Light Cow Girl (Loren)

Base Form

Awakened Form


Get From Secret Dungeon
Awakened +25% Accuracy
Good For Fusion, GB10, DB10, NB10, Niche ToA
Skill Up Info Worth fully skilling up, but use family skill ups instead of Devilmons

fire water wind light dark


Grade ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Level Min Lv. 25 Min Lv. 30 Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40
HP 1740 3135 2520 4275 3420 5805 4650 7905
ATK 133 240 192 327 261 444 355 604
DEF 114 205 164 279 223 379 304 516
HP 2040 3660 2940 4995 3990 6780 5430 9225
ATK 150 271 216 368 295 500 400 681
DEF 114 205 164 279 223 379 304 516
Unawakened 101 15 50 15 0
Awakened 102 15 50 15 25%


Leader Skill: Increases the Attack Power of ally monsters by 18%.

Skill 1: Cross Fire [134%ATK x 3]: Shoots 3 projectiles, with each projectile having a 30% chance to slow the Attack Speed for 2 turns.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.6 Damage +10%

Skill 2: Silver-plated Bullet [300%ATK x 2]: Attacks the enemy 2 times with holy bullets. Each attack has a 60% chance to remove one beneficial effect and disturb the HP recovery for 2 turns. (Reusable in 4 turns)

  • Lv.2 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +15%
  • Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1

Skill 3: Chaser (Passive): Decreases the enemy’s Attack Bar by 20% with each attack and weakens the enemy’s defense for 1 turn with a 75% chance. [Automatic Effect]

Rune Recommendations

Early Game – Swift / Energy (SPD / HP% / HP%)

Late Game – Swift / Revenge (SPD / HP% / HP%)

Violent Build – Violent / Revenge (SPD / HP% / HP%)

Patch Notes

– Updated on 2015.10.28

  • Cross Fire – The number of hits has been increased from 2 to 3 hits. The chance of casting a harmful effect has been decreased from 30% to 20%.

Site Review

  • GB10 – (Rating: 9.5/10) Her skill kit is perfect for GB10. She is used as a utility to remove the beneficial effects from boss and apply decrease SPD, Unrecoverable, and attack gauge reduction. Just make sure she has enough survivability by adding HP on her main stat whenever the boss procs counterattack.
  • DB10 – (Rating: 8/10) There are a few pointers to know a viable monster for DB10: Slow debuff, buff strip and ATB reduction. If it satisfies the 2 or all 3, then that monster is a good choice for this dungeon. Loren offers a good amount of damage when built as attacker but most importantly her skillset alone brings great utility against the boss. She is a good choice as your additional nuker for speed runs. Lets say you are already running a standard face team of Sigmarus, Belladeon, Megan and Spectra. She is a good candidate for your +1.
  • NB10 – (Rating: 9/10) She is a good selection to those looking for a farmable NB10 unit. Although she can’t decrease the ATB of the boss with her passive, the slow debuff, DEF break and multi-hits makes a good utility. With violent and revenge runes, you can make a reliable hit count to ensure that the Necro shield is always down and under slow debuff. Team her up with units that can apply continuous damage to make the run even more effective.

Not recommended

  • R5 – Not recommended
  • Element Rift Beasts – Only on Dark Beast. Her multi-hits reduce the chain count faster. She’s also a good Damage Dealer when runed as an attacker.

As Niche unit on certain floors. She may not have a use for standard teams but she does provide good CC against boss from her ATB reduction passive.


(Rating: 7/10) While we don’t recommend using her in Arena, you can use Loren in situational Guild War Offense teams against non-immunity enemies. Don’t bother using her if there is a unit that can give immunity or cleanse because her Crowd Control potential is the reason you use her in the first place.

How to Counter:

It’s highly unlikely to encounter Loren on a defensive team but if ever you do out of coincidence, just use an immunity buffer on your team to counter the CC potential. Also, you can just nuke her first using your speed team (Her base stats are not that high). Loren has no one-shot potential so negating her debuffs could just easily win you the battle.

Other advice:
  • For versatility, rune her SPD / CD% / ATK% with HP% and DEF% subs. Although it is best not to give speed for an ideal NB10 build, this opens her usability in DB10, ToA and situational PvP. If you wish to use her solely for NB10 then ATK% / CD% / ATK% or HP% is better.
  • Her awakening bonus gives additional 25% accuracy. Take note that Necro and ToA optimum accuracy is 45% and Dragons is 55%.
Editor’s Note:

Loren is primarily a fusion monster for Light Paladin (Jeanne). Nevertheless, she can also be used in certain Dungeons to players who have limited monsters and are looking for farmable units. Her skills are good for Dragons and Necro B10, and also a niche unit that works like Hwa against ToA boss floors. What makes her good for DB10 is her slow debuff, buff strip and ATB reduction. For Necro B10, her 1st and 2nd skill are multi-hits which is perfect for removing the shield. And her slow debuff can constantly control the boss speed, granting you more turns to take down the boss.

Patch Notes

– Updated on 2018.1.30

  • Silver-plated Bullet: Increases the inflicted damage by 11%
Our Rating
User Rating

Monster Rating

  • Dungeon - 9/10
  • Arena Offense - 0/10
  • Arena Defense - 0/10
  • Guild War Offense - 0/10
  • Guild War Defense - 0/10
  • ToA - 7.5/10
  • Raid - 0/10


Fusion requirement for Light Paladin. Good GB10, DB10 and NB10 monster to those looking for a farmable unit.

Comments Rating 7.14/10 (3 reviews)


Skill kit is perfect for DB10 and NB10
Passive ATB decrease with 100% activation


Low base attack for an attacker type

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