New Amazon Coins Promotion for Cheap Packs! (Android)

by Scepter on April 29, 2017
New Amazon Coins Promotion for Cheap Packs! (Android)
March 22, 2018

Hello Summoners! We’re proud to share with you a new Amazon Coins Promotion!

The online marketplace, Amazon, has recently dropped the prices of their Amazon Coins, which is a currency used to purchase Apps and more on your Androids! There’s also an amazing promotion starting on the 28th April 2017 where the costs are going down even further for a LIMITED TIME. This means you can purchase the new Summoning Stone Packs and Transmogrification Returns at a lower cost, up to 25% cheaper than what you normally pay. (Note the prices below are in these two pictures are in SGD. Everything else is in USD)

For those who do not own an Android Phone or Android Tablet, you can download the Android emulator Nox App Player to take part in this event too. Note that while we’re suggesting the emulator, we’re not recommending it. There’s a chance of Summoner’s War users getting banned if an emulator is running while there are malware that hints of any tampering with the game. Some players have successfully used Emulators for years, but only because they’ve taken good care of their computers. Alternatively, you can always get one of your friends with an Android to help you with the transaction, it’s a big save so it’s definitely worth it!

Amazon Coin Promotion

Obviously, the more coins you purchase, the greater the discount! 100 Amazon coins are equivalent to USD$1.00. The largest promotion here gets you USD$500.00 worth of currency for the price of USD$350!

You can click the link here to purchase the coins!

Coin Promotion

Steps on Purchasing Summoners War Packs

  • 1. Download the Amazon Underground App Store.
  • 2. Download Summoners War: Sky Arena in the Amazon Underground store. This step is crucial since you’ll have to download the app from here to take advantage of the promotion.
    Summoners War
  • 3. Purchase Amazon Coins from the Amazon Underground App Store. Clicking the link here will help to support our website and improve our ability to share more of such promotions in the future.
  • 4. Go through the in-game tutorial using the Amazon Underground Summoners War: Sky Arena App and Login to your Summoner’s War Account.
  • 5. Go into the in-app Purchases and click buy. You’ll be directed to your Amazon Account where you can purchase the Packs using the Amazon Coins.

Spending your Amazon Coins

You can redeem your Amazon Coins on Android devices, Fire Tablets, and the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website.

  • On Android devices and Fire Tablets, tap the price of the app from the detail page, or tap the in-app item within an app. Amazon Coins is the default payment option. Then tap Get App for apps or games, or Get Item for in-app items.
  • On the Amazon website, you’ll see payment options at checkout for your regular 1-Click payment method and for Amazon Coins, and can select either option.

Earning More Amazon Coins

There’s also other ways to earn Amazon Coins beyond purchasing them directly.

Other Purchases

  • 1. Go to the Amazon App Store on your Android, Blackberry, Fire Tablet or Amazon Website.
  • 2. Purchase an app, in-app item or game that is eligible to earn promotional Amazon Coins. Those using the Kindle Fire 1st Generation will have to make the purchase on the Amazon Website and download it using the Cloud tab on your device.
  • 3. Stay up to date with the latest Amazon Coin deals here.


  • Stream a movie on your phone from the Amazon App and get 500 coins (worth USD$5.00) on your first time. Amazon Prime is required for this and only available in the US.

Bing Rewards

  • Use Bing Rewards for additional Amazon gift cards which can maximize your discount.

Gifting your Amazon Coins to your Friends and Family

For those looking to get a gift for your fellow Summoners, you can always gift the coins to them!

  • 1. Go to the Buy Coins Page.
  • 2. Select the option “Give Amazon Coins as a Gift”.
  • 3. Fill out the information needed.
  • 4. “Preview your order” to make sure all the information looks correct.
  • 5. Complete your order, and the coins will be send to your friends email.
  • 6. Your friend can click the redeem button in the email they receive with the coins. They will have to login to their Amazon account to receive the coins. They will need the Summoner’s War: Skye Arena App from the Amazon Underground App Store in order to use the coins to make purchases.

Other Information

I hope you all enjoy this promotion! As mentioned, purchasing the Amazon Coins from our website here will be a huge help to us, giving us the opportunity to promote and share similar or even better promotions in the future. Thanks a lot for reading and happy summoning!

Disclaimer: will not be held accountable for any issues with your account if you choose to use any Emulators for Summoner’s War. Android users have zero worries over this, so if you’re interested in this promotion and you don’t have an Android, we highly recommend getting a friend or family member with one to purchase the Amazon Coins instead.

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  • Amber Cooke
    December 19, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    I’ve read a lot of the reviews on Amazon regarding using the coins for in app purchases. Buyer beware! I think I’ll stay away. Too many people saying they made an in game purchase using coins only to not receive the item and then not get proper support for the issue from either Amazon or the game developer. Plus, with what they say about taxes (i.e. A $100 pack costing more than 10,000 coins bc of taxes), it sounds like more headache than it’s worth.

  • M
    May 27, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Don’t log into your Account from a different “Summoners War” App than the original one. Beware of Hackers and leaked informations. Hacking in Summoners War is as present as it never was before, so don’t take a risk of losing your account just by saving a few $€

    • Drakie
      May 31, 2017 at 8:29 am

      The one advertised here IS the original “Summoners War” App, it’s just downloaded from the Amazon Store instead of the Google Play Store. It’s completely safe.

      June 12, 2017 at 6:06 pm

      When someone wants to be a “D” but fails hard.

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