Fire Panda Warrior (Xiong Fei)

Base Form

Awakened Form


Badges , ,
Get From Monster Fusion
Awakened Strengthen [Calm Mind] Skill
Good For Raids, NB10
Skill Up Info Worth skilling up but isn’t necessary to fulfill its role

fire water wind  alt= dark


Grade ★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Level Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40
HP 4275 7260 5805 9885
ATK 252 428 342 582
DEF 318 541 433 736
HP 4560 7755 6195 10545
ATK 266 452 362 615
DEF 356 605 484 823


Unawakened 95 15 50 15 0
Awakened 96 15 50 15 0



Leader Skill: Increases the Defense of ally monsters by 33%.

Skill 1: Sequential Attack [130%ATK x 3]: Attacks the enemy 3 times with each strike having a 30% chance to decrease the target’s Defense for 2 turns.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.6 Damage +10%


Skill 2: Calm Mind: Removes the harmful effects casted on yourself and counterattacks for 2 turns when attacked. Recovers 15% of the HP of all allies in each turn for the next 2 turns. (Reusable in 5 turns)

  • Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1
  • Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1


Skill 2: Calm Mind (Strengthened): Removes the harmful effects granted on all allies and recovers their HP by 15% each turn for 2 turns. In addition, you will counterattack whenever you’re attacked for 2 turns. (Reusable in 5 turns)

  • Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1
  • Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1


Skill 3: Panda Supremacy [(80%DEF + 4%(Enemy’s MAX HP)) x 4]: Attacks the enemy 4 times. Each attack will grant HP Recovery Disturb, Glancing Hit Rate Increase, Attack Power Decrease, and Attack Speed Decrease for 2 turns with a 70% chance respectively. The inflicted damage is proportionate to your Defense and the MAX HP of the target. (Reusable in 5 turns)

  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +15%
  • Lv.5 Harmful Effect Rate +20%
  • Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1
  • Lv.7 Cooltime Turn -1


Rune Recommendations

NB10 Shield Breaker Violent + Revenge HP% / HP% or DEF% / DEF%
Raids Frontline Any combination of runes (except Violent) with at least one Revenge set SPD or HP% / HP% or DEF% / DEF%
Alternative Raids Damage Build Any combination of runes (except Violent) with at least one Revenge set SPD or HP% / CRIT D% / DEF%

Site Review

Dungeons: There’s only one place in Dungeons where Xiong Fei can thrive, and that’s NB10. Both of Xiong Fei’s attacks hits at least 3 times, and his 2nd Skill’s revenge buff guarantees a 3-hit reduction in the shield every time the boss attacks! For players looking to break into NB10, Xiong Fei’s easily one of the best monsters you can use for that! While you can choose to run Xiong Fei on a Crit Damage build, a support variant is, in my opinion, the better choice for NB10. While his damage is subpar, it also means that it’s very unlikely for him to get stolen by the boss. For both newer and end-game players alike, a stolen Panda is a huge waste of your time, and his bulk makes it extremely difficult to kill him. Furthermore, even if he’s built on a supportive build, the HP-scaling on the boss still means he’ll hit a decent chunk of damage. You’ll be mainly using Xiong Fei as a secondary healer due to his buff and for his shield breaking potential, so make sure he’s the fastest monster in your team.

Raids: Another place Xiong Fei shines! His great bulk and resistance upon awakening makes him ridiculously easy to rune him as a frontline tank. He brings a plethora of debuffs with him too. Besides his default defense break, he also has attack breaks, attack slow and glancing on his 3rd Skill. However, an issue he has is that his debuffs are behind a wall of skillups needed. His 1st Skill only has a 30% activation rate while his 3rd Skill has a 70% rate without any skillups, which is boosted to 100% activation rate once it is maxed. If you’re unwilling to feed devilmons to him, his debuffs aren’t as reliable.

Beyond that though, he also has a great 15% heal buff onto all allies and high chance of a constant armor break whenever his 2nd Skill is used. Even if there’s a good chance the boss will strip it, it does come in handily throughout the raid. His 3rd Skill also hits a respectable amount of damage against the boss, even if you don’t have much crit rate or crit damage on him, since it scales off entirely from his defense and the boss’ HP. Finally, his all-round defense leader skill is great for raids, since there isn’t a farmable replacement for that. For plenty of players, Xiong Fei’s by far the best farmable monster you can have in your raids team.

ToA: Xiong Fei doesn’t come nearly as useful here. Your team is likely to go circles around the enemy, so his 2nd Skill is pretty useless. His other debuffs are single-target attacks without a 100% activation rate, making 3* monsters like Belladeon outshining him too. Finally, his 3rd Skill, while having a enemy HP-scaling, also gets outclassed by both Sigmarus and Spectra. You should not be using him here at all.

PvP: While the water and wind Panda Warriors shines in PvP, Xiong Fei, in contrast, offers little utility. His damage is nothing noteworthy and his debuffs aren’t as useful as they are here compared to raids and NB10. As Xiong Fei will likely be built with plenty of defense, he isn’t a Lushen counter in Arena Defense too. His only usage in PvP is as a fire tank in offense, where in some situations his element advantage may make him more usable over the much more common Belladeon. Beyond that, Xiong Fei’s strictly a PvE monster and will rarely be put into consideration in any of your PvP teams.

How to Counter

Ignore-defense monsters are strong counters against Xiong Fei. If you have one, Bulldozer’s 3rd Skill will be able to one-shot him unless he’s built on some wonky double or triple HP rune set (which is pretty rare). Even wind ignore-defense monsters like Katarina and Lushen will a good job, even despite their elemental disadvantage. If you don’t have any monsters like these, a defense-break is pretty crucial to kill Xiong Fei since he can tank a ton of hits if you don’t bring one. A good water or fire-nuker like Theomars should work fine if that’s the case.

Other advice:

  • A raids build Xiong Fei needs quite some speed for him to have some utility. He shouldn’t just be a slow tank who does nothing! Once you get around +12000HP, +1300DEF and 70% resistance, you should prioritize the rest into speed
  • You shouldn’t be building him on Violent if you’re using him on R5. His turns are nowhere near as crucial as your healers and cleansers. If too many monsters in your raids team are on Violent, it’ll only increase the number of counterattacks from the boss. Xiong Fei should be one of your first monsters you swap out of Violent once you go from R4 to R5. You can slap the best of your broken sets on him and he’ll be just as effective.

Editor’s Note

Xiong Fei’s a good fusion monster, but he’s nowhere near a priority compared to Veromos and Sigmarus. You shouldn’t worry about fusing and building one until you can get a stable GB10 and DB10 team. However, once you have that done, he is a great addition to any team for NB10 and Raids, especially for newer players looking for a monster to fill in their missing gaps.


Patch Notes

Updated 2017.09.28

  • As of this update, this monster can no longer be summoned via normal means (except Monster Fusion)

Updated 2018.04.26

  • Panda Supremacy: Harmful effect activation rate: 50% -> 70%
Our Rating
User Rating

Monster Rating

  • Dungeon - 9/10
  • Arena Offense - /10
  • Arena Defense - 6.5/10
  • Guild War Offense - 6.5/10
  • Guild War Defense - 6/10
  • ToA - /10
  • Raid - 9/10


A great fusion monster for NB10 and Raids. You should only focus on fusing him once you can reliably clear GB10 and DB10 though!

Comments Rating 7.36/10 (8 reviews)


– 3rd Skill hits pretty hard against high-hp bosses like raids dragon
– Multiple debuffs, including defense break, attack break, attack slow and glancing
– Very tanky, with good base HP and high base defense
– Resistance on awakening makes him even more resilient
– Self-cleanse and revenge on 2nd Skill is great for raids and shield breaking in NB10
– Great leader skill for NB10 and Raids


– Low base speed
– 1st Skill does nearly negligible damage due to attack scaling
– Reliant on skillups for debuffs to consistently land

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