Rift Raid Guide Part 3 – Team Suggestions

by Imintrouble on December 20, 2016
Rift Raid Guide Part 3 – Team Suggestions
April 16, 2019

Part Three of this guide begins to help summoners with building a Raid team.  These are by no means the only teams that work, however they are very popular and are currently in meta.  You can leverage the units from Part Two to swap out different units if you are lacking the ones shown here, or even create new teams using units that have not been suggested in this guide. Please leave feedback if you feel like you have a team that should be shown below.  Thanks!

Beginner Team Builds – Potential for 3-4 minute runs

  • Tip #1 – I really don’t recommend doing R5 until you can handle at least a standard team build. The reason for this is because you can be more successful doing quicker more stable R4 runs.  Having enough HP and DEF to survive R5 can be difficult, so getting your runes stronger is the #1 priority.
  • Tip #2 – Does your team have the following debuffs?  Weaken Attack, Glancing, Slow?
  • Tip #3 – Does the rift raid have at least 1-2 teams with the following?  Weaken defense or Heal Block?

Once you are ready for R5, many players will typically try to do some variation of the following team as a starter R5 comp.  It really important that your team can survive all phases of the fight, while dishing out enough damage.  The best way to increase your chances of beating R5 is by making sure that your team and the other two teams have all of the necessary debuffs to keep the Raid Boss as weak as possible and also to kill him as fast as possible.

Standard Team Builds – Potential for sub 2-3 min runs

Once you have greater access to units / runes, this is when you can start to tweak your team to have quicker runs.  Don’t be afraid of sticking with 2 man fronts at this stage.

  • Tip #4 – Healers and Cleaners should have ~200 speed in order to keep up with the boss.
  • Tip #5 – Revenge runes are extremely important for increasing your survival rate during the final phase.  Many players try to put Colleen on full revenge in order to make sure that the boss has weaken attack.

Speed Team Builds – Potential for sub 2 minute runs

The Core Units for this team include Colleen, Hwa, Lisa, Xiao Lin.  The last two spots can fill in a leader skill, another healer or cleanser, or a unit such as Dias / Darion.

  • Tip #6 – Vampire Runes on DPS units helps reduce the overall hp/def necessary for survival.
  • Tip #7 – The more defense break / heal block on your team, the quicker and more consistent runs will be.  Just because you are doing twice as much damage as the other individuals on your team, does not necessarily mean you are making the run go faster.  Many people believe an extra damage dealer over a unit with weaken defense will make the run so much faster, however this is not always true.

YOLO Team Builds – Potential for sub 90 sec runs

YOLO teams should be aiming to beat R5 in under 90 seconds.  These are teams that end game players can focus on to try to break records.  There’s only a few people who I’ve seen make this stable, as it requires using strong runes on every unit.

  • Tip #8 – As you start to build a more end game team, many players will drop violent runes as they are less reliant on RNG violent procs to survive.
  • Tip #9 – High resist on your DPS units will increase your overall damage.  You will see more and more player use Tolerance runes to potentially reduce the need for a resist leader over time.

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