The Monster Guide of Monsters: 3, 4, and 5* Mons

by VoxGens on April 3, 2019
The Monster Guide of Monsters: 3, 4, and 5* Mons
April 30, 2019

This is part two of the two-part guide, “The Monster Guide of Monsters”. Part 1 covers General Rules of Thumb, 1* Monsters, and 2* Monsters, and can be found here. Chapter 2 covers 3*, 4*, and 5* Monsters.

As I mentioned in Chapter 1, monsters with a higher base star level generally have better base stats. There were very few 1 and 2* mons worth talking about, but there are many 3, 4, and 5* mons that can play at least a niche role somewhere in the game. I think it’s important to once again point out that runes are much more important than mons in all aspects of the game. Some mons will decrease the rune requirements for certain areas (e.g. Verde in DB10), but farming better runes will take you a lot farther than 6\*ing more and more mons. Take a look at our GB10 and DB10 guides for more info on how to start farming those sweet sweet runes. And now, on to the monsters!


3* Monsters

Many nat 3* mons can play niche roles in the game, and many will be key members of your teams for a long time. The elemental nat 3* mons are still very common, and you’re almost guaranteed to eventually find all of the key ones below. Some LnD nat 3*s are some of the most sought after in the game, and you should count yourself lucky if you find the ones below. Always keep at least one copy of every non-farmable Nat 3*+ LnD mon.

3* PvE Mons


  • Adrian: Adrian brings great utility and damage to NB10, which (besides World Boss) is pretty much the only place you’ll ever use him.
  • Ardella: Ardella shines in Raids, but that’s about it. Like Adrian, Ardella is very good at what she does, but she plays a very specialized role.
  • Basalt: One of the most sought after mons in the game, Basalt brings one of the best skill sets of any mon to TOAH lineup: S1 provoke, S2 team DEF buff + heal, S3 AOE 35% ATB decrease. Recommended Vio/x, SPD/HP%/HP% for TOAH, Basalt can also be runed to bring surprising damage with a DEF%/CD/DEF% build in PvP.
  • Belladeon: The Swiss Army Knife of support mons, you will bring Belladeon almost everywhere in your Summoners War career. Bella brings 100% DEF break on S1, strip on S2, and heal + ATB boost on S3. Belladeon is the most useful mon of the “Light Trio”.
  • Bernard: The fastest mon with a ATB boost + SPD buff in one skill, Bernard is a mainstay in speedy Arena teams and beginners GB10 teams. Bernard also brings a single target ATK+DEF break for additional utility.
  • Darion: The Light Vagabond brings great utility and damage reduction, and is a standard +1 for beginner’s GB10 teams. Darion is also useful later on in Raids.
  • Dona: A 3-turn CD cleanse + ATB boost on S3 makes Dona a potentially great addition to your Raids team.
  • Hellea: Hellea brings a brand on S3 to, with the right timing, help speed up your NB10 team.
  • Hemos: Other than being fusion food for Mikene, Hemos is only good for one thing: non-glancing DOTs in TOA.
  • Lucasha: Most NB10 teams are fire heavy, and Lucasha brings a +30% Fire ATK leader plus multi-hit skills and debuffs. The poor mans Shihwa (but a hell of a lot easier to skill up).
  • Mantura: My TOA wet dream, Mantura brings AOE slow, AOE DEF break, and AOE DOTs, with HP scaling damage (i.e. get tankier, do more damage).
  • Mav: S1 stun, S2 non-glancing provoke + self-heal, S3 AOE 1-debuff cleanse + 1-turn skill CD reduction + SPD buff. This guy was made for TOA. Put him on Violent, make him the slowest mon on your team.
  • Megan: While also useful in PvP, Megan’s main purpose is to bring a second strip and important buffs to your DB10 face team.
  • Neal: A TOAH one-trick pony. When partnered with Michelle (or another buff-extending mon) and Mav, Neal can solo-tank dark mons forever.
  • Spectra: Another TOA staple, Spectra can also be used in DB10 and PvP when you need to slow the enemy mons down.
  • Talc: Should I have just made a “TOA” section? Talc should be your go-to tank vs Wind MKs on the Arta level. Bringing provoke on S1 and DEF buff + heal on S2, Talc is great in TOA, can be your +1 in beginner’s GB10 and DB10 teams, and can be used in GWO with Copper or Bulldozer.
  • Thrain: DOTs and stuns make Thrain a fun toy for TOA.
  • Woonhak: One of the very few mons people will advise you to not awaken, Woonhak is excellent in TOA. You don’t want to awaken Woonhak because he gains +15% CR, and CR is bad in TOA due to passives (e.g. Jultan, Rina)
  • Zinc: One day I’ll make a TOA team of all dark mons… Zinc can also be used in Raids.


3* PvP Mons


  • Bulldozer: A common GWO mon combined with Copper and a DEF buffer, Bulldozer brings damage and CC to the 3v3 battlefront.
  • CopperAnother common GWO mon, Copper ignores defense with his S3 when a targets defense is less than 50% of your defense. Buff coppers defense with a DEF lead (e.g. Chloe, Delphoi, Xiong Fei) and/or DEF buff (e.g. Megan, Talc), and DEF break your enemy to guarantee you have more DEF.
  • Driller: Even though Driller is thirsty for stats, he has the potential to deal 1280% of his DEF in damage with his S3.
  • Ellena: The only 2-turn freeze in the game, plus decent base ATK and an ignore defense move.
  • Ermeda: Can tank fire mons for days.
  • Eshir: Team buffing, enemy stripping, tanky-as-hell HP based DD.
  • Groggo: Literally can’t take more than 20% of his max HP in damage per hit. Can stun and self-buff. Use to great effect in GWO.
  • Jamie: Cleanse + ATK buff. Can potentially ignore defense with S1.
  • Jultan: Reflects damage when hit with a critical hit. Stat hungry, but can be really good (especially in GW).
  • KabillaKabilla is the third fastest mon in SW (and the fastest mon with an AOE ATB boost). Her S3 gives your team a +30% ATB boost and a 50% chance of resisting a critical hit.
  • KahliWith 878 base attack and a single target ignore defense S2, Kahli can kill the threat on the enemy AD or GWD.
  • Purian: Purian’s S3 grants an AOE +50% ATB boost + 30% CR buff.
  • Racuni: Cleanse, heal, ATB fill + SPD buff. Pair this guy with Khmun on GWD to make people cry, or give your DD another turn on offense.
  • Randy: Randy isn’t as popular because he doesn’t bring an ATB boost, but CR+DEF buffs combined with Copper/Bulldozer can bring some serious pain to your GWO.
  • Sahara: Really just brought for the revive. Build him with as much HP as possible.
  • Tagaros: Tagaros might be squishy, but he has the same base ATK as Zaiross. Tagaros is your go-to budget fire AOE nuker for PvP.
  • Tractor: Cannot be DEF broken. Bring in GWO or AO to tank Wind damage and CC the enemy mons.
  • Wayne: One speed slower than Bernard, he brings the same ATB boost + SPD buff with a more offensive focused kit.
  • Zinc: “What? But Zinc is in your PvE list?” Yeah, he’s that good. Pair him with Akha to load up the debuffs and deal massive damage, or use him to counter those pesky Rina‘s with a 2-turn beneficial effect block debuff.


3* Niche Mons


  • Ahman: One of the sought after “Light Trio” mons, Ahman is not my favorite mon. Ahman requires high HP, 100% CR, and SPD to be effective (stats that are difficult for new players to meet). More experienced players with a deeper pool of mons will find him lackluster in comparison to some of the nat 4*s out there (e.g. Chasun, Emma). In my opinion, Ahman just isn’t worth the time. If you are looking for a +1 for GB10, I’d suggest Darion or Konamiya over Ahman in a heartbeat.
  • Baekdu: The Light Beast Hunter brings a 100% single target 2-turn silence, great vs. someone like Tiana or Zaiross in PvP, but he plays a very specific function. He also brings a HP destroy S1 and a ATB steal S3, which could be useful, but is, again, very niche for PvP.
  • Camules: You will only use him to soak up light damage in TOAH, but he’s great at his job. Bring him vs the Zaiross + 2 x Akroma stage.
  • Cassandra: A decent early game fire DD with a multitude of debuffs. Cassandra can be used late game on Despair, and can be useful in clearing Secret Dungeons (SDs) due to her two AOE skills.
  • Ellin: Four hits, each hit with an 85% chance to reduce ATB by 15%. Did I mention it’s AOE?
  • Fairo: The poor man’s Baretta. But really, just fuse Baretta already.
  • Gunpyeong: I only bring up this monster because the Taoists are skill-up hungry. Do not waste feeding Gunpyeong, the only elemental 3* in the family, to non-Taoist mons. Other than this guy, all of the Taoists are worth building.
  • Kai’en: A non-glancing 100% AOE provoke + self-DEF buff on a 3-turn CD. Add in single target DEF and ATK break skills, and this guy is actually pretty good for TOA (especially boss levels).
  • Krakdon: I’ve seen some people use a non-awakened Fire Salamander in TOA for the ATK break, slow, and 50% ATB reduce, but base stats are an issue and there are other options out there.
  • Kroa: Tied for the third fastest mon in SW (with Kabilla and Bethony), Kroa is like a mini-Ariel+Verde. ATB control and weak heals, he’s an OK looking mon, just not exactly worth building anytime soon (mine sits unused, 5* awakened in storage).
  • Kumae: HP scaling damage, slows, and self-ATB boost when attacked. Paired with tanky DDs and healers, can be very annoying, but requires good runes.
  • Kuna: For those who haven’t pulled Galleon or Luer, Kuna brings a 2-turn DEF break and some CC.
  • Luan: I only mention Luan because his kit allows him to farm Faimon Hell slowly. I wouldn’t bother though; you’re better off just farming Hard with Water Magic Knight.
  • Lusha: Decent HP and DEF base stats with self-heal and HP based damage. Could be a decent damage soak if you wanted to spend the time building, but not recommended for newer players.
  • Mara: Only mentioned because of her anti-revive S3.
  • Marble: Marble is like the HP DD version of Basalt, without the heal+DEF buff.
  • Michelle: A commonly summoned reviver with decent base stats. Commonly paired with Neal and Mav in TOA to cheese certain stages with hard-hitting dark mons.
  • Prom: Prom would be a lot more attractive if he wasn’t so damn slow (91 SPD), squishy, and if his modifiers were higher.
  • Ragion: Built-in revenge with self-buffs and single-target CC. Ragion can be annoying if you aren’t prepared.
  • Raoq: Raoq is a noob trap for beginners, but can be effective in an NB10 team. If you’re a new player looking for a farmer, stick with your Water Magic Knight.
  • Rina: Rina can stall / slow down people attacking you in Arena, especially during rush hour. Hard countered by Isis and Tesarion.
  • Sath: People like to show how fast their Sath’s can clear Faimon 1 Hell, but he requires pretty awesome runes and isn’t worth building for new players.
  • Sera: Like Adrian, a fully skilled Sera is great in NB10. Unlike Adrian, acquiring a fully skilled Sera is a pain in the ass. You need 800 Guild Points (GP) just for the 1/3 chance of pulling Sera, plus another 11,200 GP to fully skill her. Not worth the time (or GP).
  • Seren: Seren is actually a pretty good, easy to skill up, option for NB10. Don’t be fooled by her S3; it does not work like Tarq’s (which reduces skill CD on allies that attack with him), but it’s still decent.
  • Shaffron: I always find the Light Imp Champ annoying as hell in TOA because he can really do some damage. Not the best base ATK, but could be surprisingly strong.
  • Shailoq: With ATB control and S1 strip, Shailoq can be decent in DB10.
  • ShrenAnother ignore DEF High Elemental with a unique S3. GWO possibility.
  • Shumar: Dark mon with decent damage for PvP.
  • Sia: ATB control and debuffs. Another NB10 option.
  • Silver: DEF based DD with decent debuffs for Raids.
  • Sonora: Reduces incoming damage and returns damage.
  • Teon: Your free reviver from com2us. Don’t feed this guy, he’s actually got decent base stats and can be used as your reviver in DB10 and TOAH.
  • Varus: Self-sustaining SPD DD for PvP and TOA.
  • Vigor: Under-rated, decent in PvP, build him tanky with ATK% subs and SPD.
  • WalkersReset enemy skill CDs. Perna/Theo counter.


3* Fusion Mons



4* Monsters

Some of the best and most sought after mons are nat 4*s. They play an important role in most summoners’ teams, and are critical for progression. I’m going to highlight some of the most useful and some of the best nat 4* mons you’ll come across in Summoners War, but this is by no means a complete list.


4* PvE Mons


  • Aria: Solid TOA unit. Should be on Despair.
  • Baretta: King of TOA. Most people put Baretta on Despair, but you can also put him on Violent.
  • Bethony: Bethony can bring some pretty sick damage to compliment her debuffs. Good DD for Raids, but not as good as other choices (e.g. Xiao Lin).
  • Briand: One of the best revivers in the game. TOAH, HOH, beginners GB10 and DB10. Put on Despair for TOA.
  • Chamie: Looks like she would be pretty decent for raids (HP disturb on S1, gets stronger the longer a fight goes on). Could also be used in a tanky GW lineup.
  • Chilling: A reliable stripper for DB10.
  • Delphoi: Pair with Copper on GWO, or bring to Raids for Cleanse+Immunity+Heal. Can also counter Perna and skill reliant mons with her S2.
  • Dias: Decreases the chance of receiving a critical hit and reduces incoming damage by 15% for all teammates. Raid front-liner and potential leader.
  • Emma: She needs skill ups to be truly great, but she’s an excellent healer that brings DEF buff and glancing debuff.
  • Fedora: Another great Raid mon, Fedora protects all allies from death, cleanses, and grants immunity along with bringing solid debuffs.
  • Fuco: A non-awakened 5* Wind Lich can solo farm Aiden 1 Hell with mediocre runes. Max skilled and runed out, he’s a solid tanky, self-sustaining DD that brings a slow for NB10 and Raids.
  • Galleon: Pretty shit without skill ups, but Galleon is hands-down one of the most desired mons in the game. He’ll help you made speedy B10 teams and improve your PvP ranking big time.
  • Gildong: When paired with Spectra, you can manual almost all of TOAH.
  • Grego: Fuco with more damage.
  • Hwa: Brings some of the best ATB control in the game and significant damage. B10 teams, Raids, and TOA.
  • Hwadam: A passive revive with no CD. Just throw him on every auto team and watch them succeed.
  • Hwahee: Although not as desirable as her Wind and Water sisters, Hwahee can be used in NB10 and is great for the Elemental Raids.
  • Iona: One of the best revivers in the game (grants 60% HP and a 3-turn DEF buff).
  • Jojo: His only real use outside of Sig fusion and Lushen food is in a TOA bomber team.
  • Lapis: Your first 4* mon! Don’t underestimate Lapis. Since her buff, she’s an even better farmer for new players.
  • Lisa: One of the best Raid cleansers in the game.
  • Lumirecia: The self-sustain is real. She can solo-DB10.
  • Mihyang: A semi-cleanse, heal, and decent damage. Bring her to Raids.
  • Mikene: Other than being fusion food for Veromos and Katarina, Mikene can be fused as a reviver and single-target CC machine if given enough CR. Her base stats leave much to be desired, though. Teon has better base HP and DEF.
  • Ran: Like her fire sister, Ran brings some great ATB control and decent damage.
  • Raviti: Another great cleanser for Raids.
  • Reno: One of com2us’ most recent additions to Summoners War, Reno may be RNG incarnate, and RNG can be really strong.
  • Rigel: Great for Raids due to his immunity to freeze, stun, and sleep effects, Rigel also brings some decent damage (like Fuco and Grego)
  • Shihwa: Brings some serious heat to fire-heavy NB10 teams. A highly desirable leader there.
  • Stella: Stella brings a brand and stupid amounts of damage to speed B10 and Raid teams.
  • Tyron: Solid CC for TOA and PvP.
  • Verdehile: A very desirable mon for DB10 and HOH, Verde will give your team more turns than any other mon could.
  • Woochi: Known as a poor man’s Verad, Woochi is a pretty solid mon. AOE ATB reduction to 0. Two AOE attacks means Despair is the preferred set (though Violent is also an option).
  • Xiao Lin: The Water Kung Fu Girl brings some of the best damage to Raids of any mon in the game.


4* PvP Mons


  • Amarna: AOE cleanse, heal, and revive. Great for PvP, can also be used in PvE.
  • Amduat: ATB control and a 33% ATK leader for Arena.
  • Aquila: 100% strip on S3, team ATK and CR buff on S2.
  • Avaris: Anti-revive vs Perna.
  • Betta: Tanky base stats, revive, immunity+heal+crit resist. Great support for your team in PvP and PvE (e.g. DB10).
  • Carrack: Single target fire nuker with DEF break and a random stun. The poor man’s Seara for eliminating a single target.
  • Chasun: One of the best healers in the game, sort of falls off late game when other monsters bring more to the table than just heals.
  • Chloe: AOE 1-turn invincibility + 2-turn immunity. Falls off as you climb the PvP ladder due to the prevalence of strippers.
  • Dova: ATB control to give your DD a second turn when speed tuned correctly. Probably not as beneficial as Kona, but still pretty good.
  • Dover: One of the best bombers, can also be used in TOA.
  • Draco: ATB boost + 2-turn immunity and AOE 1-turn DEF break.
  • Fei: Fei brings a 24% SPD lead in Arena and the potential for some pretty sick ignore DEF damage.
  • Frigate: Skill CD reduction + 50% ATB boost. Need I say more?
  • Galleon: No other monster brings a non-glancing AOE 2-turn DEF break + ATK buff in one move. He really needs his S3 maxed to be effective, but can be used in PvP and PvE to great effect.
  • Gemini: Can strip one buff and DEF break the enemy team in one move. Also brings a 19% SPD lead.
  • Guillaume: His passive gives him +50% CD and 50% crit resist. 780% ATK on S2, which also stuns if it’s a critical hit.
  • Hrungnir: Has the potential to clean up the entire enemy team if RNG is in your favor due to his S3.
  • Imesety: The much improved wind version of Randy. Pair with Copper and Delphoi.
  • Iris: AOE strip on first skill thanks to her passive. It also works on revene procs.
  • Isabelle: Self ATK+CR buff and gains another turn, then kills an enemy with S3 and gains another turn. Her S3 resets if anyone dies (your team or enemy team; does not apply if it’s her killing someone with her S3). High potential to wreck the enemy team.
  • Iunu: Can be used in GW, Raids, and NB10. Heal block, brand, and a passive self-revive that gives you +100% ATK power.
  • Izaria: 24% SPD lead, single target DD with some CC. Can also be used as a safe, but slow, farmer
  • Jean: Single target fire DD.
  • Julie: Deals significant AOE damage and brings a single target freeze on critical hit. Generally paired with Lushen to clear the enemy team before they can move.
  • Kaito: Make him a fast, single target nuker for greatest effect. Possibly Swift/Blade or Fatal/Blade, SPD/CD/ATK or ATK/CD/ATK with good SPD subs. At 180 SPD, Kaito’s S3 will deal 907% of his ATK stat. At 200 SPD, that jumps to 956%. Perna/Theo counter with skill reset.
  • Kamiya: High base ATK, high skill modifiers, great for PvP.
  • Karl: S3 ignores all damage reduction effects (including invincibility, but not damage reducing passives) and is guaranteed to land as a critical hit.
  • Khmun: 24% SPD lead in GW, self-sustaining, grants a shield to whoever has the lowest HP ratio on your team. Pair with Racuni to make people cry.
  • Liebli: He counterattacks 100% of the time, and those counterattacks reduce skill cooldowns. Bombs on bombs on bombs.
  • Luer: Recent buffs made him a much more viable choice. AOE ATK bar decrease + 2-turn DEF break. Lands as a crushing hit regardless of attribute.
  • Lushen: AOE ignore DEF S3 with 900 base attack. Brings a +33% ATK lead to Caiross, decreasing your clear times in B10 dungeons.
  • Malaka: Solid bomber with ATK+DEF break on S3. Can be great in PvP or in a TOA bomb team.
  • Mihael: Perna/Theo counter with skill reset. Heal + 3-turn DEF buff makes her a great support.
  • Mimirr: 24% SPD lead in GW, branding, DOTs, and ATB control.
  • Molly: Coulda been Betta. Molly’s passive is OP: increase enemy’s chance of landing a glancing hit by 20%. That’s regardless of element. Great in PvP.
  • Natalie: Another skill counter, albeit indirectly in the case of Theo and Perna.
  • Olivia: Great in GW, with ATB control, AOE DEF buff, glancing, and cleanse + ATB fill.
  • Orion: This guy is so damn annoying… Can strip, stun, DEF break, and block heal while providing a team 30% ATB boost.
  • Qebehsenuef: ATB control and an S3 that grants 2-turn ATK+CR buff and 1-turn invincibility. Pair with Katarina.
  • Shimitae: 24% SPD lead in Arena plus a solid single-target nuke and AOE glancing debuff.
  • Sige: High base attack and the potential to deal significant non-glancing damage due to being a Dark mon.
  • Soha: AOE cleanse and self-sustain. Pair with a water heavy team in AO (Soha (L), Galleon, Julie, +1)
  • Tablo: 24% SPD lead in Arena, boosts your team’s speed and decreases everyones ATB to 0 (can’t be resisted and ignores immunity), and can Stun or Slow the enemy team with S2. Great ATB control for Arena.
  • Taurus: A bomber with an AOE 1-turn increased skill cooldown (counter to Tiana, Perna, Theo, etc.)
  • Tosi: The light version of Sige.


4* Fusion Mons



5* Monsters

Nat 5* mons generally have the best base stats in the game, and all of them can fit into some role in the game. Below you’ll find a few of the most sought after nat 5* mons in the game, but this list in no way captures all of the useful or best mons.

I originally had separate “PvE” and “PvP” sections, but 5* mons really stand out for being great in both areas of the game. Some are definitely game changing in certain areas (e.g. Verad in TOAH), but I’ve simply combined the lists below. Check out our other guides on Arena, TOAHGB10, and DB10 for specific mon suggestions in those areas.


Occult_Girl_(Wind)_IconMonkey_King_(Fire)_IconDragon_(Water)_IconNeostone_Agent_(Dark)_IconChimera_(Light)_IconDragon_Knight_(Wind)_IconPioneer_(Fire)_IconPolar Queen (Water)Sea_Emperor_(Dark)_IconDesert_Queen_(Light)_IconPolar Queen (Wind)Beast_Monk_(Fire)_IconValkyrja_(Water)_IconOracle_(Dark)_Icon

  • Akhamamir: His S3 gains +30% damage for each harmful effect the enemy is suffering from, and it’s an AOE attack. Pair with Galleon and as many debuffs as you can land to deal some massive damage in PvP, or bring him as a +1 in your GB10 team to speed it up.
  • Akroma: Immune against all harmful effects, reduces the chance of allies receiving a critical hit, and brings a 2-turn silence.
  • Alicia: +44% ATK lead in Arena is pretty awesome. She gets another turn if she kills someone with her S3, does enemy-SPD scaling damage on S2, and can DEF break on S1. She can also clear Faimon 1 Hell consistently in 30 seconds or less.
  • Anavel: Good in PvE (Raids cleanser) and in PvP.
  • Asima: AOE DOTs on two skills + AOE DEF break. Great for TOA, put her on Despair.
  • Bastet: Great buffs and debuffs all around. Can also be used in TOA and Raids.
  • Cadiz: Branding ever turn. OP, you will use him everywhere if you pull him.
  • Camilla: Self–sustain, reduced incoming crit damage, and typically built fairly tanky. She can be annoying as hell to face, or she can hit like a wet noodle and you can ignore her until it’s 4v1. One possible counter to Camilla is Ramagos.
  • Charlotte: Sees the most use in TOA on Despair.
  • Chiwu: 24% SPD lead in Arena plus 100% AOE strip? Great mon for Arena.
  • Craka: Really only gets a mention because of her revive granting all skills off CD and the fact that she’s a Dark mon.
  • Elenoa: Decreases the skill CD of all allies by 2 turns. AOE ATK break + team shield. Seems pretty good to me.
  • Eludia: Second highest base ATK in the game and has an AOE strip.
  • Ethna: S3 is pretty decent for PvP.
  • Feng Yan: You know this guy is OP. If you’re struggling to kill this guy, try Kahli.
  • Ganymede: Attacks an enemy with an irresistible attack to put it’s skills on max CD and resets the ATB of all enemies to 0. Simply OP. Also great in TOA.
  • Giana: A Dark bomber with a strip + stun.
  • Hathor: AOE 75% ATB reduction +  2-turn sleep. Get out.
  • Isis: AOE Oblivion + Silence. One of only two mons with Oblivion (the other being Tesarion).
  • Jaara: Third highest base ATK in the game, 800% mod on S3 with debuffs and anti-revive.
  • Jamire: Makes all ally skills available again, and brings a 24% universal SPD lead.
  • Juno: AOE strip and counters debuffs against her in a unique way.
  • Katarina: Pair with Chloe or Qebehsenuef for Invincibility to ignore defense with S3. Better in GW vs 3 targets than in Arena vs 4.
  • Kumar: Tanky anti-Lushen HP DD for AD. The best Beast Monk (in my opinion).
  • Lagmaron: Strong SPD DD.
  • Laika: Got buffed hard, and is now pretty great.
  • Laima: A 90% strip, semi-cleanse + invincibility buff, and a Light mon.
  • Leo: No one can be faster than Leo, and Leo always goes first. Typically paired with Megan and two DDs in AO.
  • Lora: All the Occult Girls are good. When will I pull one?
  • Manannan: Great single-target nuker that can also reset skill CDs.
  • Mei Hou Wang: Self-sustaining DD with a stun, DEF break, and is immune to inability effects. Also brings a 33% DEF leader (all-around great for Raids).
  • Mi Ying: 44% ATK lead for GW.
  • Mo Long: Build him as a tanky nuker and profit.
  • Nephthys: Immune against inability effects and enemies can’t resist your debuffs. Oh, and 24% SPD lead.
  • Nicki: Basically a 3-turn cleanse + heal. Raids.
  • Nigong: AOE revive. Good for Arena and TOA.
  • Nyx: Anti-skill reliant mons.
  • Oberon: Great skills + 44% ATK lead in Arena.
  • Okeanos: Debuffs, damage, and the ability to reset a mons skills CD times.
  • Perna: Passive with self-revive and team heal every turn he gets. Huge damage on S2.
  • Pontos: Great support.
  • Poseidon: Resets enemy team’s ATB to 0.
  • Praha: Nem/Nem/Will. Anti-AOE DD (Double Lushen) in PvP. Can also be used in Raids (41% RES lead) or on Despair. Brings a 90% AOE strip.
  • Psamathe: 33% SPD lead in Arena, instantly revives at death and does AOE damage to enemy team.
  • Qitian Dasheng: AOE ATB control.
  • Ragdoll: Anti-crit.
  • Rakan: Recently buffed to be a self-sustaining nightmare.
  • Raki: Anti-revive.
  • Rica: DOTs, stuns, sleep + turn-monster when on Violent.
  • Ritesh: The second best Beast Monk. AOE DEF break and self-sustain. HP DD.
  • Seara: 24% SPD lead, bomb queen.
  • Sekhmet: Single-target buff stealer. Also brings AOE debuffs and decent skill modifiers.
  • Shan: OP Squalmera.
  • Son Zhang Lao: AOE 2-turn DEF break + 60% Stun.
  • Taor: Chimera’s are a highly sought after family in general. Taor is no different.
  • Tesarion: One of two mons with the Oblivion debuff (the other being Isis).
  • Teshar: Highest base ATK in the game. AI is kind derpy, but can farm Aiden 1 Hell and be used in a SPD GB10 team.
  • Thebae: AOE brand and self-sustain. HP DD.
  • Theomars: Will almost always get at least one turn due to his invincible passive when reduced to 1 HP. Put him on Violent. Easier to rune due to his passive (elemental advantage vs. everyone, meaning +15% CR), CR bonus from awakening (30% base CR), and leader (+24% CR). Basically, you only need to give him 31% CR from subs if you make him your leader.
  • Tiana: A strip that can’t be resisted and boosts your team’s ATB by 30%. OP.
  • Tian Lang: Anti-ATB booster, sort of.
  • Trinity: 33% Arena SPD lead.
  • Triton: AOE Strip + ATB reduction.
  • Velajuel: AOE cleanse + immunity + ATB boost.
  • Verad: The Water Dragon will make TOAH a hell of a lot easier for you. Violent/X, SPD/CD/DEF or DEF/CD/DEF.
  • Woonsa: AOE Buff steal.
  • Woosa: AOE buffer and healer.
  • Xing ZheBuilt-in counter-attacks, DEF break, and stun. Annoying in TOA, annoying in PvP.
  • Zaiross: +33% ATK lead, AOE DOTs, and AOE skill reset. Put him on Despair for max CC. Can also be used in TOA.


5* Fusion Mons


  • Veromos: The Dark Ifrit should be one of your first major goals in the game, and should definitely be your first fusion mon. Veromos is a key member of your first GB10, DB10, Arena and Guild War teams, and can easily be one of your first farmers in Tamor 3 Hell. Do not delay in fusing Veromos. If you do, you’re only hurting yourself. Vero should also be one of your first two 6*s (the other being Belladeon).
  • Sigmarus: Sigmarus should be your second or third fusion mon (the other being Baretta). Sigmarus is a decent water DD in PvP, brings a solid enemy HP based damage skill for PvE encounters (B10 bosses and TOA), and is generally very useful. Sig has the 4th highest base ATK in the game, so his damage is no joke.
  • Xiong Fei: Xiong Fei’s kit is great for Raids, and he can also be used in NB10. The Fire Panda Warrior should be your fourth fusion mon.
  • Katarina: Katarina requires a bit more set up, but can be very effective. Mostly used in PvP, Katarina should be your last 5* fusion mon.
  • Homunculus: Technically, Homonculus is crafted, not fused, but… Basically, choose whatever element you’re missing. Fire for single-target nuke in PvP, Water if you don’t have Verad, Wind if you don’t have a wind DD.


Conclusion / Recap

Here’s the quick n’ dirty TL;DR:

  • Runes are more important than mons, but some mons greatly reduce rune requirements in certain situations (e.g. Verde, Vero)
  • You should keep all:
    • Non-farmable 3*+ Light/Dark mons
    • Non-duplicate nat 4*+ mons (one of each element)
    • Fusion material mons (at least one copy)
  • Early-Mid Game (Lvl 1 – farming R4), you should focus on mons that will help you progress in PvE. Check out our Progression Guide.
  • Generally speaking, base stats get better with base star level (i.e. nat 2* mons generally have worse base stats than nat 5* mons, even when both are 6\* lvl 40).

This list is by no means complete, but it highlights some of the most sought after mons and useful mons in the game. I hope you found it useful!



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March 24, 2020
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