Light Lich (Halphas)

Base Form

Awakened Form


Type Defense
Get From Scroll of Light & Darkness, Temple of Wishes
Awakened Leader Skill: Increases the Attack Speed of ally monsters in the Arena by 24%
Good For PvP in general
Skill Up Info Worth fully skilling up, but use family skill ups instead of Devilmons

fire fire wind light dark


Grade ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Level Min Lv. 30 Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40
HP 2835 4815 3855 6540 5235 8895
ATK 189 321 257 436 349 593
DEF 199 339 271 460 368 626
HP 3090 5265 4200 7140 5715 9720
ATK 206 351 280 476 381 648
DEF 216 368 295 500 400 681


Unawakened 95 15 50 15 0
Awakened 96 15 50 15 0



Leader Skill (Awakened): Increases the Attack Speed of ally monsters in the Arena by 24%.

Skill 1: Soul Summoning [160%ATK x (2 ~ 3)]: Summons the souls of the dead to attack the enemy 2 – 3 times. Each attack has a 40% chance to decrease the enemy’s Attack Speed for 2 turns.

  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +15%

Skill 2: Sinkhole [110%ATK x 3]: Inflicts damage to all enemies with a hole that consumes souls and recovers by 50% of the inflicted damage. Absorbs the enemy’s attack gauge by 15% with a 25% chance for each attack. (Reusable in 4 turns)

  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Cooltime Turn -1

Skill 3: Endless Attachment (Passive): Becomes invincible for 1 turn if your HP falls below 50% from above 50%. Drains life from the enemy whenever the enemy’s turn ends while the invincible effect is activated. The stolen HP is equivalent to 10% of your MAX HP. (Automatic Effect)

Rune Recommendations

Stun – Despair/Focus(Spd/Atk%/Atk%)
Early Game – Triple Energy (HP% / HP% / HP% or DEF%)

End-Game – Despair + Will or Revenge (HP% / HP% / HP% or DEF%)

Site Review

  • GB10 – Not recommended. He does virtually no damage, and his debuffs can be easily found in other monsters. You do not want to bring a stall monster to a place that should have short clear times.
  • DB10 – Not recommended. Likewise, there’s no use for him here. Monsters like Spectra will do his job and more. His passive won’t even be that useful since the boss stage monsters won’t be circling around him with speed that much.
  • NB10 – Not recommended. While he has good multi-hit skills, the lack of damage just makes him awful. Why would you want to use him over practically any other shield-breaker in the game?

Not recommended. Should only be used by people here if they just want to waste their phone’s battery.

  • R5 – Not recommended.
  • Element Rift Beasts – Not recommended. Irrelevant passive, low damage and debuffs that can be easily placed by other monsters. No use for him here either.

Not recommended. I think it’s getting pretty obvious that this monster just isn’t cut out for PvE unless you want an unnecessarily long, drawn out fight. Please don’t use him here.


(Rating: 8.5/10) After the buff to his passive, Halphas has become one of the more wanted Light & Dark Nat 4*s. With a very unique passive and the introduction of the 4* Siege Towers, he’s a strong player in both offensive and defensive teams. You can use him as a potent light tank in guild offense, taking hits from practically anything if you choose the right elemental team mates with him. In Arena, his 24% speed leader is definitely handy if you’re lacking Nat 5* alternatives. In a sense, he can be considered as a Light 4* version of the infamous Rina, the Water Epikion Priest. Stalling is one of his strongest suits and he works as an excellent counter to multi-hitters like Lushens when he’s on defense. His constant life leeches is especially potent against fast, non-healer teams since he can turn the enemy’s speed against them. If you’re missing a counter for him, you’re likely to get stalled to death, so do be wary!

How to Counter:

While many players will struggle against Halphas at the start, it’s not like there are no counters for him. The easiest way to counter against him is to make sure that his passive doesn’t kick in at all. Any form of Shield or Invincible buffs will completely nullify the life leech, preventing him from healing back up to the >50% mark. Also, heal block works just the same way, although you’ll still be losing ticks of health every turn. If you’re uninterested in bringing a monster that has those buffs, any monster that can one-shot Halphas when he has more than 50% HP will do just fine.

Other advice:
  • Full on tank builds are highly recommended. You don’t need speed on him. In fact, it’s actually recommended not to have any speed on him at all. Halphas’ passive works when enemies run circles around him, and having no speed just makes it all the more easier for that to work.
  • HP, Defense and Resistance are the crucial stats for him. Since that makes him pretty easy to rune, you can focus any extra substats to secondary ones like accuracy after that.
    It’s pretty handy to have a slightly more reliable attack speed slow and attack bar absorption.
  • His passive will also kick in with any other form of Invincible buffs, so pairing him up with monsters like Chloe, the Fire Epikion Priest or Icasha, the Light Undine can work too.
Editor’s Note:

Definitely a contender for one of the most improved monsters in recent times. Halphas is a truly annoying monster to deal with in 4* Siege Towers, especially if you have already used your counters on other defenses. His stalling capabilities makes him a powerful Lushen counter in Arena, and he also does just as well in World Arena as a last-pick if you notice that the enemy has no counters for him. This will essentially force them to ban Halphas, giving you free reign over your other monster picks. While an overall true force to be reckoned with, his absolute lack of damage (please don’t build him as an attacker) makes it easy for players to focus on his allies over him. Build him if you need a good tank in offense, or just to annoy people in your defense teams.

Patch Notes

– Updated on 2015.10.28

  • Soul Summoning – The number of hits has been increased from 1 to 2 or 3 hits. (Average damage has been increased by 8%.) The chance of casting a harmful effect has been decreased from 75% to 40%)

Updated 2017.11.29

  • Sinkhole: Enemy’s Attack Bar absorption rate 15% -> 25%
  • Endlesss Attachment: Added Effect: Drains life from the enemy whenever the enemy’s turn ends while the invincible effect is activated. The stolen HP is equivalent to 10% of your MAX HP.
Our Rating
User Rating

Monster Rating

  • Dungeon - /10
  • Arena Offense - 7.5/10
  • Arena Defense - 9/10
  • Guild War Offense - 9/10
  • Guild War Defense - 8/10
  • ToA - /10
  • Raid - /10


One of the best monsters for stalling. Great for Siege Battles, PvP Offense & Arena Defense

Comments Rating 6.75/10 (3 reviews)


Great arena leader skill
Extremely annoying monster if you’re lacking counters
Very easy to rune since you don’t need speed on him
Great counter to multi-hit teams like Lushens


Poor base stats apart from defense
Many ways to counter
Doesn’t do well in any PvE content whatsoever

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