’d have noticed that some monsters have Silver stars while others are Yellow. This indicates whether a monster can be awakened or not. Pretty much every Silver starred monster is worthless anyway, so don’t pay too much heed on this. Anyway, monsters requires both Magic essences and their corresponding element’s essences to be awakened, which you can obtain from the Hall of Magic and other Halls of Elements. The Elemental Halls are only active on a specific day, but you can check the Item Drop Information on the Cairos Dungeon Page for when they’re available.

The higher the natural star assigned to a monster, the greater number of essences required. The essences are broken down into Low / Mid / High based on their rarity and quality. At this point you probably won’t have any High Essences, and it just isn’t worth fusing any from the Fuse Center now, so you should just focus on awakening your 2* or 3* monsters.

Your first priority should definitely be Sieq, since he gets a game-changing attack and critical hit buff for your entire team upon awakening. He’ll need 2 Mid Fire Essences, 15 Low Fire Essences and 15 Low Magic Essences to be awakened, which should be pretty obtainable for you from the lower levels of their respective halls. Once you gather them, you can awaken him at the Monster Page and be treated to a cool Digimon-esque evolution! Note that any skillups already used on Sieq will remain, so don’t worry about losing them!


Beyond a cool new look and name, awakened monsters will also have superior base stats. There will also be an awakening bonus which varies according to the monster, but it can either be

  • A completely new 3rd Skill
  • A powerup to an existing skill
  • A leader skill
  • A stat bonus

You can find out what the awakening bonus is on the monster page.
Lapis leader

9. Monster Evolution


– Evolve a monster to 5*

– 1 4* MAX level Rainbowmon

Other Information
By this point you’d probably have evolved a couple monsters now and this isn’t any different. Evolving a monster to 5* will require you to sacrifice 4 4* monsters, and will only work when the intended recipient is already at 4* MAX level. Fortunately, the game did give 3 3* MAX level Rainbowmons in the previous mission, so you already have a huge start to work with.

If you haven’t realized it yet, increasing the stars of a monster will also greatly increase its overall base stats, even if it comes at the cost of resetting the monster to Level 1 (of its new star value). It’s definitely worth getting a monster to that stage, and assuming you haven’t gotten anything better, Lapis should definitely be your first 5* monster for you to clear this mission.

10. Leveling to the Max


– Level a 6* Monster all the way to its MAX level (40)

– A Wind Scroll, Fire Scroll and Water Scroll (One each)

Other Information
We’re finally at the end of this series of missions, and it’s undoubtedly the hardest one to clear. Not only will you have to prepare 5 5* food, but you’ll also have to level the monster all the way to level 40. While the rewards are attractive, newer players definitely shouldn’t be rushing this. You should slowly work your way up and one-by-one evolving all of your core monsters to 5*. Of course, 6* a monster is an extremely heavy investment, so choosing which of your monsters to be your very first 6* monster is always difficult. For most players, your first 6* monster should be Veromos, the fusable 5* Dark Ifrit from the Fusion Hexagram. The journey will be long and tedious, but he’s definitely the most deserving monster to 6*, assuming you haven’t gotten any good 4* or 5* monsters. In the end, while what you choose is up to you, your first 6* monster should be one that can reliable clear either Hydeni Hell Damnation or Tamor Desert North in order to easily facilitate preparations for your second 6*.

Summarized Rewards

– 180 Energy
– 130,000 Mana Stones
– A complete set of Fatal runes (1 for each slot)
– An Awakened Wind Angelmon, Fire Angelmon and Water Angelmon (One each)
– 4 2* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 3 3* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 1 4* MAX level Rainbowmon
– 1 Mystical Scroll
– A Wind Scroll, Fire Scroll and Water Scroll (One each)


That about sums it up for this guide! For the new players who read finish this guide, I welcome all of you to Summoner’s War and the Summonerswar.co website. I hope you’ve enjoyed playing this game so far! If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to post them down below. Me and the other administrators will definitely find the time to respond to any of your queries. You can check up the rest of the website here for detailed guides on other aspects of the game as well as an in-depth look on individual monsters if completed.

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