Mission III: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Fast Leveling Strategy

by Scepter on April 14, 2017
Mission III: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Fast Leveling Strategy
April 16, 2019


As the name implies, this series touches on leveling your monsters up. Not only that, it encourages higher rune quality placement and power-ups as well as a heavy focus on the Faimon stages. Faimon is generally seen as a benchmark for newer players, especially since you’ll be getting your very first Light & Darkness Scroll after clearing the final boss stage. Most of the missions in this stage are a lot more difficult than in Mission II, so don’t burn yourself out trying to rush it (Psst did you get the pun? Faimon? Fire? No? Well. I tried).

1. Clearing Faimon Volcano


– Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Normal) with only 1 of your monsters (No friends rep)
– Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Normal) with 1 of your monsters AND 3 Monsters that are Level 1 in Auto (No friends rep)

– 1 Mystical Scroll
– A complete set of 4* Vampire runes (Slot 1 to 4) and Revenge runes (Slot 5 and 6)

Other Information
First off, it seems that there are many people who do not understand what exactly needs to be done for the Faimon missions here. I’d just point out that every single Faimon-related Mission here requires you to clear the Path stage of Faimon Volcano, where depending on the mission will require you to complete Normal, Hard or Hell.
Faimon Path

Alright, now that with have that out of the way. Let’s talk about Faimon Volcano! This Scenario area, specifically the Path stage is typically considered one of the best places for fodder leveling in the entire game. The low HP of the Sieqs and Raoqs allow quite a number of Water monsters to make quick-work of them, making for some of the fastest possible EXP runs!

While the Scenario areas past Faimon Volcano certainly gives more EXP, the overall time taken to kill the much tankier monsters makes all but Aiden Forest Outer Wall (For Wind Monsters) and Chiruka Remains Outer Wall (For specific monsters like Trevor impractical to use. Furthermore, Faimon Volcano has the best return on Mana for each energy spent! That being said, obtaining a good Faimon farmer is no easy feat, especially for most newer players, due to the high damage the monsters can put out, as well as the trash wave’s armor breaks and the main boss Sieq’s attack and critical rate buff.

If you’re having any issues with this particular mission, you’ll need to either upgrade the Rune quality of your water monsters like Lapis, or try to obtain any accessible fodder farmer you can find! Our website has a great selection of Fodder Farmers, so just look for a Water-monster here that you can get. For farmable options, I recommend using monsters like Susano or Veromos for this, since they’re extremely easy to obtain.

If you’re impatient, another alternative is to use the Revive option (which cost 10 crystals). It’ll still complete the mission, but I don’t recommend it since it’s crucial for you to be saving up your crystals for Premium Packs at this point of the game. Just take it as a milestone! If you’re able to clear the first mission, the next one should be really straightforward! Just do the exact same thing, but bring three Level 1 monsters. You get a nifty set of Vampire and Revenge runes, which I honestly recommend giving it to your fodder farmer right now to make everything easier.

2. Using the EXP Booster


– Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Normal) with 1 of your monsters while the EXP Booster is activated (No friends rep)

– 100,000 Mana Stones

Other Information
Another key mechanic many RPGs have are 2x EXP Boosters. I don’t think I need to spend anytime explaining what these are, since they’re very self-explanatory. Summoner’s War general gives out EXP Boosters for in-game events or when you reach certain milestones in the game like leveling your first 6* or on Day 21 of the Daily Check-in (Monthly Event). You can also purchase EXP Booster from the Special section of the Glory Shop, but it’s not worth it at all. There are also events known as “Burning Time” that basically gives a server-wide 2x EXP Boost too, which is extremely useful for newer players, so keep on a lookout for those! And to clarify since it probably crossed your mind, the server-wide EXP Boost does not stack with any actual Boosters you use, so don’t waste them.

This mission is identical to the previous two. You only need to clear the Faimon Volcano Path stage while the 2x EXP Booster is active (You can activate it by going to your Gift Box and click “Use”. Note that there are expiry dates though!

TIP: If you don’t have an EXP Booster right now. You can obtain one from the 4* Full Set reward (Located at the other branch of the Mission Tree)
EXP Booster

3. Maxing your Monsters Level


– Level 3 3* Monster all the way to its MAX level (25)
– Level 4 4* Monster all the way to its MAX level (30)

– 2 Mystical Scrolls
– 3 3* MAX level Rainbowmons

Other Information
If you’ve read the previous Mission series, you should have an idea on what you’ll need to do here. Fortunately, this one isn’t anywhere as taxing as the other! You should still have the EXP Booster activated for clearing the previous Mission, so take some time to level up your monsters. Players who are having difficulty clearing any of the Scenario stages reliably should make use of a Rep (Representative) Monster. Durand’s rep, Laika, is an extremely powerful monster, so at the very least you have one reliable Rep Monster.
Rep Monster

You can get more by adding other people in the game, where your friend’s Rep Monsters will be available for your use once a day. These rep monsters are available for use in any Scenario Area and Cairos Dungeon. They are NOT available anywhere else. Rift of Worlds, the Dimensional Rifts and any PvP Content have the Rep option disabled. This will reset at Server Time Midnight, so try to clear up all your Rep Monsters by then to fully capitalize on it! One tip I can offer is to always activate your 12-hour EXP Booster so that there’s enough time poured onto the next day, allowing you to use two complete sets of Rep Monsters. For those unaware, you can set your own Rep Monster in the Options of each Monster Page too.
Setting Rep Monster

Take advantage of whatever Rainbowmons you might have to evolve and level up your monsters to the pre-requisite levels (it’s mentioned above in the Action tab). Take your time in leveling though, you shouldn’t tire yourself out. If you’re out of monsters to level up, consider leveling either fodder to evolve your core monsters, or fusion monsters to coincide with your next 4* or 5* Fusion Monster!

4. Rune Placement and Upgrading


– Equip 6 4* or higher Runes on 1 monster (Rune-set doesn’t matter)
– Reach + 9 on all 6 4* Runes that are equipped (Will also work on any Monster with a complete rune set with at least 4* rune quality. Just upgrade any rune and the mission will be completed)
– Equip 6 5* or higher Runes on 1 monster (Rune-set doesn’t matter)
– Reach + 12 on all 6 5* Runes that are equipped (Will also work on any Monster with a complete rune set with at least 5* rune quality. Just upgrade any rune and the mission will be completed)

– 1 12-hour EXP Booster
– 100 Energy
– 5 2* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 2 4* MAX level Rainbowmons

Other Information
At this point of the game you should already have a rough understanding on what runes do. You may not necessarily be able to differentiate between a good and a bad rune yet, but the core understanding of how to equip each rune set, powering them up and their qualities should be there. If not, the website here has a lovely detailed rune guide that you can check out.

The first mission should be a cinch since you can get an excellent set of Vampire and Revenge runes from the “Auto Battle in Volcano (Normal)” Mission. Like I said, just equip them on your fodder farmer and you’re set! Once that’s done, just upgrade all 6 slots to + 9 on the same monster! It’ll cost some mana, especially if you’re unlucky, but it wouldn’t take that long. Hopefully some of the rune rolls will go your way and you can get yourself a very respectable set of farming runes here! For more experienced players looking to clear this mission, if you already have a monster with 6 4* or higher runes equipped, you can just do an upgrade to complete this mission, even if all the runes are past + 9.

On the other hand, the 5* rune equipping mission is significantly harder than 4* since the game hasn’t given you a good set of 5* runes yet. For newer players, you have three realistic options of getting them. You can

  • Wait for 5* or 6* runes from the Magic Shop (Which can take quite sometime to get some good runes)
  • Begin work on your Giant’s Keep team
  • Use your Rep monsters to bring you all the way to the end of Chiruka Ruins, where the reward for clearing the boss is a sweet 5* Rune Pick Ticket Chiruka Ruins

In terms of efficiency, the most practical option is definitely the second. A solid Giant’s Keep team is extremely essential, pretty much for the rest of your Summoner’s War career. The final set of Missions V: Giant’s Keep Master, will cover that. Alternatively, you can check out the essential Giant’s Keep Guide. After you secure yourself with some good 5* runes, come back here and complete the Missions! The power-ups to +12 will cost around 1 million mana stones in total, so be prepared to fork out a bit of your reserves for this.

5. Clearing Faimon Volcano Advanced


– Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Hard) with only 1 of your monsters (No friends rep)
– Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Hell) with only 1 of your monsters (No friends rep)

– 3 Mystical Scrolls
– 1 Light & Darkness Scroll

Other Information
The last two missions here are essentially the same as the start, so we’ve gone a full circle back to this. Thankfully, the game has segmented it out properly to force you to have a decent number of 5* monsters and 5* runes before you can even attempt to complete this mission. You should also have some progress towards your Glory Buildings by now, which helps a TON in clearing PvE content, especially for newer players. Like the previous mission, if you still have any difficulties clearing this, you can sacrifice some of your crystals to constantly Revive throughout the stage until you reach the end. Just make sure to stick to Auto mode to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

However, this reward is definitely worth it. Clearing Faimon Volcano Path (Hard) will net you three solid Mystical Scrolls, while Hell will give you a rare Light & Darkness Scroll for a minute chance of getting an exclusive Natural 4* or 5* Light or Dark monster! Some of the monsters here offer some of the most unique skill sets in the game, so I wish you all the best getting them.

Summarized Rewards

– 100 Energy
– 100,000 Mana Stones
– A complete set of 4* Vampire runes (Slot 1 to 4) and Revenge runes (Slot 5 and 6)
– 1 12-hour EXP Booster
– 5 2* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 3 3* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 2 4* MAX level Rainbowmons
– 6 Mystical Scrolls
– 1 Light & Darkness Scroll


This set of missions will help you make some good progress on your account! For the final two Mission series, we’ll be heading towards the place you’ll be spending the rest of your game at, Cairos Dungeons! The dungeons here are paramount in getting all of your runes, monster pieces and awakening essences. You can think of the rest of Scenario stages as just fodder leveling and Mission clearing now (remember there’s still 4 more Scenario areas after Faimon Volcano). I’ll be covering a general guide for each of the Hall of Elements for the next series, so click the link below to find out more.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and as always, if there’s any mistakes you’d like to point out here, or if there’s any feedback or suggestions, post it down in the comments below!

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    I’m having an issue with the mission needing 4 4* monsters at highest level. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but I had several mons, Rainbowmons excluded, at that point, a few of them reaching that point after that mission was unlocked, but it says that it’s not done, even though it automatically did the 3* one right before immediately. Does anyone know why this is?

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      Just to be clear, you should Max 4 4* mons to level 30 after the quest is opened. if you still can’t claim the reward bonus, better report it to Com2Us support via Hive. They can fix it for you. 🙂

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    Same problem, but I’m using the same monster. Help?

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    For this mission
    Clear Faimon Volcano Path (Normal) with 1 of your monsters AND 3 Monsters that are Level 1 in Auto Mode (no friends rep)

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    2. finish Path (Normal) – VOLCANO MAP


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    2. finish Path (Normal) – VOLCANO MAP

    Do you need to set to Auto Mode? How to do it?

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