Summoners War Guides

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Beginner Guides

Step by Step, Chapter 1: Beginner’s Guide

Step by Step, Chapter 2: Mon, Rune, and Resource Management

Step by Step, Chapter 3: Kabir Ruins & Introduction to Cairos Dungeon

Step by Step, Chapter 4: Mt. White Ragon, Hard Mode & Game Progression Guide

Step by Step, Chapter 5: Telain Forest, 1st Dungeon Core Team & More Progression Guides

Step by Step, Chapter 6: Hydeni Ruins, Hell Mode and Farming Giant’s Keep B5

Step by Step, Chapter 7: Road to Faimon Volcano, Fastest Way to Awaken Lapis and More Progression Guides

Step by Step, Chapter 8: Moving Forward to Giants B7 and Introduction to Veromos

Essential Tips for Getting Started

Comprehensive Rune Basics for New Players

Summoners War Daily Missions and Rewards

In-Depth Guide to the New Challenge Quests System!

Buffs and Debuffs Guide

Arena Grades

Glory Buildings

Farming Monsters

General Guides

Summoners War Progression Guide

Path to Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10)

Path to Dragon’s Lair, Basement 10 (DB10)

Path to Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10)

Craft Building

Homunculus: Skills, Restrictions, Customization, Summoning

Homunculus: Support Best Skill Tree Paths

Rift Raid Guide Series

Rift Raid Guide Part 1 – Overview

Rift Raid Guide Part 2 – Unit Review

Rift Raid Guide Part 3 – Team Suggestions

Fire Beast In-Depth Guide

Water Beast In-Depth Guide

Wind Beast In-Depth Guide

Light Beast In-Depth Guide

Dark Beast In-Depth Guide

ToA Guides

Team Composition for ToA In-Depth Guide

ToAH December Rotation Lyrith

Arena Guides

Arena Guide Part 1 – Basics

Arena Guide Part 2 – Speed Tuning

Arena Guide Part 3 – Arena Offense Utility

Arena Guide Part 4 – Arena Offense Teams

Arena Guide Part 5 – The Best AO Monsters

Monster Strategy Guides

We’ll include all the updated in-depth guides over here!

Two Star Monsters

Shannon – The Wind Pixie

Sieq – The Fire Hellhound
Tarq – The Water Hellhound

Ramagos – The Wind Warbear

Konamiya – The Water Garuda

Colleen – The Fire Harpu

Three Star Monsters

Raoq – The Fire Inugami
Belladeon – The Light Inugami

Mantura – The Dark Serpent

Spectra – The Fire Griffon
Bernard – The Wind Griffon

Kahli – The Fire High Elemental

Eshir – The Light Werewolf
Jultan – The Dark Werewolf

Lyn – The Light Amazon

Darion – The Light Vagabond

Rina – The Water Epikion Priest

Ardella – The Wind Magical Archer

Rebecca – The Fire Mystic Witch
Megan – The Water Mystic Witch

Sath – The Fire Grim Reaper

Copper – The Wind Living Armor

Mav – The Wind Penguin Knight

Olivine – The Wind Battle Mammoth
Basalt – the Dark Battle Mammoth

Loren – The Light Cow Girl

Ignicus – The Fire Charger Shark
Acqus – The Water Charger Shark

Bulldozer – The Fire Frankenstein

Adrian – The Fire Elven Ranger
Lucien – The Light Elven Ranger

Racuni – The Fire Harg

Four Star Monsters

Shihwa – The Fire Nine-tailed Fox
Soha – The Water Nine-tailed Fox
Arang – The Wind Nine-tailed Fox

Delphoi – The Wind Undine

Baretta – The Fire Sylph
Tyron – The Water Sylph
Shimitae – The Wind Sylph
Eredas – The Light Sylph
Aschubel – The Dark Sylph

Jojo – The Fire Joker
Sian – The Water Joker
Lushen – The Wind Joker
Figaro – The Light Joker
Liebli – The Dark Joker

Garo – The Fire Ninja
Susano – The Water Ninja
Orochi – The Wind Ninja

Julie – The Water Pierret

Luer – The Water Phantom Thief
Julien – The Wind Phantom Thief

Verdehile – The Fire Vampire

Chloe – The Fire Epikion Priest

Hwa – The Fire Rakshasa
Ran – The Dark Rakshasa

Arnold – The Fire Death Knight
Fedora – The Water Death Knight
Briand – The Wind Death Knight
Conrad – The Light Death Knight
Dias – The Dark Death Knight

Antares – The Fire Lich
Rigel – The Water Lich
Fuco – The Wind Lich
Halphas – The Light Lich
Grego – The Dark Lich

Jun – The Fire Samurai
Kaz – The Water Samurai
Kaito – The Wind Samurai
Tosi – The Light Samurai
Sige – The Dark Samurai

Xiao Lin – The Water Kung Fu Girl
Fei – The Dark Kung Fu Girl

Draco – The Fire Brownie Magician
Orion – The Water Brownie Magician
Aquila – The Wind Brownie Magician
Gemini – The Light Brownie Magician
Korona – The Dark Brownie Magician

Zibrolta – The Fire Kobold Bomber
Malaka – The Water Kobold Bomber
Taurus – The Wind Kobold Bomber
Bering – The Dark Kobold Bomber
Dover – The Light Kobold Bomber

Hwahee – The Fire Sky Dancer
Mihyang – The Water Sky Dancer
Chasun – The Wind Sky Dancer

Aegir – The Water Barbaric King
Hraesvelg – The Wind Barbaric King
Mimirr – The Light Barbaric King

Woochi – The Wind Taoist
Hwadam – The Light Taoist

Carrack – The Fire Pirate Captain
Galleon – The Water Pirate Captain
Barque – The Wind Pirate Captain
Brig – The Light Pirate Captain
Frigate – The Dark Pirate Captain

Platy – The Fire Mermaid
Molly – The Light Mermaid
Betta – The Dark Mermaid

Lapis – The Water Magic Knight
Iris – The Light Magic Knight

Stella – The Water Assassin
Tanya – The Wind Assassin

Trevor – The Fire Neostone Fighter
Ryan – The Water Neostone Fighter
Logan – The Wind Neostone Fighter
Lucas – The Light Neostone Fighter
Karl – The Dark Neostone Fighter

Lisa – The Fire Neostone Agent
Emma – The Water Neostone Agent
Olivia – The Wind Neostone Agent
Sylvia – The Dark Neostone Agent

Khmun – The Fire Anubis
Avaris – The Water Anubis
Amarna – The Light Anubis

Chilling – The Water Jack-o’-lantern

Harmonia, The Fire Harp Magician

Five Star Monsters

Camilla – The Water Valkyrja
Katarina – The Wind Valkyrja

Zaiross – The Fire Dragon
Verad – The Water Dragon
Jamire – The Wind Dragon
Grogen – The Dark Dragon

Perna – The Fire Phoenix
Sigmarus – The Water Phoenix
Teshar – The Wind Phoenix

Rakan – The Fire Chimera
Taor – The Water Chimera
Lagmaron – The Wind Chimera

Juno – The Fire Oracle
Praha – The Water Oracle
Seara – The Wind Oracle

Rica – The Fire Occult Girl
Anavel – The Water Occult Girl

Laika – The Fire Dragon Knight
Chow – The Water Dragon Knight

Mei Hou Wang – The Fire Monkey King
Shi Hou – The Water Monkey King
Xing Zhe – The Wind Monkey King

Velajuel – The Fire Archangel
Ariel – The Water Archangel

Kumar – The Fire Beast Monk
Ritesh – The Wind Beast Monk

Ethna, the Wind Hell Lady
Craka, the Dark Hell Lady

Chiwu – The Fire Pioneer
Woosa – The Water Pioneer

Brandia – The Fire Polar Queen
Tiana – The Wind Polar Queen
Lydia – The Dark Polar Queen

Tesarion – The Fire Ifrit
Theomars – The Water Ifrit
Akhamamir – The Wind Ifrit
Veromos – The Dark Ifrit

Poseidon – The Water Sea Emperor
Okeanos – The Fire Sea Emperor

Bastet – The Water Desert Queen

Psamathe – The Water Fairy King

Xiong Fei – The Fire Panda Warrior
Mo Long – The Water Panda Warrior
Feng Yan – The Wind Panda Warrior

Helena – The Fire Unicorn
Amelia – The Water Unicorn
Diana – The Wind Unicorn

Ophilia – The Fire Paladin
Josephine – The Water Paladin
Louise – The Wind Paladin
Jeanne – The Light Paladin
Leona – The Dark Paladin

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