Arena Guide Part 1 – Introduction and Basics

by ypsw on December 25, 2016
Arena Guide Part 1 – Introduction and Basics
April 16, 2019

This will be the first part in an in-depth Arena guide series outlining how to climb the Arena ladder. For this initial post we will briefly touch on what Arena offers. Later installments to the series will dive into game mechanics, Arena Offense (AO), Arena Defense (AD) and more!

In each guide we will focus on building a foundational understanding of game mechanics and while developing our ability to evaluate monsters for a given role. Much of this content, though written with Arena in mind, should be useful to anyone getting started in Summoner’s War.

Whenever possible we give examples of early-mid game options with farmable units as well as optimal end game options. Readers, after completing the guide series, will walk away with the tools to maximize their Arena with the monsters and runes they have available!

Why Arena?


Arena offers something that cannot be acquired anywhere else in the game: glory points. Most importantly, this currency can be used to buy one Devilmon per week and to upgrade buildings in the Glory Shop. For early game players, the energy production and energy storage buildings allow you to farm more. After maxing the energy buildings (which should be first priority), Glory Points can be used to upgrade buildings that give universal stat increases to all your monsters in all areas of the game. These buildings will give you a huge advantage not just in arena but also in guild wars and dungeon/raid teams. Click here for the nitty gritty details about Glory buildings.

In addition to farming glory points throughout the week for Devilmons and glory buildings, you can get crystals from arena. Arena grade is tallied at the end of every week. You get paid more crystals as your weekly grade gets higher, which translates to more farming and/or summoning.

And, as fun as it is to grind G/D/N10 ’til your eyes and fingers bleed, there is something really satisfying about beating other players and seeing your Arena standing climb as your monsters and runes improve.

Arena Grade


Your current Arena Grade will determine how many Glory Points you get per AO win. Also once a week at Arena tally, your Arena Grade will determine your weekly crystal reward and, if high enough, Light/Dark monster reward. Click here for the nitty gritty details about Arena Grades. 

General Tips

AO is much easier to win than AD, so AO is where you can farm glory points. It is much more important to invest in a strong AO than AD. It isn’t until much later in the game that having a strong AD matters. Focus on tuning your AO and you will see the rewards in Glory Points, Crystals and enjoyment from Arena victories.

Using wings throughout the week is as important as having a winning AO. To maximize glory points earned throughout the week use wings as often as possible, as you would with energy, and make sure to hit Rivals whenever available to get the crystal rewards.

Arena is one of the most interactive and strategic parts of the game, have fun with it!

Arena Guide Series

Tighten up your Arena game by reading the other guides in this Arena series:

Feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions or questions and I’ll reply ASAP!

– ypsw

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