Path to Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10)

by DK on September 7, 2017
Path to Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10)
October 29, 2017

After efficiently farming GB10 and DB10, clearing TOA, Rift Raid 3-4, you might be wondering whats next for your progression. The next boss to conquer is the Necropolis B10.


Why NB10?

Subsequent to farming a lot of quality Violent and Revenge runes, its time to make an extensive use on it for PVE contents like the Necropolis. There is a point in game where you start playing competitively in PVP, Guild wars and Raid 5s. You will feel the need of getting Vampire, Rage or Will runes and this is the specific area to acquire them. Say you got a Xiao Lin, you would need her to equip a Vampire set to front R5 runs. We strongly suggest to farm a little bit on the lower Raid floors like R3 and R4 before farming NB10. The reason is you will need those grindstones and enchanted gems to improve the overall quality of your runes. Then you will have no problem farming NB10 in the future.


What Do I Need?

The core of your NB10 team are your multi-hitters and Colleen. The other units will vary depending on your need for slow debuffs, continuous damage and physical nukes. The Ancient Lich King (Boss) has a special effect that makes this dungeon unique. Unlike GB10 and DB10, the boss is not accompanied by towers but has Imprison Soul skill, Time of the Dead and Soul Barrier passives. Optimal Rune Set requirement is Violent / Revenge to counter the boss passive. Its shield needs to be taken down before dealing damage, which requires a certain number of attacks per enemy turn.


General Strategy

Boss Skills

Exploit Soul: Attacks all enemies, recovering 50% of the damage dealt as HP. The damage of Exploit Soul increases permanently every time the skill is used.

  • Heal block (Unrecoverable) debuff is usefull to disrupt the boss HP recovery.
  • Notable units: Colleen, Adrian, Eshir, Lushen etc.

 Imprison Soul: Imprisons the soul of the enemy that has dealt the most damage and controls the enemy. (Reusable in 4 turns)

  • Imprisoned allies gain 100% Attack Bar and skills are refreshed.
  • Imprisoned ally will be returned at 50% HP after defeating it.
  • Imprison skill bypasses immunity and invincible state.

 The Time of the Dead: The Attack Speed of all enemies and allies is suppressed and cannot exceed a certain cap. Also, all skill effects that influence the Attack Bar will not be activated. [Automatic Effect]

  • Speed cap is 130. (only on boss stage)
  • Speed buff raises speed over the limit. Adrian/Eshir is very good for that purpose.
  • Applying the slow debuff on the boss also works.
  • Speed leader skills and tower bonuses will not go over the limit.

 Soul Barrier: Each turn, a barrier that nullifies a certain number of attacks is generated. When attacked without the barrier, the MAX HP decreases by 30% of the incoming damage. [Automatic Effect]

  • Soul Barrier cannot be removed by buff removal. (Seize, Cutting Magic, Cunning passive wont work)
  • Debuffs on the boss can only be applied when Soul Barrier is down.
  • Multi-hit attacks is key to break the Soul Barrier.
  • Soul Barrier is not an invincibility effect and can’t be bypassed by invincibility piercing skills

 Fallen Immortal (Passive): Revives with 50% HP at the moment of death. Will not be able to receive beneficial effects during battle, but instead is immune to silence or cool time increasing skill effects. [Automatic Effect] (Reusable in 9 turns)

  • Applying the slow debuff after removing Soul barrier is essential.
  • Notable units: Liches, Rakshasas

Useful tips:

  • As much as possible, don’t use an attack bar buffer since they are useless in the boss stage (Verdehile, Bernard, Spectra, Frigate). Belladeon is one exception for beginners because it can still heal and apply def break.+
  • Use first skill multi-hitters like Colleen, Adrian, Rigel or Fuco to easily take out the Soul Barrier.
  • Since your speed is capped on boss stage, Violent and Revenge runes are recommended for depleting the Soul Barrier.
  • Use a monster that can buff speed since it can raise over the speed cap. Adrian and Eshir are good examples.
  • Use an attack speed debuffer to slow down the boss speed. It allows you to hit more before the boss refreshes another Soul Barrier. Prime examples are Rakshasas and Liches.
  • Waves before boss do not have speed cap, meaning you can rune your utility supports a little more speedy to frequently sustain your team.
  • Revenge is optimal for all monsters but not strictly required. Stats are more important to ensure survivability and kill-potential.
  • Turn order is important in defeating the boss. It is recommended to tune the speed so that multi-hit skills -> debuffers -> nukers.
  • How turn order works on boss passive: attack gauge will be filled as if all monsters have 130 spd. Once they reach 100%, the order is chosen who has the most speed. So if your Colleen has an original SPD of 190 and Hwa has 180, both will fill their ATB gauge at same time but Colleen will move first then Hwa. When you run a solo healer like Colleen or Hwahee, she would need 190+ speed to make sure your team survives on the waves.
  • Usefull Buff / Debuff:
    • Buffs: ATK increase, Crit Rate, Defense, SPD
    • Debuffs: SPD decrease, Unrecoverable, DOT, DEF break, ATK break, Defense break, Glancing Hit, Branding
  • The boss ATK increases with time. Kill it fast with a combination of high attack power, multi-hits and spd debuffs. Use heal block keep the boss from healing itself.


Beginner Team

The set-up is based more on survivability, multi-hitting and farmable units. Rune requirements are not high which is perfect for those starting out and for those who have few Violent runes. Team composition consists of 2 healers and 3 slow debuffers/DD. It may take time to clear the boss but every run is reliable. 2 healers allow you to constantly sustain your team while the debuffers take care of slowing the boss down, heal block, landing ATK break, glancing and DOTs.

Hwa or any Rakshasa (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Support Debuffer 2x

Healer Support 

Colleen, the Fire Harpu: Perfect support for Necro. This monster has multi-hit skills that applies ATK break and heal block. Most importantly, it has a fast cooldown of team heal plus Attack buff. As you progress towards an advanced team, Colleen is still a primary option for your Necro support.

Belladeon, the Light Inugami: A utility unit that provides team heal and Defense break. You need this monster early game to sustain your team. Although Mobilize skill wont boost ATB it is still a viable option to those starting out a team. Later on he can be replaced by Xiong Fei as you advance further and speeding up your runs.


Support Buff/Debuffers (SPD, heal block, DOT)

Adrian, the Fire Elven Ranger: A common support unit dedicated for NB10. This monster has multi-hit skills that applies heal block and DOTs. 3rd skill gives your allies SPD and Crit Rate buff. As mentioned earlier, SPD buff raises the speed over cap limit so it would be an advantage to bring a unit dedicated to it. Crit Rate buff allows your units to maximize the chances of killing the boss faster, and takes off the burden of allotting high Crit Rate subs on your monsters.

Xiong Fei, the Fire Panda: Typically picked because of multi-hit attacks and applying various debuffs upon an enemy target. It can also deal a good amount of damage because it scales damage on Defense stat. Heal and counterattack buff is a bonus to sustain your team and put additional hits on breaking the Soul Barrier.


Damage Dealer (DD) / Debuffers (SPD, Def break)

Hwa, the Fire Rakshasa: One of the best SPD debuffer and Damage Dealer for Necro. 2nd skill allows her to apply DOT when the Shoul Barrier is down, and 3rd skill allows her to do a multi-hit. Her +19% Crit Rate Leader Skill is also valuable when you run a similar team comp of Hwa (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Rigel/Fuco, Adrian.

Ran, the Dark Rakshasa: A good alternative if you don’t have Hwa. Her 2nd and 3rd skill are multi-hits which helps in removing the Soul Barrier. Her attack multipliers are also high, making her a viable Damage Dealer. Leader skill: +25% Atk Power to allies.

Rigel, the Water Lich: Solid unit alongside Fuco (Wind Lich). His overall skill kit is ideal for this dungeon with multihits on 1st and 2nd skill, applying slow debuff and def break. Its passive gains immunity from disable and reduced chance of receiving a critical hit by 25%. it has higher ATK and DEF base stat but lower HP compared to Fuco and Grego. Base SPD is also low but it does not matter on Necro due to speed capping.

Fuco, the Wind Lich: An ideal unit for NB10. Its 2nd Skill does an insane amount of damage against single-target monsters due to a potential 1,200% multiplier on a 2-turn cooldown (max skilled). Nevertheless, it can be run without skillups. Both Fuco and Rigel should be the runed as the slowest monster in your team to ensure it will land SPD debuff after the Soul Barrier is down.


Damage Dealer (DD) / High Attack Power / Lead skills

Shihwa, the Fire Nine-tailed Fox: This monster is a strong and reliable multi-hitter. 1st skill hits 3 times and applies DOT when the Soul Barrier is down. 3rd skill hits 5 times with each attack having a chance to leave a Branding Effect to boss. 3rd skill also has a very short cooldown of 3 turns which make it even more remarkable. She does not need skill-ups to shine on NB10. If you run with mostly fire monsters, you can use her as lead.

Theomars, the Water Ifrit: A viable unit only if you lack multi-hitting monsters. You can use Theomars as a Lead with +24% Crit Rate to allies. Rune him with more ATK compared to a speedy build due to speed capping.

Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix: Also a viable unit if you lack multi-hitting monsters. You need to rune this unit on Violent to work and make him the slowest monster on your team so he can deal huge damage after the Soul Barrier is down. Leader skill: +44% HP to allies good for team comps that needs more sustain.


Example teams:

A Beginner Team requires Colleen and Belladeon as your sustain support. The rest of the team are your DD, debuffers and Lead. Turn order should be like this: Colleen/Bella -> Multi-hitters -> Debuffers.

  • Hwa (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Adrian, Rigel: Recommended for a beginner team. 2 healers and 3 SPD debuffers / Damage Dealers. Although it would take time to clear, this team comp is reliable. Later on, swap Belladeon for Xiong Fei or Ran when you can already tank some damage.
  • Ran (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Adrian, Zibrolta: High Crit Rate is required to deal substantial damage on boss. Unlike the previous team, Ran gives ATK increase instead of Crit Rate bonus.
  • Hwa (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Xiong Fei, Shihwa: Colleen and Belladeon should move the fastest so Hwa, Xiong Fei and Shihwa apply debuffs and deal damage on boss.
  • Sigmarus (L), Colleen, Belladeon, Chilling, Adrian: A good alternative team if you struggle on your HP. Give ATK and CR subs to deal significant damage on boss.

TIP: Colleen and Bella should always move first. Bella is a smart healer so it won’t use heal when Colleen casts the buff first. Units that deal high single-hit damage like Sigmarus should be the slowest monster on your team.


Advanced Team

An advanced team consists of a single support sustain unit, 3 multi-hit/debuffers and 1 high Attack Power unit/multi-hit or not. The healer unit is usually Colleen, and should be the fastest monster to continuously heal your allies on pre-boss waves. Your units are required to have good runes with high HP and DEF that can tank at least 1 to 2 boss attacks.

Example teams:

Advance team turn order: Colleen -> Multi-hit debuffers -> Damage Dealer.
  • Lushen (L), Colleen, Xiong Fei, Adrian, Rigel: Lushen is fast in clearing waves with 2 AOE skills. Additionally, it applies debuff on boss when Soul Barrier is down. Rigel, Adrian and Xiong Fei moves after Colleen to apply debuff on boss.
  • Hwa (L), Colleen, Isillen, Ethna, Fuco:  Ethna is a good damage dealer with multi-hit 2nd and 3rd skill. Similar to the 1st team, Hwa, Isillen and Fuco moves after Colleen.
  • Hwa (L), Colleen, Xiong Fei, Adrian, Shihwa: Shihwa is a reliable multi-hitter with 3-turn cooldown on 3rd skill. As usual, Colleen moves first, then Adrian, Xiong Fei, Hwa, then last Shihwa.


Speed Clear Teams

Also known as Double Lich team which usually involves 2 of either Rigel/Fuco/Grego. It goes with 2 more Damage Dealers and a single sustain unit. This team comp is only for end game players with solid runes dedicated for NB10. Runs go for 1:00 – 1:30 clear times.

Example teams:

Speed team turn order: Colleen/Hwahee -> Rigel/Fuco -> Damage Dealers.

  • Lushen (L), Colleen, Rigel, Fuco, Lucasha: Lushen clears waves fast and Lucasha is an ideal DD against boss. Turn order Colleen then Rigel/Fuco then Lucasha and lastly Lushen.
  • Teshar (L), Colleen, Grego, Rigel, Ethna: Teshar makes it easier for your team to max out your Crit Rate. It also clears waves incredibly fast due to Tempest skill. Ethna hits last with an insane attack multiplier.
  • Shihwa (L), Hwahee, Hwa, Rigel, Fuco: Hwahee is a superb healer/damage dealer. Colleen offers better when providing debuffs but Hwahee can make your run even faster due to its damage potential. You need godly runes to run with this team because your team doesn’t have an ATK break debuff to mitigate boss damage.


Runes and Stats


Violent / Revenge rune set is ideal for multi-hitting units but Revenge is not strictly required. Stats are more important to consider for more survivability and damage potential. Damage dealers like Lushen and Teshar are recommended on Rage runes.

General Stats:

  • ACC: You would want to have 45% ACC on your debuffers especially on units like Hwa. SPD debuffs play a crucial role to slow down the boss allowing you more turns and damage output. If you have multiple slow debuffers on team 30% ACC is considerable.
  • HP: Recommended HP stats below, based on element.
    • Fire/Water/Wind/Dark Utility Mons: 20k+
    • Light Utility Mons: 23k+
    • Damage Dealers: 16k+
  • DEF: Recommended 750+ in combination with the above HP minimums. More DEF if you have less HP, more HP if you have less DEF.
  • SPD: 130 SPD cap (including tower bonus and SPD lead). Speed buff raises speed over the limit. For Colleen, she needs to have 180+ SPD to continuously heal your team on pre-boss waves.


List of Viable monsters for NB10

*Note: We might have missed some monsters so please comment below if you think a viable unit is missing. Thank you!


I hope you found this guide helpful! Have additional questions? Comment below and we will get back to you ASAP. Please do share your progress with the community.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck Summoner!

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