Runes are special attachment stones which provide bonuses to the stats of Monsters. Runes are found in special sets of two or four, with the completion of a set giving a special bonus, in addition to the individual bonuses of runes. Up to a maximum of six runes may be equipped to a monster, although they must be bound to a monster in order to take effect, and cannot be removed unless Mana Stones are spent. Like monsters, runes possess different grades of rarity and star ratings, and may be powered up to increase their effectiveness.

 Rune Name
Set Effect
Set Pieces
Drop Location
Energy Rune Icon
HP +15%
Garen Forest
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Fatal Rune IconFatal
Attack Power +30%
Mt. Siz
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Blade Rune IconBlade
Critical Rate +12%
Kabir Ruins
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Energy Rune IconRage
Crticial Damage +40%
Mt. White Ragon
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Swift Rune IconSwift
Attack Speed +25%
Telain Forest
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Focus Rune IconFocus
Accuracy +20%
Hydeni Ruins
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Guard Rune IconGuard
Defense +15%
Tamor Desert
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Endure Rune IconEndure
Resistance +20%
Vrofagus Ruins
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Violent Rune IconViolent
Get Extra Turn +20%
Faimon Volcano
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Will Rune IconWill
Immunity +1 turn
Aiden Forest
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Nemesis Rune IconNemesis
ATK Gauge +4% (for every 7% HP lost)
Ferun Castle
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Shieldl Rune IconShield
Ally Shield 2turns (10% of HP)
Mt. Runar
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Revenge Rune IconRevenge
Counterattack +15%
Chiruka Remains
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Despair Rune IconDespair
Stun Rate +25%
Giant's Keep (Cairos Dungeon)
Despair Rune IconVampire
Life Drain +35%
Dragon's Lair (Cairos Dungeon)
Destroy Rune IconDestroy30% of the damage dealt will reduce up to 4% of the enemy's Max HP2Chiruka Remains

Runes Slots and Stats

Each individual rune slot has a particular group of stats that will ALWAYS be on that rune no matter what set it is. I will give you all the possible stats per SLOT. Slots 2,4,6 have a special side stat which is specifically for that rune slot which you cannot get from any other slot.

Keep in mind all the best players normally use % over flat defense or offense because it scales much better so always try to go for % over flat numbers.

Fixed stats for every slot:

[table style=”table-bordered”]

Rune Static Stats Special Property
1st Rune Slot Flat Attack
2nd Rune Slot Attack,HP,Def (Either flat or %) Flat Speed
3rd Rune Slot Flat Defense
4th Rune Slot Attack,HP,Def (Either flat or %) Crit Chance or Crit Damage
5th Rune Slot Flat Health
6th Rune Slot Attack,HP,Def (Either flat or %) Effect Resistance% or Effect Accuracy%



Rule #1 Never buy White / Green runes unless you’re desperately in need of the bonus or Set Buff and the Set Buff must belong to a 4 piece rune set, Rage / Swift / Violent etc.

The reason for this rule is simply because when you level up the rune you will get a random substat. If you purchase a white rune and raise it to 12 and the substats you gained are +20 Att , +20 Def, +200 hp + 5% def and +8% resist , then that doesn’t seem to impressive and its actually really poor.

Now if you purchased a blue (rare) rune with Att% and Hp% Substats well then guess what? Those stats until level 6 (when a rune becomes Rare) are the only substats that will increase! Imagine buying a Blue rune with 5% Att and from levels 1-6 it became a 15% Att substat! Thats great!!!

Rule #2 Rune slots 1/3/5 are 100% substat based.

Those flat bonuses aren’t worth much at all. Look for 2-3 substats that are beneficial to what your monster needs when purchasing slots 1/3/5.

Rule #3 Fake Substats

Yes this is a thing. If you guys have ever purchased a rune that looks like this, Imgur[1] the bonus below the primary stat is a “fake” substat. Now what I mean by this is that, THAT substat will never increase. It cannot be level’d up so be careful when purchasing these. For example if you’re looking for high hp% substats and the rune has a fake substat of 5% hp, well then thats not a rune you need since its hp value will never go up.

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