Mission IV: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Daily Dungeon Tips

by Scepter on April 14, 2017
Mission IV: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Daily Dungeon Tips
April 16, 2019


Welcome to the 3rd installment of the series! We’re now moving away from the “Story Mode” of the game, if you’d want to call it that, and cover arguably the most important area of the game – The Cairos Dungeon. It holds almost everything you’ll need, from Awakening essences to the end all be all runes of the game.

This guide will be covering on the former, which is a thorough walk through on the five different elemental halls! These areas are key in obtaining all the essences you need to awaken your monsters, as well as the chance of finding some Secret Dungeons to add some new monsters to your collection. Each of the elemental halls have their own gimmick that forces you to bring certain monsters for the stage, so let’s get right onto it.

1. Strategy Information Overview


– View the “Monsters Used” in the Hall of Magic or Hall of Element Page

– 10,000 Mana Stones

Other Information
While the Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair and Necropolis have varying elements to each of the floors, the essence halls all have a fixed element. If you’ve ever wondered before, the Hall of Magic, which holds a permanent spot in Cairos, is a Light element too. Here are the day availability of each of the Hall of Elements. They’ll change at the stroke of midnight the day before on whatever your Server Time is based on. Also, note that any Secret Dungeons activated before midnight will still be active, as well as any runs that got carried over to the day after.

  • Hall of Light: Sunday
  • Hall of Dark: Monday
  • Hall of Fire: Tuesday
  • Hall of Water: Wednesday
  • Hall of Wind:Thursday

I’ll be starting off with the Hall of Fire first since the 3 main elements have to be conquered before you can begin on the Hall of Light or Dark. For the three main elements, most of the missions are extremely straightforward, you’ll only need to clear the floor without a friend’s help, that’s it. While the main bosses all have the same attack skills, some have additional passives to make it more challenging, and some have a tower.

For the first actual mission, the in-game text is extremely vague in saying “Strategy Info”, but it’s basically just taking a look at what are some of the most popular monsters used for each of the different stages. All of the main Cairos Dungeons (Not counting any special event Dungeons or Secret Dungeons) have their own “Monsters Used” Page detailing the most used monsters for each of the floors between 5 and 10. You only need to open the “Monsters Used” tab after clicking the Hall of Magic or Hall of Elements and you’re done with this mission!

Monsters Used

2. Hall of Fire


– Clear Hall of Fire B3 (No friend reps)
– Use any cleanser in the game to remove the Bomb effect applied from the Tower
– Clear Hall of Fire B5 (No friend reps)
– Clear Hall of Fire B7 in Auto Mode (No friend reps)

– 1 Awakened 2* Water Garuda (Konamiya)
– 20 Mid Fire Essences
– 20 Mid Magic Essences
– 10 High Fire Essences

Other Information
The first Hall of Element is Fire, and the most noteworthy attribute for this is the lethal 3-turn AoE bomb strapped onto your team by the left tower. It’s almost impossible for your monster to actually survive the bomb unless you’re clearing a stage much lower than your actual rune quality, so you need to be careful about it! This is probably the first time you’ll encounter the Bomb debuff, so if you’d need a better understanding of that as well as the other buffs and debuffs in the game, the website offers a guide for that. Depending on the stage, the right tower will have its own ability too.
Hall of Fire Right Tower

While the right tower does seem intimidating, they’re nowhere near as potent as the left one. Think of the left tower as a timer for the stage. If you’re unable to kill the boss before the tower gets a move off AND 3-turns pass, you lose! Fortunately, it is extremely slow, so you definitely will have some time to clear it before then!

Alternatively, there is one way to clear the bomb debuff too, and that is through a cleanser. Some monsters offer an extremely useful and versatile “buff” known as a cleanse, which depending on its strength will either remove some or all of the debuffs applied to your monsters.

In terms of accessibility and overall usability, one of the best monsters for the job is Konamiya, the Water Garuda. He’s an extremely useful monster that works well past mid-game content, as well as end-game Real-Time Arena. The game is kind enough to bestow upon you an awakened one once you clear the first Hall of Fire mission, so you don’t have to worry about obtaining or awakening him yet. Alternatively, monsters like Lulu works fairly well if you’ve already built her, but she falls off pretty quickly in usage later on, so I don’t really recommend getting her past 4*.

Once you get Konamiya, the bombs will be much less of an issue. You just need to fill the rest of your other spots with strong healers to sustain through the fight, as well as decent damage monsters so that it won’t take too long to clear it. The second mission for this Mission Tree only requires your cleanser to remove the debuff after, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Water Garuda. Once you get a hang of it, the rest of the Hall of Fire missions here should be really straightforward. If you’re still struggling, you can always borrow a friend’s Rep Monster to clear it!

3. Hall of Water


– Clear Hall of Water B3 (No friend reps)
– Land at least one DoT debuff on the boss
– Clear Hall of Water B5 (No friend reps)
– Clear Hall of Water B7 in Auto Mode (No friend reps)

– 1 Awakened 2* Dark Salamander (Decamaron)
– 20 Mid Water Essences
– 20 Mid Magic Essences
– 10 High Water Essences

Other Information
Unlike the Hall of Fire, the Hall of Water is a lot more drawn out, with the boss having an absurdly high amount of HP thanks to his Passive, which increases it by 500% the base amount! This makes the Hall of Water boss to have the highest HP in the entire game, and is where some players like to play around with HP-scaling attacks to see some obscene numbers. Not only that, the boss also has an additional passive that slowly increases his damage the longer the fight last! The left tower in this dungeon will constantly apply an AoE unrecoverable effect on your monsters, making it difficult to sustain long fights. The right tower also has its own unique skills which you can see here.
Hall of Water Right Tower

The entire dungeon’s premise centers around favoring the boss for long-term fights, while making it more difficult for your own team to survive. With the Boss’ Annihilation passive, once your team gets to a low amount of health, he can easily chain a couple of attacks and cause a failed run. That said, the boss does have a huge weakness you can exploit, and that is Damage-over-Time (DoTs). DoTs will apply a fixed damage of 5% of the enemy’s health every time they get a turn off, meaning it works exponentially better against higher health targets!

You’ll get a Dark Salamander, Decamaron, as a reward. He’s a great monster for this since his 2nd Skill applies a 3-turn DoT, as well as an additional 5% damage based off the enemy’s HP due to his passive. He’s a welcome addition to most teams, especially for newer players lacking options! He’s definitely worth a build for now, but he isn’t really usable anywhere else in the future apart from Raids, so it’s up to you and your resources to see if he warrants a spot in your team. Other great options for DoTs includes Orochi, the Wind Ninja as well as the double Grim Reapers, Hemos and Thrain. Do note that Baretta, the Fire Sylph, while a powerful DoT machine in his own right, won’t work effectively here due to his Fire element.

Alternatively, you can work with enemy HP-scaling monsters like Marble, the Light Battle Mammoth, Lyn, the Light Amazon and Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix. However, these first two have EXTREMELY limited uses outside of the Hall of Water, so you can give them a pass.

Prioritize your team with a decent amount of sustain and focus the rest on monsters that can deliver a consistent amount of DoTs or HP-scaling monsters against the boss. Nukers aren’t as effective here apart from the trash waves due to the boss’ HP, so a full-team of supports or hybrids will work just fine. For other options apart from the ones recommend above, remember that you can always check the “Monsters Used” tab to see what other players are using. You almost must use DoTs over here to succeed, so the second mission shouldn’t be an issue.

4. Hall of Wind


– Clear Hall of Wind B3 (No friend reps)
– Land at least one Unrecovery debuff on the boss
– Clear Hall of Wind B5 (No friend reps)
– Clear Hall of Wind B7 in Auto Mode (No friend reps)

– 1 Awakened 2* Fire Harpu (Colleen)
– 20 Mid Wind Essences
– 20 Mid Magic Essences
– 10 High Wind Essences

Other Information
The 3rd and final main elemental hall is Wind. This dungeon’s unique point is the powerful heal coming off from the left tower. While the first 5 stages will have a heal that only heals a certain percentage, the last 5 will fully heal up the boss! As always, here are the right tower’s abilities.
Hall of Wind Right Tower

Pop quiz! What is the best way to counter heals? If you guess Unrecovery debuff, you’re right! Apart from the B9 of the Hall of Wind, the boss doesn’t have a tower that will cleanse him, so a good unrecovery debuffer will work wonders here.

Com2Us again has given an astounding monster here as a reward for clearing B3, and that’s Colleen. We have a very detailed right-up on her, so you’re more than welcome to check her out in more detail there. She’s arguably the best Natural 2* monster in the entire game, and with good reason. She’s amazing effective in Necropolis and Raids, two of the more end-game content. She also has a 31.25% AoE heal and 3-turn attack power buff on a 3-turn cool down when maxed, making her one of the best healers early on too. This Fire Harpu packs a huge punch in one small body, and is worth building by almost all players in the game.

Back to the Hall of Wind, Colleen’s 2nd Skill has a 2-turn unrecovery debuff, making her perfect for any team here. While there are other monsters that offer the debuff too, like Briand and Adrian, at this point there isn’t any other monster as progressive as Colleen here for newer players. You can get skillups for her from the Magic Shop and from Unknown Scrolls. Once you have a maxed out one, the rest of the missions for this Mission Tree should be a breeze.

5. Hall of Light


– Clear Hall of Light B3 (No friend reps)
– Enter any Light Secret Dungeon and Summon one monster using the Monster Pieces obtained (The Secret Dungeon can either be your own or from a friend)
– Clear Hall of Light B7 in Auto Mode (No friend reps)

– 1 Awakened 2* Light Imp (Taru)
– 20 Mid Light Essences
– 10 High Light Essences

Other Information
While the Hall of Water specialized in HP, the Hall of Light boss boasts defenses so high even the strongest nukers in the game will only deal a couple hundred damage to him in B10. Not only do you have to deal with that, but the left tower amplifies this by giving the already tanky Hall of Light Boss a constant defense buff! Like the other Halls, the right tower, on the other hand, will offer some pretty standard abilities.
Hall of Light Right Tower

This makes the Hall of Light boss an extremely formidable foe if you don’t bring the right monsters. Of course, the monsters most suitable in defeating a defensive monster like this are ignore-defense monsters! While standard armor breaks will already minimize the time taken to kill him, ignore-defense attacks are pretty much the fastest and most efficient way you can clear this dungeon!

There are a notable number of ignore-defense monsters that works perfectly well here, including the infamous Lushen, the Wind Joker, Bulldozer, the Fire Frankenstein and of course the Mission reward, Taru, the Light Imp. Taru’s a powerful monster early on, but past mid-game he isn’t anything more than a fun toy to play with. If you have other options you can give him a pass, but if not, he’s definitely worth a consideration. All these monsters are very practical here, but you have to make do with what you get, and Lushen’s one of the most coveted Natural 4* monsters in the game, so it isn’t really easy to get him unless luck is on your side.

One of the biggest pluses of using ignore-defense monsters in the lack of need of a reliable armor breaker. Sure, it will help, but it’s not nearly a must compared to the other Hall of Elements. Your team here should consist of a healer for sustain and maybe an attack buffer like Colleen or Megan, the Water Mystic Witch, to maximize the damage of your ignore-defense monster. If you’re using Bulldozer, Randy, the Fire Bounty Hunter, or Imesety, the Wind Horus, will work just fine. After that, the rest of your team should be ignore-defense monsters to minimize the speed times.

Interestingly, one of the missions here calls for you to find a Secret Dungeon and clear it, which isn’t anywhere as similar to the previous three unique mission. Secret Dungeons in Summoner’s War is one of the best ways to obtain a specific monster. While Unknown Scrolls and Mystical Scrolls draw from a large pool of monsters, you’re guaranteed to get the monster you want from a Secret Dungeon, provided you get enough Monster Pieces from it!

Secret Dungeon Monsters Info
The Secret Dungeon has a total of 10 stages, each with a different number of Normal and Awakened monsters. In the final stage, there’ll be a boss version of the Secret Dungeon monster. Like other bosses, he or she can’t be stunned or oblivion, so do watch out!
Secret Dungeon Monster Progression

Drop Information
Of course, the greater the number of stages you clear, the more summoning pieces you’ll get. Certain stages will also have an additional chance of giving you another piece.
Additional Pieces

Secret Dungeons have a chance to be used as a reward when clearing the Hall of Light or as a crafting recipe in the Craft Building. You can then obtain a Monster featured on the Secret Dungeon by getting the necessary number of Monster Pieces in clearing the dungeon. Alternatively, any Secret Dungeon your friend finds can be entered by you too, but only if you’re the first 10 people in his or her friend’s list to enter the dungeon. You have one hour to get as many pieces as you can or want from the time the Secret Dungeon is rewarded. You CAN’T pick a specific monster to use as a Secret Dungeon. Once you get the necessary number of Monster Pieces, you can just head over to your Summoning Circle and get it! You’ll finish the mission once you complete this action.

TIP: Secret Dungeons have some of the best Mana per Energy returns in the game. If you’re low on Mana, you can always find a 2* Secret Dungeon (which cost less to enter) and farm all that you need!
Secret Dungeon

Monster Pieces

Summoning One

6. Hall of Dark


– Clear Hall of Dark B3 (No friend reps)
– Fuse one Mid Dark Essence using 10 Low Dark Essence at the Fuse Center
– Clear Hall of Dark B7 in Auto Mode (No friend reps)

– 1 Awakened 2* Wind Yeti (Rakaja)
– 20 Mid Dark Essences
– 10 High Dark Essences

Other Information
Lastly, we’re at the Hall of Dark! Unlike the rest of the Hall of Elements, this dungeon is one of the more straightforward ones. Both towers offers the exact same debuff, which is an AoE 3-turn DoT.
Hall of Dark Right Tower

As long as you’re able to deal with the continuous DoTs placed on you in the boss stage, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with this. Bear in mind that both the towers AND the Boss has a strong chance of AoE DoTs on your team. Your best bet here is to either bring a cleanser like Konamiya, or Will-buffers like Delphoi, the Wind Undine or Draco, the Fire Brownie Magician. Beyond that, you just need a strong AoE healer + nuker team in your Hall of Dark runs.

The rewarded monster for this, Rakaja, the Wind Yeti, is an excellent healer early on, but gets outshined by plenty of other monsters in the game. You can build him, but I’d say just give him a pass. Colleen and Konamiya are more than enough at the start. Besides that, as I said this dungeon is by far the simplest among the 5, so there isn’t much else I can talk about here.

For the second mission of this Mission Tree, you’ll just need to fuse 10 of your Low Dark Essence to 1 Mid Dark Essence. This process, while costly, can help you save valuable time in the future. You can also do the same for 10 Mid Essence to 1 High Essence for 50,000 Mana Stones. This is great early on when you have issues clearing the higher levels of the Hall of Elements, which is where the illusive High Elements used for Natural 4* and 5* Monsters are found. However, I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re missing just one or two of them or if you have an abundance of mana lying around. The cost stacks up a lot, which can pose a problem early-game when efficient mana farming isn’t as obtainable.
Crafting Essence

7. Monster Awakening


– Awaken any Natural 4* Monster or higher

– 150 Summoning Stones

Other Information
Compared to all the other missions, this is so simple it hurts. If you’ve completed Mission II: Monster Training 101 already, this is very simple. All the rewards for Mission IV were just bucket loads of essences for you, so you definitely have more to spare right now. Use them to awaken any Natural 4* or 5* monster in the game, and you’ll get 150 Summoning Stones in return for your efforts.
Lapis Awakening

Summarized Rewards

– 10,000 Mana Stones
– 1 Awakened 2* Water Garuda (Konamiya)
– 1 Awakened 2* Dark Salamander (Decamaron)
– 1 Awakened 2* Fire Harpu (Colleen)
– 1 Awakened 2* Light Imp (Taru)
– 1 Awakened 2* Wind Yeti (Rakaja)
– 20 Mid Fire / Water / Wind / Light / Dark Essences (One set each)
– 10 High Fire / Water / Wind / Light / Dark Essences (One set each)
– 60 Mid Magic Essences
– 150 Summoning Stones


That wraps up this set of Missions! By now you should have a good understanding of what is needed to clear each of the dungeons, as well as a better idea on what Secret Dungeons and fusing is all about. I’d like to point out that the Hall of Elements are nowhere near as important as the big 3 (Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair and Necropolis). While you can experiment around in your free time, I highly recommend not building monsters specifically for each of the Hall of Elements. You’ll only need to farm them to awaken your monsters, be it core or for fusion. The other 99% of your time, energy and resources spent in the game will be on the other PvP and PvE content in the game.

We’ll now move on to the last and most rewarding of the Missions! Click the link below for the fifth edition of the guide. (Run-down of Mission V can be found here)

In-Depth Guide to the New Challenge Quests System (Overview)

Mission VI: An In-Depth Explanation and Walkthrough: Giant’s Keep Master

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    On the last stage…u have to awaken a default 4 star which means it is a monster that u get that is already a four star…not one u leveled up to 4 star. I did a 5 star vampire and it finally got me the reward.

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    Hey so I just completed hall of fire and only received a regular water garuda, not a loan. Does anyone know about this? The Giants keep missions gave me the awakened monsters and I was really looking forward to a kona! Please help.

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      What do you mean about loan? You get an awakened Konamiya (Water Garuda) upon completing Hall of Fire B3

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