Arena Guide Part 3 – Arena Offense Utility

by ypsw on December 25, 2016
Arena Guide Part 3 – Arena Offense Utility
April 16, 2019

In part 3 of the Arena Guide Series we examine Arena Offense Utility. Having the right combination of buffs, debuffs and utility effects while using an appropriate leader skill is critical to being successful in Arena Offense.

Buffs and debuffs augment monster stats like Attack Power and Defense. Leader skills give your monsters a free and substantial stat gain in battle. Below we look at the most impactful buffs, debuffs and utility effects for AO and preferred AO leader skills. For these most relevant effects we give a short description and provide example Monsters. See here for a full list of buffs and debuffs and their effects.

Arena Offense: Buffs (Beneficial Effects)

tailwind fever-time amuse begin-hunt fanatic

Buffs strengthen your monsters by increasing their in-battle stats and providing protection against enemy debuffs. For AO our goal is to kill the enemy in the fewest turns possible and prefer offensive buffs. The most important buffs for AO are:

  • Attack Buff (+ATK): Increases Attack Power by 50%.For skills that scale with ATK, this buff increases damage output by roughly 50% allowing you to ensure kills and clear defenses more quickly.
  • Speed Buff (+SPD): Increases Speed by 30%.
    • Lets your monsters take more turns.
    • Monster examples: Bernard, Kahli, etc.
  • Immunity: Prevents harmful effects from being applied.
    • In longer battles, this buff protects your monsters from Defense Break, Stun, Freeze and Attack Bar Reduction, letting you survive longer and get your turns.
    • Monster examples: ChloeDracoBettaVelajuelWoosa, etc.
  • Invincibility: Reduces damage taken to zero.
    • Protects your slower monsters from dying until they get their turn. This buff is unique in that only attainable monster, Chloe, provides AOE Invincibility.
    • Monster examples: ChloeLaima, Pontos, etc.
  • Critical Rate Buff (+CR): Increases Critical Rate by a flat 30%.
    • This buff is situationally useful when using certain AO teams, more details in AO composition section.
    • Monster examples: SieqPurianAquila, etc.

Arena Offense: Debuffs (Harmful Effects)

time-to-loot poison-mist snowstorm super-crush fate-of-destruction

Debuffs hinder enemy monsters by reducing their in-battle stats and restricting their turns. The most important debuffs for AO are:

  • Defense Break (-DEF): Reduces Defense by 70%.
  • Stun: Causes next turn to be missed.
    • Prevents enemy monsters from doing damage, healing or otherwise using skills. Monsters skill cooldowns will not be reduced when under Stun effect. Stun is generally considered a bonus debuff and should not be relied upon to win AO.
    • Monster examples: JulienOrionVeromosLagmaron, any Despair rune user, etc.
  • Freeze: Causes next turn to be missed.
    • Prevents enemy monsters from doing damage, healing or otherwise using skills. Monsters skill cooldowns will not be reduced when under Freeze effect. Freeze is generally considered a bonus debuff and should not be relied upon to win AO. Freeze is identical to the Stun effect, just under a different name.
    • Monster examples: Tyron, Soha, JulieVerad, Sigmarus, etc.
  • Bomb: Places a bomb that deals ignore defense damage and stuns after a set number of turns. Bomb damage scales based on the attack power of the unit that applied the bomb.
    • Deals high damage and stuns but is subject to accuracy/resist checks and can be cleansed. This debuff is unique in that bomb teams are generally quite unreliable but with a two specific set of units, Seara and Tiana, become become one of the best AO options at all Arena Grades.
    • Monster examples: Malaka, Liebli, Seara, etc.

Arena Offense: Utility effects

winds-of-change harmless-prank oasiss-blessing predicted-future fiery-breath

Utility effects are additional effects that monster skills have to turn the tides of battle. There is a huge range of utility effects in Summoner’s War, most of which are irrelevant for this guide. The most important utility effects for AO are:

  • Buff Removal (Buff Strip): Removes beneficial effects from enemy monster(s).
    • Most important for removing immunity from enemy monsters, either from will runes or from an enemy monster buff, so you can apply -DEF and Stun/Freeze.
    • Monster examples: BelladeonAquilaSohaPrahaChiwuTiana, etc.
  • Debuff Removal (Cleanse): Removes debuffs from your monster(s).
    • Most important for removing defense break, stun and freeze so your monsters can survive and get their turns.
    • Monster examples: OlivineDelphoiVelajuelTianaAnavel, etc.
  • ATB Boost (+ATB): Increases the Attack Bar of your monster(s).
    • Allows your monsters to move more often. This is most often used on a Speed Tuned (see below) AO to get off an uninterrupted combo.
    • Monster examples: BernardPurianMeganOrionDraco, Tiana, Bastet, etc.
  • Attack Bar Reduction (-ATB): Reduces the Attack Bar of enemy monster(s).
    • Delays enemy monsters turns. This is most often used to counter healers or cleansers with Nemesis runes.
    • Monster examples: LuerTabloVeradTritonPoseidonGanymede, etc.
  • Increase/Reset Cooldown: Increases the cooldowns of enemy skills.
    • Prevents the enemy from using skills like heal, cleanse and immunity until their skills are ready again. Increase cooldown skills that set cooldowns to their maximum duration also stopping passives that are attached to cooldowns from working.
    • Monster examples: Kaito, Zaiross, Okeanos, PsamatheGanymede, etc.
  • Ignore Defense: Attack damage will ignore damage reduction granted by Defense.
    • This is a special utility effect since it does not directly benefit your overall team. You use ignore defense units so you can kill the enemy monster or team immediately.
    • Monster examples: KahliCopperLushenOberon, etc.

Leader Skills

arena-speed arena-atk arena-crit

Leader skills provide stat gains to your monsters. Since you want to eliminate the enemy team quickly in AO, offensive leader skills are ideal. The most important leader skills for AO are:

  • Attack Speed (SPD) Lead: Increases SPD of all monsters by X%.
    • Gives you a higher chance of moving first and gives you more turns throughout the battle. Speed leads are the most desirable at higher Arena Grades since first to move often wins and the highest Arena SPD lead of 33% is rare.
    • Monster examples: Tyron, Gemini, Chiwu, Seara, Fei, Psamathe, etc.
  • Attack Power (ATK) Lead: Increases ATK of all monsters by X%.
    • Lets your attack based monsters do more damage to to clear the enemy more quickly and reliably. Sometimes you may use an element specific ATK lead if your primary damage dealer(s) are of the same element, ie. Bernard lead with Lushen.
    • Monster examples: Megan, Lapis, Trevor, Zaiross, , etc.
  • Critical Rate (CR) Lead: Increases CR of all monsters by a flat amount X.
    • Lets your monsters do more consistent damage or lets you rune more heavily towards Attack or Critical Damage.
    • Monster examples: Juno, Theomars, Camilla, etc.

Of course any additional buffs, debuffs and utility you can bring will be beneficial but we have covered the most important for Arena.

Arena Guide Series

Tighten up your Arena game by reading the other guides in this Arena series:

This stuff can be pretty complex. If you have any questions or just want to make a suggestions please leave a comment below and I’ll reply ASAP!

– ypsw

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