Light Rakshasa (Pang) – March 2020 Hall of Heroes

by DK on March 12, 2020
Light Rakshasa (Pang) – March 2020 Hall of Heroes
March 12, 2020

Pang, the Light Rakshasa is the Hall of Heroes monster for the month of March 2020! Don’t miss out as we give you tips on how to clear all floors.

Event Schedule

Mar. 13th, 12 pm – Mar. 16th, 12 am

– Based on the server time – Global (PDT), Asia (TST), Europe (CEST)

– The Hall of Heroes will be available at the Cairos Dungeons during the event.

– Clear the Hall of Heroes and gather Summoning Pieces to summon a 4★ [Rakshasa] (Light). Thoughts and Recommendation

Pang is a single-target high DPS monster that provides added utility by prolonging the enemy’s harmful effects and reducing their buffs by 1 turn. She has a place in the mid and end game but provides more value during the early stage of progression. It is highly recommended to build her if you are in the phase of improving your runtimes for Giant B10.

Pang is also a viable monster in ToA bosses due to her passive skill, elongating the slow and DoT duration and pinning down enemies when one of your teammates successfully lands a stun/freeze or any form of CC. Since she’s a neutral element to Fire, Water, and Wind, she’ll never have the element disadvantage in most of the places in Cairos Dungeon. She’s also a viable unit in Rift as your damage dealer and a great counterpick/utility partner in RTA/GW even for mid-game and late-game accounts.

Take note that her passive skill strips the enemy’s 1-turn beneficial effects. Also, when partnered with bombers, she reduces the detonation timer by 1 turn. Rune-wise, for the 4-rune set, equip her with Swift or Violent runes. For the 2-rune set, you can use either Focus, Blade, or Revenge, depending on what suits its purpose better. Pang only requires (10 skill-ups) to max its skills. Since you’ll gain an excess of 4 Light Rakshasas after clearing all 10 stages of HoH, you can use its Water and Wind counterparts to use as skill-ups.

How To Participate

1) Enter the Hall of Heroes

Location: [Battle] – [Cairos Dungeons] – [Hall of Heroes]

2) Clear the Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes consists of 10 stages. The required Energy amount will be the same for all 10 stages, and 25 Summoning Pieces will be given as a reward for clearing each stage.

You won’t be able to re-enter the stage once you clear it.

(You’ll get a total of 250 Summoning Pieces when you clear all 10 stages.)

3) Gather Summoning Pieces to summon [Phantom Thief] (Wind)

The summoning will require 50 Summoning Pieces.

How To Summon a Monster

Go to the Summonhenge after you’ve gathered all the required Summoning Pieces.

* An additional button will pop up at the summoning menu. (Requirement: 50 Summoning Pieces)

※ Caution

The Hall of Heroes is a very difficult dungeon, where you can collect high-grade monsters. Newcomers and lower-level Summoners, beware!

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