Fire Neostone Fighter (Trevor) – April 2019 Hall of Heroes!

by Admin on April 12, 2019
Fire Neostone Fighter (Trevor) – April 2019 Hall of Heroes!
April 23, 2019

Hello Summoners!

It’s time for the Hall of Heroes!
This time, the 4★ [Neostone Fighter] with Fire Attribute will be awaiting you at the Hall of Heroes!
Clear the dungeon to summon [Neostone Fighter]!

▼ Event Schedule
Apr. 12th 12pm – Apr. 15th 12am
* Based on server time
– The Hall of Heroes will be available at the Cairos Dungeon during the event.
– Clear the Hall of Heroes and gather Summoning Pieces to summon 4★ [Neostone Fighter] (Fire).

▼ How To Participate 
1) Enter the Hall of Heroes 
Location: [Battle] – [Cairos Dungeon] – [Hall of Heroes]

2) Clear the Hall of Heroes
The Hall of Heroes consists of 10 stages.
The required Energy amount will be the same for all 10 stages and 25 Summoning Pieces will be given as a reward for clearing each stage.
You won’t be able to re-enter the stage once you clear it.
(You’ll get a total of 250 Summoning Pieces when you clear all 10 stages.)

3) Gather Summoning Pieces to summon [Neostone Fighter] (Fire)
The summoning will require 50 Summoning Pieces.

▼ How to Summon a Monster
Go to the Summonhenge after you’ve gathered all the required Summoning Pieces.
* An additional button will pop up at the summoning menu. (Requirement: 50 Summoning Pieces)

※ Caution
The Hall of Heroes is a very difficult dungeon where you can collect high-grade monsters.
Newcomers and lower-level Summoners, beware!​

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